The problem with Mike Ashley is not that he’s fat (which he is), that he is a cockney (which he is), or that he is an avaricious tw*t (which he is).

It is that he has forgotten the basic tenet of commercial success in any profession.

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Provide for a need, do the job right and to the best of your abilities and the money will follow.

If you are a gardener, put in healthy plants to an attractive design, look after your plants and people will want your services.

If you are a doctor, treat your patients with care, kindness and diligence and the money will follow.

If you retail football shirts and shoes, the need is for cheap goods easily available and then £3.5 billion will follow.

At Newcastle, Mike Ashley has forgotten that the potential customers want entertaining football with a bit of excitement and the possibility of a trophy every half-century or so.

His driver is the balance sheet and where the profit will come from. The consequence of this is that the public have lost interest in the football and turned their attention to baiting him and his cabal.

The outcome of this? Perhaps the Championship and onward and downward to compete with Blackpool and Portsmouth.

What would his investment be worth then I wonder?

  • bill black

    Ashley is at a crossroad he should sell up before the share price of S.D  goes lower or invest in the team. But both would cost him money as everyone that would be looking at  the club would not want to pay the loan or the price Ashley puts on our club but the share price of S.D will drop by more £ than the clubs value we will make sure of that. Looking to stay up and have fun with him next season if he is still with us.

  • A lex

    Oh dear Andrew. Sorry, but you’re so wrong. Not in the business logic you correctly describe, but in believing that Ashley actually desires commercial success for NUFC. He doesn’t. Not before, now or in the future. And once people understand that, perhaps they’ll help force him out.

    Ashley is solely focussed on the commercial / profitable success of SD and MASH Holdings. And all the examples you describe are perfectly in place to engineer that success.

    In his corporate hierarchy, do you think he gives a hoot about his HGV drivers in their SD branded lorries? No, because that’s just his Delivery and Logistical Dept.. Similarly, he doesn’t give a hoot about NUFC because we’re just his Marketing and Advertising Dept..

    In other words, both departments are functioning just fine, thank you very much, in his aim for ‘commercial success’.

    And, that’s where we can come in big time. By damaging the view of his brand given by NUFC, it will hurt his ultimate aims for a positive and successful SD / MASH. Vocal protests, empty seats, and even relegation would mess up his advertising strategy hugely.

  • Chemical Dave

    Staggering to think isn’t it that after 8 years the penny hasn’t dropped for some people?

  • Phildene

    Couldn’t agree more chemical Dave. I know a couple of fans who still go and one in particular still can’t see the harm Ashleys doing! He’s a business man himself but still sees the good side-unbeleivablle.
    The good supporters like us have stopped going and cancelled their season tickets in protest and the fact we can’t stand going anymore! We still support the club burin our own way.

  • Demented_Man

    A lex Spot on.  It’s only because SD, and their relationship with NUFC, are being spoken about negatively in the media that Ashley is starting to take any notice of fans at all.

  • magpie9

    Fatty is a very vindictive man. He has never forgiven a Geordie kid  7 years of age taking his girlfriend at junior school umpteen years ago. Makes the Count of Monte Cristo looks like an amateur where revenge is concerned