Tim Krul has been forced to defend himself after being caught on camera at half-time apparently congratulating Jermain Defoe on his goal, the Newcastle keeper appearing to be smiling and laughing.

After the match it became a big topic of conversation for the pundits in the studio, with Jamie Carragher slaughtering (read his comments below) Tim Krul and saying that he couldn’t believe somebody could act like that in a derby.

John Carver claimed the Newcastle goalkeeper was just being sporting but this is what Tim Krul himself has said:

“What I actually told him (Defoe) I couldn’t repeat on TV, it was just a nice gesture.

“It was a fantastic goal and everybody has to accept that, I actually thought (that what I said) was more in the region of what a lucky guy he is.”

I’m a Geordie:

“I have been here 10 years at this club and I’m as hurt as anybody else.

“Whoever wants to put negatives like that on me isn’t justified, I’m a Geordie and I have been here 10 years, so I am going home with a lot of pain in my heart.”

Hurting as much as the fans:

“To see those fans having to travel back to Newcastle without a win hurts me as much as them.

“I think it was an unbelievable goal, especially given the pressure…it is a shame for us because if you walk in at nil nil it would have been much easier for us.”

On the contrary, this is what Jamie Carragher had to say:

“Somebody out there who doesn’t care about football might say it is good sportsmanship but when Everton played Liverpool, I certainly wouldn’t be shaking the hand of an Everton player (at half-time after scoring).

“He (Tim Krul) is actually waiting for him (Defoe) in the tunnel, he (Krul) is smiling.”

You don’t smile, you don’t laugh about it:

“Whenever you play a derby game you don’t just play on the day, there’s a build-up in the week before. Everybody is on edge and you work yourself up into a frenzy.

“You can’t have that in any game, but in a derby game…you don’t smile, you don’t laugh about it.”

  • No Brainer

    He shouldn’t have to everything other than an unstoppable goal Krul dealt with, with ease.

  • LeazesEnder

    There was nothing Krul could do about the goal but…

    ….there were claims all week from Carver and others that they would be ‘up for it’ and ‘giving all’ for the cause, and the fact tat Krul congratulated Defoe on his goal in the tunnel ‘out of sight’….

    …belies Carvers claims to have prepared his little squad.

    What was he doing on a Golf course this week anyway?

  • Andgeo

    How can we expect the players to have the right attitude. If the owner of our club is happy to accept getting beat week after week and is not even prepared to stump up our cash to appoint a manager, it’s hardly surprising players like krul arnt focused on the job they are getting paid to do. As far as his boss is concerned it’s job done anyway.

  • Andgeo

    We are relegation fodder. With the exception of November, we have been the worst team in the division since the start of 2014. That includes the relegated teams from last season and the current bottom three. We can’t even beat Sunderland.

  • mrkgw

    Foolish of Krul and his actions and smiles were there for all to see. Lets just hope that this doesnt spell the end for him as I expect that many are on their way out of the club.