Tuesday morning has seen the latest official statement from the Ashley Out campaign, reviewing Sunday’s Spurs boycott and intentions moving forward.

The club have tried their best to downplay the effectiveness of the fan action but the overwhleming response from those outside the club was that it was a huge success and has generated a lot of coverage.

Even Mike Ashley boycotted!

AshleyOut.com  –  #BoycottSpurs protest review statement

AshleyOut.com would like to express its gratitude to Northumbria Police, Newcastle City Council and, most importantly, each and every Newcastle United fan involved for their part in helping to create, promote and organise a very successful boycott and protest on Sunday 19th of April 2015.

Fans of all generations took the decision to stay away from the home game vs Tottenham Hotspur and thousands also protested loudly and peacefully outside of St. James’ Park, all uniting behind one simple message: ‘ASHLEY OUT’.

The pictures beamed around the world of huge sections of empty seats sent a strong message to Mike Ashley and those watching: the fans of Newcastle United have had enough and are willing to put up a fight and make sacrifices to reclaim their club.

Reports vary as to the true number of fans who passed through the turnstiles and we will not speculate on this. We simply ask everyone to judge for themselves, whether the club’s ‘official’ attendance of 47,427 appears legitimate, or if this is yet another clear example of a club lying to its own fans to present itself in a better light?

Many fans did, of course, decide to attend the game despite the organised boycott and we would like to make it clear that, even if their views differ from our own, we respect our fellow fans who decided they could not go without missing this particular game.

Our aim is not to divide supporters of our great club but rather to unite them to enable us to achieve our objective of removing Mike Ashley from power. We are confident that a number of different forms of protests we have planned will allow every disgruntled fan to express their own discontent in ways they will feel comfortable with.

#BoycottSpurs was not an idea proposed by AshleyOut.com, but as we hope to do in the future where possible and appropriate, we supported it both financially and by providing manpower.

We created and distributed thousands of promotional posters in the week leading up to the game, created large banners which were present at the protests, produced twenty thousand flyers and distributed them to matchgoers as well as boycotters and also provided two ‘AshleyOut mobiles’ which toured the region to promote the campaign and boycott on the day of game.

It is clear this was a very successful start to what will be a long campaign. It has only been two weeks since AshleyOut.com launched and in that time a lot of progress has been made.

We’ve undoubtedly raised awareness about Mike Ashley’s disastrous ownership of Newcastle United and this has been reflected by a vast increase in scrutiny from local, national and international media.

We’ve made an encouraging start to a campaign that aims to empower all Newcastle United fans and to help them do whatever they can to remove Mike Ashley from his position as club owner. However, there is obviously much more work to be done.

We will shortly release our future plans and hope that all fans continue to work together to help us reclaim our club.

Ashley Out!

  • DZA187

    Keep up the good work – #ashleyout

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Monday 27th, Channel 4, 8.00 pm. Dispatches team are running a 60 min program ‘The Secrets of Sports Direct’.
    “Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the hidden cost of the clothes, shoes and discount gear that have helped Sports Direct buck the high street trend, making billions for Mike Ashley.”

  • Dirty Mag

    The best way to get Ashley out is to turn his own tools against him. Sports Direct is all he cares about. Don’t bother printing 20000 Ashley Out posters – he knows quite well that everyone wants him out but he can afford to let the club go to ruin if he feels like it and still have £4+ billion to play with. 
    If St James was to be turned into a massive advertising board for JD sports or the like now that would hurt him. Advertise his competitors!

  • dude 1

    Well done keep going excellent like Dirty Mag says promote his competitors that will really hurt him put flyers up all over st James Park mans a  SCUM BAG

  • algranville

    I’m a Spurs fan through and through but I’ve always had a soft spot for Newcastle and Sunderland-sorry about that. They, like the Scousers are passionate about the game and I am old enough to remember such great players as Bobby Mitchell, Jackie Milburn, Joe Harvey, and George Robledo.
        I wish you all success with your Ashley Out campaign and hope you have a successful season next time around.

  • Demented_Man

    If I’m honest, I expected another limp gesture on the scale of the Cardiff walk-out, but I was pleasantly surprised by the response.
    Tremendous effort on the back of less than 2 weeks organisation.

  • pissed off mag

    Sickandtiredstill  shite direct and wonga going tits up that would be amazing that would be karma

  • tino o

    This has been a long time coming. Keep up the pressure get him out he has made fools of us long enough. Well done to everyone who boycotted.

  • Jim2o11

    Admit it. You aren’t like them. You’re not even close. You may occasionally dress yourself up as one of them, watch the same mindless football as they do , but you are not like them.

    This weekend we observe not a victory, but a celebration of freedom–symbolizing an end as well as a beginning–signifying renewal as well as change.  Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been lit , and the revolution has begun. We the Geordie Nation, are proud of our  heritage–and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of our Great Club.

    Sports Distress.com

  • SDmag

    well done to ashley out.com keep up the pressure on the large one. ashley does not like the spotlight on him, as part of the protest i would as the question WHO IS MIKE ASHLEY?

  • ilullissat

    Sickandtiredstill This programme seems to copy a lot of the programme which ran a few years ago.It showed sweatshops abroad where articles had discount tickets on them.For instance the ticket had the full price on and, say,30% off when in fact it never had been the full price

  • ilullissat

    pissed off mag Sickandtiredstill Wonga is £37 million in the red.They should nickname the two business’s Bodge it and Scarper

  • ilullissat

    Sickandtiredstill Have a look at Watchdog Series 33 Episode 1 from last Year.It maybe on BBC Iplayer .It’s about his dodgy discount practices

  • DavidDrape

    SDmag agree also he don’t like anything that will effect his brands

  • DavidDrape

    Jim2o11 tremendous

  • DavidDrape

    dude 1 stay away from the likes of debenhams or whatever he has a slice in.

  • DavidDrape

    it would be great to see an exact list of what he is involved in. shops, stores (like telcos etc so we can raise awareness. does anyone know as he seem to be tied into loads of brands and shops now.hopefully this chelsea housing scheme he is supposedly getting involved in will go over budget and he sells us?

  • DavidDrape

    pissed off mag Sickandtiredstill if conga can’t afford to advertise next at the next deal then that sorts that issue out. ashley may be forced to put SD on shirts?

  • SDmag

    DavidDrape i agree Dave dont just try and get him out of newcastle aim high and expose him for who he is.

  • Toon Magpie

    Do you think he cares? He doesn’t care.

  • Tony79

    What next lads?

    There are somewhat quieter calls for a boycott of swansea but that is fast approaching.  While i don;t think a boycott of swansea is the right approach (i think we should reserve the boycott’s for SKY games) i think we should do something.  Some kind of protest.  Maybe stay behind at the end and hold a protest in the ground?

    Whatever it is i think yous should put a call out up pretty soon.  Only a few days left….