On Tuesday we reported that Sunderland were struggling to sell out Sunday’s derby match, with the prospect of rows of empty pink seats greeting the visiting Newcastle fans.

All away tickets were bought up some time ago and it was a massive surprise that with only five days to go, Sunderland fans had failed to fill the ground.

Considering that potentially Sunderland could make it five derby wins in a row AND take a massive step away from relegation, it is hard to fathom why they aren’t getting behind their team.

Our reporting of the unsold seats brought an angry/amusing reaction from a number of Sunderland supporters, including one who claimed he’s just been in the mackem ticket office and there were less than 100 tickets left.

Well two days later they still don’t appear to have found another ‘hundred’ punters to fill their stadium.

With only 72 hours to go until the derby match, Sunderland are still desperately trying to sell the game out and advertising that punters can buy up to six tickets.

Remaining tickets are priced from only £32 (£15 for kids) but before any ticketless Newcastle fans get any bright ideas, tickets will only be sold to you if you have a valid SAFC customer number and a purchasing history which is recorded on the club’s database.

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  • OP1

    With the game on Easter Sunday it’s more than likely fans of both sides will refuse the match to spend time with the kids or family members. Plus, with the game being a 4 o’clock KO fans can just stick sky on and settle down with some chocolate and “enjoy” the game in their own home.

    Yet again, football spoiled by the TV people

  • stevennufc

    they couldnt fill their ground against man utd in the semi final of the cup!…..owa boy!

  • toon tony

    Also there’s been a massive increase in the price of “cheesy chips “.

  • Munich Mag

    OP1 I think it’s more the fact that Sunderland are a micky mouse club.