NUFC means different things to different people, everyone will use just what it means to justify what they do on Sunday.

Me, I’ve been going up to St. James’ Park since I was 9 year old, I went to matches when I should’ve been spending my money/time on other things but didn’t because of the draw of seeing the lads going out, trying to get the ball in the back of the bloody net!

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The buzz of seeing The Toon score a goal is one the best feelings going but it means little when you feel no connection to the club. I used to argue until I was blue in the face that NUFC is the best team in world! Ryan Giggs? We’ve got Scott Sellars man, he’s mint!

Before games I’d see a way we’d win no matter who we were playing, now it’s the stink of resignation that comes with defeat after defeat. I could hack it if the lads were giving it their all but who of our current crop really cares about the institution that is NUFC?

What it means to represent Newcastle the City? To fill the shirt once worn by Milburn, Beardsley, Shearer et al? The current shirt’s stripes are broken, with a hideous sponsor plastered through them, sadly this represents NUFC at the moment.

There’s little joy going up to St. James’ Park these day;, no atmosphere, the odd win here and there, still turning up out of habit, like hoying endless quids in a fruit machine, never really winning.

This feeling of stagnation hasn’t happened overnight, the steady dilution of quality on the pitch in tandem with that off it, has led to the current state of Newcastle United, a shadow of its former self.

There’s a faction that have turned to the grass roots of football by watching their local non-league team as an alternative, I get myself along to Jarrow Roofing and North Shields games as often as I can and enjoy it. A lot of what is missing at NUFC can be found at those clubs but I can’t see these games replacing my NUFC season ticket just yet.

Having listed all these negatives I still find myself drawn to Newcastle United, it’s under my skin and rather than give up all together I want to contribute to something positive regarding NUFC. A change to how the club is ran would be a start and if a boycott, a protest etc can draw attention to this then count me in!

The fans are the lifeblood of any club, but with NUFC you have something special, a one club city and if the latest campaign could get the majority of those fans United in their stance that would make a hell of a statement.

Some may say it’s a waste of time but I’d bet on those people saying the same thing about going to the match at all, should Ashley be allowed any more time in charge of OUR club.

Where were you when we were sh*t? I was making a stand for a positive change.

Ashley Out!

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  • NottsToon

    I consider it a duty of a Newcastle United supporter to stand up, protest, boycott and call for change. What was the phrase I read yesterday? Just because no one is listening does not mean you should not scream….or words to that effect.

    You may think that no one is listening, but the club have already put tickets to the Spurs game on public sale…no need for the thieving and petty membership charge, that is already a change and no protest has happened yet.

    A wind of change is coming for Newcastle United and the fact is that none of us know what shape or effect that change might have, not even Ashley, but it is coming.

  • LeazesEnder

    Its a few years since the away fans sang ‘Where were you when we were sh*t?….

    ….that says it all!

  • newcastle7

    Was at Morpeth v Shildon last night and while it was nil nil it was a cracking match watched by 201 fans including the railwaymen hardcore(five flags).However you are right been to round twenty Northern League games this season but they lack the cutting edge which following Newcastle gives you.My opinion on the boycott is well known it will only make things worse.Firstly it will increase Ashly’s lilklehood on hanging onto the club as he does not like to be beaten and also whatever you say he seldom loses a battle.
    Secondly he is getting an extra £1m on Sunday in T.V.rights so cannot see him losing much sleep.
    However more importantly all these protests will have future owners and managers let alone players both present and current running to the hills.
    What the fans on this site should remember is that when Man City got relegated to the third division fans staying away (lots of good ones stuck by them) achieved nothing.What saved them were new wealthy owners not protests.Boycotts never work but money talks it’s a sad fact of life not just in football.
    To those going on Sunday support your team and let’s hope for a win to lighten the mood as we could do with one.

  • newcastle7

    NottsToon Before the season started there were only four games non public sales which were Liverpool,Man Utd,Sunderland and Arsenal so again a distortion of facts.Spurs was always
    going on public sale.If the club were scared they would have sold tickets at the cheaper category C prices but have gone for the more expensive tickets with Juvenile tickets over twice the price of category C so in affect the revenue for this game will be higher despite the crowd being predicted to be two thousand lower much of which is to do with it being on the T.V. at four on a Sunday followed by defeats against Sunderland and Liverpool.

  • LeazesEnder

    Keegan and Robson were both great ambassadors for the City….

    ….The same isn’t true about anyone connected with this current regime….

  • NottsToon

    newcastle7 NottsToon Before the season, but that policy changed didn’t it? Also, are you saying it’s ok to rip fans off as long as you do it selectively?

  • Baldwin69er

    You say this, but newcastle fans could go down to division 2 and they’d be the most loyal supporters, but Man City did not have an owner who basically took the p out of all supporters, lied, mocked legends and used the club as a cash cow. The sheiks at man City called upon NUFC first, remember that. Now is the time for change and I’m sorry but all fans who go to the games now are actually part of the problem. Simple as that, simple as they are. They deserve nothing more than relegation. The fans have been abused for too long and this is no longer a football club. It’s a stadium with an eerie silence with the heart and soul totally ripped out. The real fans understand this.

  • NottsToon

    newcastle7 By carrying on doing what you are doing do honestly expect anything to change given 8 solid years of evidence? If not then I can only conclude that you are totally happy with what is happening and has happened. You must have been happy to see pictures of SBR, Gary Speed, Shearer, Keegan and other club legends dumped in a skip, You must be chuffed with your cheap tatty Wonga strip, you must be overjoyed that we sit in the lower half of the league 9 points above relegation without even looking like winning a game.

    By carrying on as we are what do you honestly expect to happen?  If Ashley did sell up what kind of owner do you think a compliant club will attract? One exactly like Ashley who sees the profit to be made from misery and apathy is the answer. He trades on your delusional loyalty and counts on it for validation of his actions and yet you still blindly suckle on his corporate c*ck and repeatedly spout his propaganda.

    You are the problem, you are the symptom of the disease killing this club with more love for your super fan status than for the institution and history of what Newcastle United should be. So shallow is your understanding, so delusional is your mind and so inflated is your ego that you willingly hold the hand of the devil while he lays waste to what you claim to love.


  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7  The corporate oligarchy Ogre, still at least felt a need to be loved and popular as Shepherd and Hall played out their role mischievously whilst the real beast was a different character that we glimpsed in off guarded moments.

    Ashley doesn’t have any pretentions or desire to be liked….

    We have to change the way football is run in the long term so that never again can so much power be wielded over what should be public institutions.

    Protest isn’t an end product…. ask the suffragettes, or the unions…or even the countryside alliance….. its a bonding of a movement which helps secure change.

    When people say ‘protest doesn’t work’ they misunderstand what it is… sure there are individual threads which become woven, but there is also the bond that it brings strength….thats why it is important to sometimes stand up and be counted.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Simon, why did you protest against McKeag? Why are you posting left right and center of what a super supporter you are and anyone boycotting is not a supporter at all? Seems like you want to have your cake and eat it when it suits you.

    The only statement Ashley has released during his 8 years of ownership was to tell us he had listened and was selling up. He admitted the mistakes he had made…then continued to make them (and more) for another 7 years years now. That all followed protest, not acceptance, and he has gone from bad to worse since.

    Your statement here is as confused as everything you write. If the boycott is such a bad thing that will turn potential buyers away, how can you then state at Man City the complete opposite happened?

    Anyone supporting the team is free to do so. Not taking a stand against the owner and his band of equally hopeless management is another thing all together. But no, you and some others defend the regime on a daily basis.

    Ashley is nothing more than a very very rich version of the McKeags, Seymours, and Westwoods. NUFC is still the selling Club – though now lauded and fan-fared as one of the most profitable domestically and in Europe. 

    There really is no excuse by anyone not to at least speak out against that, even if still going along to support the team.

  • pissed off mag

    newcastle7  your a bell end talking shite again

  • essexMag

    Being stuck down here I now go to see Colchester quite regularly. They are a bit pants but the players are refreshing in their efforts. Fight for every ball, show a degree of commitment to at least ‘try’ to win each week and even when they lose i have walked away feeling satisfied with the experience.
    The Toon will always be in my heart but currently it is an embarrassment telling people that.

  • kb12

    I’m all for the boycott…… but been thinking, if the boycott meant Ashley started to invest and run the club as it should and he still made a couple of mill ( to keep him happy) would you still want him out, guess he has done some good, youth system, local kids etc I would be happy to have him if he ran the club with a bit of ambition or is this just to optimistic

  • pissed off mag

    kb12  dont be fooled he has done no good at all, hes a con man just have a look at the rags and tat his crappy jumble sale shops sell. Dont ever think hes done anything good ever

  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder More akin to represent Stalingrad

  • RaySte

    newcastle7 newcastle7  Nonsense, if Ashley wants to run it like a soulless business, let us treat it like one. Would you espouse the same unremitting brand loyalty to a company like Tesco? Even if they started putting sh!te in their frozen curries? Or would you stop consuming it? Stop spouting this ‘thick or thin’ nonsensical dogma, it only hurts your wallet and the club you purport to love while playing right into the hands of a callous billionaire. Think about it; you’re saying people should keep spending fifty quid a week NO MATTER WHAT. Is that a sensible ethos for an adult to hold on anything? Would you remain a patron of the same bar if their beer was always off? Would you keep going to the same garage if they didn’t fix your car properly? Can you not get it through your thick skull that those people asking us to boycott the match do it for a love of the club, not because they are fickle or want to hurt it? Can you not understand there may be better ways to help the club than keep going every week? Are you really so arrogant that you will question the loyalty of people who’ve probably spent upwards of tens of thousands of pounds in their lifetime to follow the club they love?

    You say the club is in its hour of need and I agree, but do you lack the most basic faculties of reason that make you think an undying loyalty is what will heal it? Where has that got us, ‘the best fans in the country’, in the last 50 years? It’s got us nowt. This isn’t a problem that can be solved by turning up in large numbers and singing at the top of our lungs, this is a problem that can only be solved by a regime change or a change in the mindset thereof. The club is starving cos Ash won’t splash the cash, not because of the disloyalty of the fans. We’ve watched good football in our time, we’ve watched bad football, but this is different. This is about an insidious owner strangling the club, milking the fans for all they’re worth, treating us with contempt; and so long as you continue to let him, he’ll take you up on your kindness. This is a unique situation and let me repeat – this is not a protest against bad football, it’s a protest against bad (outright callous and greedy) management. The tills at the club shop pay directly into SD for goodness sake! Say what you want about Shepherd, but at least he put some money back into the club, at least he was accountable to the fans- at least he was a fan!

    This is not a problem turning up in our droves can solve, perhaps a protest won’t help, but at least we can say we tried. The scousers wouldn’t take such nonsense for so long, nor would the mancs. Their clubs are accountable to their fans and so should ours be, but it won’t so long as fans such as yourself display such disuniting reticence. So I urge everyone who has read what  this Ashley shill (at least I hope you are, otherwise I’d recommend popping into the RVI after the game on Sunday for a brain scan) has written and what I have written; all those that feel a dissonance between their loyalty and love for the club and the prospect of a boycott – I urge you please, please, stay away from the Spurs game. Your loyalty is admirable, but you are hurting what remains of our once great club. The club has a cancer unremitting loyalty can no longer solve – if it could, it would have by now – real loyalty is staying away come Sunday. We’ve stuck with our club through bad football and good football, and so we should, but what we face today is a different type of sickness altogether. Please, please, get behind the boycott. Get behind the club.

  • pissed off mag

    NottsToon newcastle7  notts this bloke is a plant for ashley he constantly talks shite mate

  • NottsToon

    RaySte newcastle7 Well said RaySte

  • Maximus Moose LeazesEnder Stalingrad was a proud and courageous city which didn’t give in to the fascists.

  • nufcmag777

    Simon is a very good supporter and has been for years but you are all wasting your time arguing with him because he is actually an idiot.NUFC is in his blood but he is too daft to realise what Ashley has been doing.

  • GToon

    newcastle7 NottsToon 4 this season. How many next season? 8? And then the whole lot. And for what? More money of course. For what? Better players or just money to feed somebody’s insatiable  appetite for even more money. 
    Also why do the club have to be scared? Why can’t they just be reasonable? After all it is OUR club. I’d love it is somebody would just come in with about 60m and build a new stadium, called themselves just Newcastle and start off in the lowest league with the aim of the EPL in however many years time. It would be a cheaper option than whatever Ashley wants for NUFC.

  • dave1892

    The thing is, people arguing against the boycott because it could harm the team/performance/points – it’s an insult. When the team had the support, it certainly didn’t stop any of the home 6-0, 4-0, 3-0 defeats etc. How could it be worse? They had support against the mackems the other week, and guess what, they couldn’t be bothered.

    Support the boycott! Make a stand! How many chances will you get?

  • hettonmag

    RaySte newcastle7  Brilliant post from the heart,  made the goose bumps appear  I  really do get the feeling  with passion shown by the vast majority of posters on this site  that  change can be made  to get  this horrible regime out of NUFC. GOOD LUCK  with you all 100%.

  • IntravenusMP

    I’d like to see someone put together a serious solution. 

    In the late 80’s The Magpie Group had raised money and put money where their mouth was. If a group pus a serious strategy together, I’d support it, until then, in Mike we trust.

  • NottsToon

    IntravenusMP I’m guessing you’re the kind of guy who likes to know how a film ends before deciding if he’s going to watch it or not.

  • grahame49

    Have a look at the videos of the toon from 77 to 82 Ul notice many a young toon fan, I was 12 in 77, jumping up and down lost in pure emotion when the toon score myself included fast forward to villa at home last season Chelsea this season and a 49 year old lost in that emotion jumping up and down Newcastle united eh love and hate them crap or good but ours

  • LeazesEnder

    IntravenusMP Itemise the ‘debt’….. come on!

  • LeazesEnder

    newcastle7 So you didn’t go to see the reserves at SJP….. so much for Superfan!

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder IntravenusMP Jeez, I have done that 3 times you thick twaddle

  • SGM

    Same old tosh just a different name at the top.

  • NottsToon

    IntravenusMP LeazesEnder Just like you claimed to answer my twice asked question about your agenda with the pro Ashley accounting posts…..except you didn’t.

  • amacdee

    A club needs ambition to drive it forward. It needs good young players coming through the ranks, it also needs investment in the playing squad as we seek to progress and build season by season. It needs highly quailfied coaching staff and a management team with real skills in dealing with players and staff alike.


  • stevennufc

    RaySte newcastle7 spot on!,,,,,,,unfortunately sheep cant read!

  • IntravenusMP

    NottsToon IntravenusMP LeazesEnder Reet, I’ll try again. 

    In  lovely ideal world, we’d be spending a little more and the likes of city, Chels & Manure are spending beyond what is possible were actually playing to the rules. 

    However, i do not want the club ruining itself in the pursuit of something not possible as it is right now. 

    The reason why I put people right on here is that we as fans look total t*ats to the rest of the country with ill-informed comments like those that appear on the ‘accounts’ thread or those doing the boycott thing giving the impression we deserve the world.

    Can I ask what your agenda is? Why do you keep degenerating the club, it almost seems that you want the club to fail which I can’t align with supporting a club.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    IntravenusMP NottsToon LeazesEnder

    People who say they protested against McKeag, or Seymour etc  – the same people who call Hall/Shepherd crooks – while they gladly took their seats (built by them lets add) and cheered on the KK/SBR sides that they now slag off so easily. Did they protest then about the so called abuse of the Club? Hell no! 

    Were all these ‘true’ supporters, against the boycott, up in arms when we were playing in the CL? Nope! Yet here we are, one relegation down already, still not sure of avoiding another, and you and your like get behind the man responsible for it all. All you and your like do is repeat the propaganda Ashley spun.

    Every last one of us would take a Middle Eastern Royal Family riding over the horizon, lavishing money on the Club and buying success. Fekkin face reality and stop pontificating. This Club deserves its day in the sun again after far too many years, however it is provided.

    Who gives a flying [email protected] what the accounts say when we can’t field a team worth shyte and the owner is interested in nothing more than even better accounts,.achieved by survival in the PL in any position whatsoever?

    You put nothing right at all. You give your opinion on the accounts. as though that is the be all and end all. But your opinion is no more valid than anyone else’s. 

    The Entertainers now = The Accountants, and people like you are the ones that support that continuance.

    Ashley Out!

  • NottsToon

    That is because for all your accounting spiel, you cannot separate the club and the owner in your mind.
    I desperately want the owner to fail, and if that means the club failing in the short term then so be it.
    There will still be a Newcastle United long after Mr Ashley has departed this world, until then he shouldn’t get an easy ride, assisted by brain washed collaborators like you.

  • IntravenusMP

    Sickandtiredstill IntravenusMP NottsToon LeazesEnder I think there were plenty of us who were concerned about haw the club was being run under H&S, especially the dividend policy. Perhaps the argument would go over the heads of most of the rent a gobs but there was plenty concern amongst people i know. 

    The real point is there is no Middle Eastern Royal Family coming over the horizon now, new money is finding better value in untapped football nations. 

    If there was a potential investor, NUFC is far more attractive now than in 2007. 

    We may yet be surprised, there do seem to be serious transfer targets in the Summer. Ashley appears to have taken a clasic business turnaround technique, identify the excessive costs & remove everything that is not required. Once the ship has been steadied (and steady it is) we should be able to push out a little and invest in the areas that will take us forward. 

    For me, bring in  a centre forward, a cabaye style midfielder and centre half (with perhaps a full back) then we have a team to press on.

  • IntravenusMP

    NottsToon There is likely to be an NUFC after Ashley. IF Ashley fails with NUFC, he’ll put it into administration having taken his money out. If he succeeds, he’ll have created a very attractive business to another buyer. 

    I’d prefer success.

  • LeazesEnder

    IntravenusMP NottsToon You still haven’t explained the debt?

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder IntravenusMP NottsToon yes i have, I have done so 3 times.

  • NottsToon

    IntravenusMP NottsToon Excellent use of scare mongering and baseless supposition there.

    By what measure are you describing success by the way? On the balance sheet for the owner, or on the field and in the trophy cabinet?

    If Ashley has shown potential football club owners anything it is that the two are mutually exclusive, and this is a terrible thing for football in general. To support that I would hazard makes you a supporter of ruthless economics rather than football.