Go back to the 80s and remember how bad things got for Newcastle fans.

We now need to just get behind the 11 players who pull on that black and white shirt.

Let’s get another 3 or 4 points to cement our place for next season and the big bonanza that comes with the Sky TV money, then we can protest.

As I mentioned earlier though, the 80s weren’t good and it took a monumental turnaround with Sir John Hall grabbing us out of the doldrums.

Slag Ashley off as much as you want but financially we still have a chance and with a bold and adventurous appointment of a top Coach, we can certainly move forward together.

Boycotting games and turning our backs on the players will result in only one outcome, for those who remember the 80s it wasn’t good!

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  • essexMag

    Really? Put up with repeated rubbish just because 30 years ago things were a bit more crap?

  • toonlee75

    That was a well balanced argument. Support the team or else. Rubbish we been supporting team all season to no avail 50000 plus eveey game. Yes might secure sky money for another year but as recent history ahows hes not going to spend it. When are the blind going to be guided into the light. I heard of blind optormism but howay man.

  • Lee Irving


  • Andgeo

    Unfortunately supporters can’t make a difference as the club has refused to listen to us for a couple of years now, we still need a new manager, 2 centre halfs and 2 strikers, we are actually in a worse state now than we were at this time last year. The running of the club is diabolical and the only way we can make a positive impact is to boycott the games and boycott sports direct tat shops. We are going down anyway; if it’s not this season it will be next and we are completely powerless to do anything about it.

  • DavidDrape

    as the away support always demonstrate our fans always back the players

  • NicholasDryden

    The only candidates for the head coach position are Carver and McLaren. What kind of future do you think boycotters are jeopardising exactly!!  With those options what’s the fun in being Premiership cannon fodder ever season. If relegation meant the end of Ashley and  all his appallingly tacky connections I’d take it. NUFC is never a happy newsday story.

  • partworntyres

    word has it there are two candidates for the job – 1,  A.TURNIP. 2, A LETTUCE.

    ‘There is a sh.t storm brewing at SJP’. – jim lahey.

  • Little Davey

    WOW !!
    That you still think the club will make “a bold and adventurous appointment of a top coach” in the summer shows how little you really understand what is going on.
    No wonder we get called deluded.
    I just cant believe you are so naïve to think that is going to happen.
    Time to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Next season will be the perfect storm and could well end in disaster.
    Players out of contract leaving, our better players sold, means we will need about 15 or more new players brought in. Even at the bargain basement prices we trade in, that’s £50M – £75M. Not going to happen.
    Then we need a coach to bring them all together as a team. JC is NOT that coach.
    The hole is getting deeper and deeper.

  • PeterRobson

    I don´t just remember the 80´s, I remember the 60´s and 70´s too !!!

    To claim we should be getting behind the players is a total cop out !!!

    Time and again on here we´re told “Get behind the players” “they need our support” and other inane platitudes !!!

    How about this for a new idea:

    The players start wearing the shirt with pride !!

    The players start paying back the loyalty we have shown them with a bit of loyalty of their own; it is a two way street after all !!!

    Every time these players you´re asking us to “Get behind” pull on the shirt, they are representing our hopes, our dreams, and the desire of a city yearning for a team to be proud of !!!

    We´ve got behind them home and away, we´ve travelled to grounds near and far, and what exactly would the author say we´ve got to show for “Getting behind the players?”

    They capitulate faster than a Frenchman at the sound of Jackboots on Parisienne cobbles !!!!

    Will the boycott work ??
    Who knows, but at least it´s a sign that we “the fans” are no longer willing to accept the principle that simply pulling on the shirt is enough reason for us to “Get behind the players”.

    If they´re not going to play for the people who invest their hearts and souls in them, then sure as a bear shits in the woods, “Getting behind the players” at this stage of proceedings is a pointless excercise !!

  • scotstoon

    Dawn the reason we got John Hall was due to the fans protesting. If you remember the TV did a programme Newcastle “disunited” The then chairman Gordon McKeag getting dogs abuse and directors resigning because the fans realised they were getting the P taken out of them. This is just history repeating itself. We DO support the team, but it is clear the team either do not want to play for Carver or realise like the rest of us he is out of his depth.

  • IainT0842

    Unbelievable Jeff. A very naive article. Just out of interest did you go into the ground on Sunday? The players have had a full house there for every game bar one this season, and it has done them no good whatsoever.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Read today’s press. Looks like Carver or McClaren are the ‘top coach’ choice of Charnley/Ashley.
    There’s no moving forward, for or with this team and Club, if that happens. Utter shambles.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    PeterRobson Damn right. Time the Club got behind the support for a change.

  • PhilYare

    why are people wearing wonga shirts and protesting? are they thick? protesting against the man and promoting him at the same time

    people just can’t grasp what this is all about, if your a proper toon fan surely you have something with mcewan’s lager on or broon ale

  • Tony79

    This is an incredibly ill conceived article.  It sounds like a pundit (back to the 80s bogeyman is used to discredit anything).

    I think the protests must and will be stepped up, however that does not necessarily mean another Boycotr straight away.

    I think we should use the Boycott tactic for SKY games only.  This is where it has most impact around the word and damage to brand Ashley.

    How about #Stayafterswansea?  Hold a protest inside the ground afterwards and refuse to leave.

    We need to start sneaking banners into the ground as well.  As for Boycotts, i think we should step up that tactic but be selective about which games because otherwise it will fizzle out and lose energy

  • BillytheFish

    Support the players? John Hall saved us? My god are you actually a Geordie?

    The players need to grow a pair, and realise they are not just playing for JC and uncle Mike, but represent a culture and fight for it.
    The reason southerners, of which I am now one call Geordies deluded is they don’t have or understand the connection Geordies have with NUFC, as their team is just that, a football team!

    Now John Hall gets me going, as this man paid £1 for the club and then borrowed the rest secured on the clubs future success, which gave him an opportunity to give the club to the people! But instead he sold it to the highest bidder to line his already extremely wealthy pockets, even while his business partner lay on his death bed, so how he is seen as some kind of hero is beyond me……

    All we ask as Geordies is an honest and upstanding custodian, a team that gives it all for the shirt and we will do the rest…………………………….We don’t expect to win anything, but we do expect to have a bloody good go…

  • PhilYare

    Sickandtiredstill another popular decision. time to turn our backs

  • Tony79

    What you also don;t seem to remember Dawn is that the United supporters for change group were instrumental in getting shot of McKeag and the shower of shite that was our board and getting John Hall in.

    Their tactics also included Boycotts.  We would never have had such an exciting decade in the 90s without fan action at the end of the 80s

  • PeterRobson

    PhilYare Agree totally I wear my Broon ale and Northern rock and my favourite with the blue star and Tyne Bridge still !!! Unfortunately my little boy (4 years old) doesn´t understand the issues and I didn´t have the heart to refuse him his first (proper) shirt !!! For that I apologise !!!

  • Dubaiexpat

    I’m staggered that someone exists who still believes this.

    What does “fincially we have a chance” even mean? A chance of what? The bold and adventurous top coach bit was the cherry on top though.

  • PeterRobson

    Sickandtiredstill PeterRobson I´ve been saying that all the time, but it seems to fall on deaf ears mate !!!

  • Toonbadger

    Have a day off Dawn. Why would I want to support 11 people that don’t care less about the club? They don’t seem to know what they are doing and there`s a few of them who wont be there next season and they know it so wont knock themselves out to stop it

  • Hez

    Is this meant as an insulting joke? fans have backed the showers of $%$^&*% dished out by this club for years and got nothing in return. Top class coach, financially backed, have a word with yourself.

  • IntravenusMP

    At last, a fair article in the Mag. Be careful what you wish for, a decent manager and a little investment could make us an interesting side next year (if we stay up)

  • Davidelder888

    Everyone has the right to there own opinions blah blah but what exactly has getting behind the team done so far? Made Mike Ashley money and stripped our club of pride. Do nothing and nothing will change. Mike Ashley is a pig and every true fan should be doing everything they can to get rid if him.

  • dude 1

    ” Tuff”  stay away is what i say if we go back in numbers now fatty will be laughing all around london he will once again rode  the storm and you can’t let him off 

    Anyway going back to support the players is a joke these lot are looking for a way out and can’t wait till the last game of the season then its over to their agents telling them they want out, as the club has no ambition.

    Lack of numbers over the next home games and lack of renewable season tickets will have a effect on our Fat Leader and his greed for money.

    so lets keep at him its too late to back down keep nibbling away at him his time will come

  • ToonArmyJayne

    TeamToon totally disagree, eight yrs we’ve backed players under Ashley, enough is enough, #Ashkeyout

  • ToonArmyJayne

    TeamToon #AshleyOut

  • Chemical Dave

    “Be careful what you wish for”….. the favourite words of the defeatist coward.

  • Chemical Dave

    I don’t have a problem with sjh making money, take his intervention out and there’s been precious little to look back on with any affection. Infact, I don’t care about fat slug making money either, just try and give something back eh ?

  • Chemical Dave

    My man in the know says carver has already been told he has the job
    He may be the first man to be sacked before his appointment has been made official!

  • NottsToon

    We’ve wished, hoped and been lied to for 8 years…..so let’s keep doing that!
    Great plan numb nuts.

  • NottsToon

    Hands down the biggest pile of defeatist propaganda sh1t I’ve ever read by someone not employed by the club.

  • MarkLawson500

    ToonArmyJayne TeamToon We’ve started so we must finish, or else he will do the minimum he can get away with! Onwards……!

  • Demented_Man

    Do you honestly think getting behind the team will result in better performances in the 3 home games to come?  What evidence from the past can you show to support your view?
    Most players have already given up, thinking of their holidays or their next club.

  • foggy

    PeterRobson PhilYare 
    Peter are you saying you bought junior a Wonga shirt?

  • gazchampion

    Davidelder888 Agree… and that means NOT feeding the fat get! Stay away from him and his!

  • wor monga

    Fair comment, and everybody is entitled to their own opinion…every team
    needs a crowd behind them, to lift them…even if they are a load of rubbish,
    like the Toon is now

    …but if you don’t like the situation then stop going, stay away…it’s not
    compulsory, and certainly doesn’t take any guts (despite all the talk of
    cowardice etc we see on here)

    …maybe the club will have to get used to having a
    half empty stadium in future because history tells us most of those who stop
    and don’t renew their ST won’t ever be  back on any regular basis

    …only don’t expect the owner to do us any favours when he finally decides
    to sell off his demoralised, relegated, poorly supported club without having any
    players worth anything left in the squad!!!

  • RexN

    If there is a game to get behind the team at St James’ Park, it is the West Ham game. It is conceivable that we might need a win to stay up.

    By attending that one, the opportunity is there to give the fat man Charnley and Carver an equally passionate tirade at the end of the match and do what we did back in the 70s when they demolished the Leazes roof – sit in until they send in the police dogs.

  • ToonArmyJayne

    MarkLawson500 TeamToon totally agree Mark

  • PeterRobson

    foggy PeterRobson PhilYare Actually, someone sent it to me, and how do you explain to a kid (he was only 2 when the photo was taken) about the bad man running NUFC, without giving the little boy bad dreams !!!

    And I did have the courage to admit publicly on here !!!

  • Chemical Dave

    …..your last paragraph is amusing, like its some kind of ground breaking thought you beat everyone to. Cheers for that I will try not to expect the owner to do us any favours……..

  • PeterS84

    There is no right or wrong here, stay away or attend its up to each individual fan to choose. the great thing about football is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My own choice is that I will be staying away and chose to turn my back on Ashley and will not spend another penny on the club whilst he is in charge.

    I cant see any improvement coming from the team just because there is a full house watching..we would be top of the league if the team gave as much effort as the fans.


  • snodgrass2

    “Let’s get another 3 or 4 points……..” Ha Ha Ha have you seen us
    play? Have you seen any of the results since mid February. To get
    another “3 or 4 points” should take us another 2 seasons at our current
    rate. John Carver winning anything!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Toonbadger

    IntravenusMP  Yeah Carver and free transfers. Is that enough for you?

  • No Brainer

    I think you’re right Dawn I often wobder how it woukd affect tge outcome of a game if the crowd got behind the team its been like a morgue since 1999

  • No Brainer

    Yes but in those days we actually were sh1t rather than suspended and injured

  • Gary Linney

    NO! We must continue wth the Toon Revolution! The boycott against Spuds was a great success as it promoted our plight nationally, even internationally! Keep this up lads and if you must go to the game Stand up to Ashley. AshleyOut.com

  • Michael Teasdale

    No. Just no. We got suckered into this the first time…the team still got relegated and we let Ashley off the ropes because of fear.
    It is up to the players to do the job they are hansomely rewarded for.
    The fans must take a stand to cut out the cancer.

  • GarryConsiglio

    A fair opinion and nice sentiments Dawn but I think you blew your own argument out of the water with the line ‘and with a bold and adventurous appointment of a top Coach, we can certainly move forward together…’ The whole reason for the fans’ current discontent is Ashley’s blatant lack of ambition for the club going forward…do you seriously think he’ll break the bank to get a top coach AND give him the power and the money to build a side that can compete? Get your money on Carver……….

  • gazchampion

    GarryConsiglio Carver’s odds-on isn’t he? …. neckandneck with the ‘wally-wi-the-brolly’ McLaren,  I’m completely disinterested in it all now! Ashley OUT!