Swansea have now offered Andre Ayew  €300,000 a month as well as a generous bonus package, if he commits to the Welsh club ahea dof both Premier League and overseas rivals.

L’equipe report that their information is that the new offer which works out at around £45,000 a week, betters Newcastle’s offer, as well as those so far from the likes of Roma, Inter and AC Milan who have all registered their interest.

The 25 year old Ghanaian international has made clear for some time that he will run his contract down and leave Marseille at the end of this season as they can’t meet his financial demands.

He has scored eight goals for his club this season as well as starring for Ghana at the African Cup of Nations in January.

His preference is said to be a move to the Premier League if the money is right and Swansea have already shown that they are prepared to push the boat out to try and compete in these days of TV riches.

The Swans paid both a £12m transfer fee and the wages Wilfried Bony was asking for when he left Vitesse in summer 2013, with Newcastle having shown interest but not willing to pay the money.

Similarly, Newcastle’s long running interest in Bafetimbi Gomis came to nothin as his contract ran out and Swansea were also prepared to apy what he wanted.

Bony was a massive succes in terms of both goals and financially when his move to Man City doubled their money.

Gomis hasn’t achieved much yet but at some time Newcastle have to compete in the transfer market for players that other clubs are also chasing, or else they will only be heading in one direction.

  • Paul Patterson

    If true, then the club are operating on a wage budget from the last century.

    Times have moved on. To get a good striker, you’re looking at £60k+.

  • Corkyjohn

    He’d never come anyway….any club that stays in the PL would be a better proposition

  • dude 1

    This is what I think this lad said to Ashley with regards to the offer he was presented with “Mike get rid of Wonga remove from my contract that I have th wear sports direct kit and I will sign for you” oh yes and why are Swansea offering me £45k a week and you are giving me £25k when you know that next season you are going to get loads of money from the prem league tight [email protected]

  • BillytheFish

    Don’t want mercenary players. I would rather be in the Championship with players from the Toon.

  • Andgeo

    Ridiculous!!! He’s a far better player than what we will end up with!!!

  • Andgeo

    And the rest!! The point is we could afford top class players if we wernt subsidising fat mans greedy empire!

  • GToon

    Well they are a much better team and play much better football than us….. The only thing we can offer a player are large crowds and i wont even say good support as most of us a silent. Oh and the chance to be sold after 5 minutes if they do well, thats perhaps the biggest selling point for us as a club.

  • AndyMac1

    Ayew was never ever coming to SJP but it suited the spin team to drag this out for as long as season ticket sales were down !

  • AshSCFC_

    nothinislost D8nnyJ Good news if true. Pure speculation so far, but he’d be ideal

  • stepaylor

    surely a free transfer of that standard and age and personality is worth pushing the boat out for.

  • D8nnyJ

    AshSCFC_ nothinislost yeah, hope this is true.

  • Stevie Aces Renforth


  • Nigel Benton

    If its true then its no surprise. and we can expect a summer of our targets going elsewhere coz we wont pay enough. Nothing to look forward to at our club

  • nufcslf

    Now there’s a surprise. Right onto the next poor sod we won’t be able to get over the line. Never mind it was only another 2-0 loss today and who needs a goalscorer when…Oh, hang on a minute…

  • PhilYare

    more chance of signing for a championship club than us

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