For the first time in living memory we travelled to sunderland for the derby match with little or no expectation, why was that?

Newcastle were 9 points ahead of them in the league, relatively safe and should have been able to play without fear.

What I saw was a team playing without heart, a team who lacked the inclination to take the opposition on, a team without guts, and a team not fit to wear the shirt!

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You can cite injuries as being a major contributory factor but I disagree totally, we were playing a team who are at best poor, any half decent 11 should play them and expect to win.

For me the worst player on the pitch yesterday was Sammy Ameobi, brother of a Mackem slayer, and brought up in this area. Whilst he has obvious talent he is simply clueless, runs down blind alleys and is unable to track back when required, he also simply is as lethargic as his brother, time to go

Another player who was equally poor, yet again, was Gouffran. He chipped in with the odd goal a couple of years ago, but while he does put the effort in he is simply not good enough, GOODBYE.

If I went through the whole team from yesterday there would be very little credit, so I won’t bore you, you all saw it.

The management and coaching staff…John Carver – clueless, he says he is an excellent motivator, really? The fact he could not motivate the team yesterday against our biggest rivals says it all, he should not be allowed near the first team ever again. He is also tactically inept.

Steve Stone, what does he do? Ex-England international, but what exactly does he do apart from stand on the sidelines looking dismally out of his depth.

Do I go through them all? I think not – because I am only saying what we all know anyway.

So what now? Well as the eternal optimist I can’t find anything to say, except this.

25 years ago we were beaten in the old second division play-offs by Sunderland, that season we were the better team by the country mile, but the team was aged and on the decline, and that defeat was the catalyst for change.

So where am I going with this? I believe that there will be a change in the summer, unfortunately not a change of owner but a change of policy, I actually believe they will spend some serious money. Of course we will lose one or two players but I believe the owner may well finally invest.

We are the ‘balance book’ champions so it is the time to loosen the purse strings, I really hope I am right……am I speaking of hope or expectation?

So we wake today having suffered a 5th defeat in a row to our neighbours, this is akin to the 28 years we were unbeaten on Wearside, and it is one kick in the nuts too many.

It would be a little bit more palatable if it was a good Sunderland team, but quite simply they are poor and may well go on to lose their next 5 games as they had done before beating us!

A quick word on their fans, you have to credit them for the applause in the 17th minute for Liam and John,  it was genuine and heartwarming and fully deserves a mention, well done indeed.

So we limp along to the end of the season and it’s anyone’s guess who will be here in August. I hope and pray what I said earlier materialises, a change in most of the playing staff and management is essential.

The only consolation I can take is that today is a bank holiday, the beer will taste just as cool and refreshing (shortly), the sun is shining, we still live in this magnificent city amongst the best folk on this planet, but most of all they will still only be mackems!

Happy bloody Easter!

  • Robert Marsh

    Finally someone agrees… Bye bye ameobi

  • Derek Richardson

    Finally given up on the Toon, though they will always be my team, now supporting non-league teams Gateshead FC, Blyth Spartans, Ashington FC, North Shields FC and Whitley Bay F.C. Teams that play with a real passion for the game.

  • StevePassmoor

    Only thing I can say in defence of Gouffran is that he was played as a holding midfielder.
    If he’s still here in 2 years time, will he be playing in goal? He came as a forward and has been gradually pushed further back.

  • Rowan Edwards

    Derek, you’re more than welcome at Croft Park. (y)

  • Demented_Man

    You put your finger on it, Brian.  There’s no shame in losing to a good Sunderland team, but they are pretty poor.

    The only difference is they had something to play for; Newcastle had nothing, and boy, didn’t it show.

  • mrkgw

    It was an abysmal showing and very few did anything – Janmaat and Colback aside. Carver has failed big time and he must go now – not at the end of the season. Ultimately however, we need the owner out and this latest campaign needs to be backed. Otherwise, we might aswell throw in The towel now.

  • Andgeo

    Ameobi and goufran should have never played for NUFC as they are championship standard at best. The reality is that if their contracts are not renewed does anyone really expect the Fat ugly Basstad to spend any of the clubs income to adequately reaves them. Both players could be quite effective in the championship, which is where we are heading. We need to get Ashley out one way or another, and sooner rather than later.

  • Andgeo

    Fat ashley is the problem

  • Andgeo

    Mike ashley is the problem

  • Paul Brown

    Just the 2…

  • Steve Pringle

    Ameobi, Gouffran, Riviere, Obertan, Williamson and possibly Cabella … all useless and chuck Carver & Stone on the list too

  • Cesar Romarez

    Glad you credited the Sunderland fans – the only feelgood moment of the game was the 17th minute applause.

  • Big Al 1967

    I may have been in the small minority but always thought that Sammy had the potential and should be rewarded with a new contract. However after 12 months of frustration yesterday was the final straw.
    I would have given everything to wear that black and white shirt and if I had been fortunate enough to play in a derby all my challenges would be hard I would not be knocked off the ball easily I would have chased and harried  opponents in possession and would have put everything into the game as if my life depended on it. I saw NONE of that yesterday(in fact the exact opposite) and by far and away the worst offender was Sammy. He summed it up perfectly when he attempted a simple 10 yard ball near the end which ended up in the stands! USELESS AND CLUELESS 
    Go now and take that muppet Carver with you

  • pissed off mag

    we are the problem we are stupid enough to keep going. ashley is pure slob, a greedy lumpy faced slob.We are devoted but are we stupid you have to ask yourself why do we bother.

  • radgiegadgie

    the only guy that looked like a professional footballer yesterday was Janmaat and  that is with him playing in the wrong position for only the 2nd time in his professional career.

    if I were him I would be expecting a pay rise, the captains armband and reassurances around serious strengthening in the summer or I’d be off.

  • Rollyp

    More hope than expectation, as Ashley doesn’t seem to learn from mistakes. If he’d spent a few quid every window since 5th place we might have gotten somewhere. Too many players out of position and we all know where that leads. I know Colback played a few times at left back at Sunlan but he’s been one of the better midfielders and more consistent than most. Jonas at centre midfield, Janmatt (who did well) as central defender, not sure where Goufran or Sissoko were supposed to be, and Perez on his own. Then Armstrong on for a few minutes. Carver didn’t think it was right to put him on in such an important game but to put him on with 5 minutes to go when we are losing and with expectation on him will do him more harm.
    Carver should be so embarressed and humiliated by his record that if he were half decent he would resign now.

  • PhilYare

    deserving credit – Janmaat and Jonas 

    the rest can f**k off, whether they are the ones depth, arsenal bound or simply cannit be arsed 

    but lets get rid off that fat f**k and that will solve this recruitment policy of buying all the available tat

  • PhilYare

    *should say ‘the ones out of their depth’

  • fishandchips

    Only two, I must be missing something here like,,,,,,,,,,, got it , me marbles for watching that shite

  • RexN

    In defence of Sammy, he is a mice lad and does what he does but he is a winger, not a wing back.

    If we have a structure to give the lad service and support, he may be worth watching.

  • scotty63

    Rollyp thing is arma got the shout at 75 mins (by my TV) and got on at 86 – beggars belief.

  • scotty63

    RexN He’s shyte and if we try and say otherwise we are just kidding ourselves and looking for hope that isn’t there

  • scotty63

    radgiegadgie If I were him I’d be suggesting to my agent I’d like to play with some other PL standard players and a pay rise wouldn’t go amiss or be hard to get.

  • DownUnderMag

    Sammy is a conundrum, capable of pure brilliance at times and yet looks lost too often on other occasions. He constantly looks out of breath after 10 minutes on the pitch which is worrying, he should be up to Premiership fitness by now.  I can’t help but feel that he is more effective off the bench as an impact sub, short sharp bursts of running at the opposition but incapable of doing it for 90-minutes.

    Gouffran I genuinely feel sorry for.  He grafts his arse off every time he gets a game, yet because of this he is always used as a player to nullify the opposition and track back rather than just play his natural game, which before Pardew got hold of him was as a more attacking midfield role.  He has proved he’s capable of getting a goal when given licence to get forward, but he is suffering because of the coaching staff refusing to get this “go out not to lose” mentality out of their playbook.

    Our main problem in my opinion, other than extreme lack of depth, is that we have too many players who are inconsistent.  If they all hit their straps on the same game then we can look an amazing team giving us all hopes and dreams of what might be.  Sadly though this happens far too infrequently and we are left with too many passengers too often.  

    Tactics, injuries and general malaise at the club clearly don’t help.  Players are only human, so if they are constantly swapping tactics it can’t help them settle.  Injuries cause disruptions so the team can’t settle and feel confident and naturally leads to yet more changes in formation, player positions or tactics.  But the fact that we are essentially treading water until next season clearly won’t be doing players motivation any good. They aren’t robots, they can’t just switch on and off the winning mentality.  If they know the club don’t want to try for the remainder of the season then they must be struggling to go all out in games they think are meaningless, and then to expect them to switch it back on for the derby?  Yes they get paid well, but the confidence shaking undermining of motivation at a board level can’t help them feel like they want to put their bodies on the line for a lost cause!?!?  Winning is a mentality that needs to keep going.  Failing to buy players in January signalled to the players they had done enough and so why bother for the rest of the season…oh but we’ll be alright, we turned a massive profit and even managed to cover the extortionate rise in club costs!

  • SGM

    Brian don’t you get bored writing the same old shite?

  • terriertwo

    RexN His brother was a nice lad but also useless and lazy on the pitch. Sammy is way off the standard required for the Premier league and should be moved on along with several others..

  • Brian Standen

    Be happy to take a back seat and read your offerings! And in answer to your 2 questions. Do I get bored? and do I write shite? No to the first question as it gives me some sort of sadistic satisfaction, and the second question is all about people’s opinion and if you think it is shite then that’s simply your opinion!
    I look forward to reading your next offering and will of course be more constructive should I have the need to offer a comment.

  • newcastle7

    I totally agree with you Ashley will spend big this Summer up to £60m and Carver will not be the manager.
    Sunderland were indeed poor and were beat by Aston Villa because they had pace down the wings.
    Why was Obertan left on the bench with the two inept players you mentioned.He could have caused them problems.The seventeenth  minutes applause was again a credit to both sets of fans.Apart from Burnley first half Carver has been out of his depth Leceister and Sunday sealing his fate.

  • dannymc21

    Cannot disagree with anything you say, apart from one point.
    You believe Ashley will spend some ” serious money”.
    I love your optimism but that’s so unlikely. Ashley has history in just doing and spending enough. Don’t forget he got us relegated through selling players, not replacing them and basically gambling that those left were good enough to keep us up.
    I cannot see any reason why he will change and again just expect a few ins and outs but no big investment.
    Why would he? Hopefully we’d still be in the Premier league and he would still have the January 2016 window to buy his way out of trouble, if he has to, and again he has history of doing that.

  • John Rush

    Some sympathy for Gouffran as he looked ok when he first arrived and was played further forward, he then got Pardewed then Cardewed and his confidence has been shot to bits. Sammy clearly has ability and with decent coaching and management could turn out to be a decent player, however if ever a comment summed up the poor management and coaching at this club it was Carvers comment a few weeks ago that he didn’t realise Sammy could take corners until someone from Walker Central contacted him. The fact that the manager/head coach and the coaching staff did not know a player who has been at the club for more than 10 years could take corners beggars belief. Shola did not progress after Sir Bobby left when at the time he was a regular in the England U 21s and tipped to move up to the full squad, thiswas partly down to injury but perhaps because he was not managed properly, KK felt it would be better for him to move on and only another injury stooped that and maybe the same applies to Sammy

  • Toonbadger

    Two???? TWO????????? FFS I picked out 9 that played that game and as for the FRINGE players and the rest of the deadwood  Im on page 2 of my sheet of A4 still compiling my list of nobody`s

  • Brian Standen

    Can’t argue with that, just those 2 were the worst of a very poor set of gutless none performers