With rows of empty seats still to sell only 24 hours before the derby clash, Sunderland have warned off Newcastle fans trying to buy up the unsold seats that Sunderland can’t sell to their own fans.

Those with a previous history of buying tickets at the Stadium of Light are allowed to buy up to six tickets each for the derby game and Sunderland are seriously worried at the prospect of large numbers of Newcastle fans getting tickets amonst their own supporters.

The Wearside club have also warned their own fans that there will be consequences if they buy up further tickets that end up in the hands of Newcastle supporters, saying all tickets can be traced back to the original purchaser

‘Sunderland supporters wishing to buy tickets for this game are advised that they must have a valid SAFC customer number and a purchasing history which is recorded on the club’s database. All tickets can be traced to the original purchaser.

Supporters are reminded that they are responsible for any tickets bought under their name and customer number.’

On Tuesday we first reported that Sunderland were struggling to sell out Sunday’s derby match, this brought an angry reaction from a Sunderland supporters, including one who claimed he’s just been in the Sunderland ticket office and there were less than 100 tickets left.

Four days later and those ‘100’ tickets still haven’t shifted

Remaining tickets are priced from only £32 (£15 for kids) but before any ticketless Newcastle fans get any bright ideas, tickets will only be sold to you if you have a valid SAFC customer number and a purchasing history which is recorded on the club’s database.

Newcastle’s allocation was sold out some time ago and it’s just a shame that a much larger allocation wasn’t given to United, to both avoid Sunderland’s embarrassment of rows of empty pink seats AND helping to ensure that Newcastle fans didn’t end up in the home end causing possible conflict.

  • safcftm

    Sad, made up stories. Typical deluded Geordie’s. When you say rows of empty seats it reminds me of your place. FTM

  • Darren Wild

    typical safc cant sell out the stadium

  • Wee Hughie

    safcftm  Not deluded if you check out your own teams website, still have tickets up for sale today, up to six per person.  Looks like It wont be a sell out.

  • dannywilsonLAD

    dvdchrlswlkr NUFCTheMag you really going to believe an article about Sunderland by someone called “the mag” hahahahaha

  • Wee Hughie

    @dannywilsonLAD dvdchrlswlkr NUFCTheMag  Like I said to your Mackem mate on here , try your own teams website, it confirms all that’s been put on here.

  • Chris Tantum


  • safcftm

    What you doing on the safc website? Rows of empty seats tho? When I was in the ticket office on Wednesday there was around 200 tickets left for the concourse. Sid James’s park is always half empty when we play yas anyway. FTM

  • Wee Hughie

    safcftm  I went on to see if they had any tickets left and they did. Perhaps if you did not spend all day on a Newcastle site you would have time to check it out, as for our place being half empty when we play you its always full, you saying otherwise just makes you look stupid. And you have ten thousand empty seats most games anyway.

  • safcftm

    It’s always full till we are beating yous hahahaha…

  • Wee Hughie

    safcftm  Like yours is not even full at the start haha

  • safcftm

    Ok, ok U0001f4aaU0001f40e #4inarow FTM HAHAHA

  • Wee Hughie

    safcftm  Still playing catch up though, and still below us yet again.

  • safcftm

    Yep! #4inarow FTM HAHAHA

  • Wee Hughie

    safcftm  Not long since we did 5 in a row, enjoy your relegation battle.

  • safcftm

    Aye definitely… #4inarow FTM

  • dvdchrlswlkr

    dannywilsonLAD it’s understandable a disgustingly bad team would have problems selling out