Sunderland fans have shown their class once again with a tribute banner to Jack Colback.

In the build-up to today’s derby, clearly the mackems aren’t keen to remember what the Geordie gave to them in his years at the club.

Whilst understandably some of them aren’t happy that Colback left on a free, you have to question the mentality of somebody who would produce this effort below.

jack colback

No news as yet of whether any of the mackem ‘artists’ managed to eat any of the crayons in the production of this masterpiece.

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  • Maximus Moose

    Have we got one of Ashley

  • 1toonman

    The most surprising thing about the picture is they managed to spell his name right!! (must have had help from nursie!)

  • Porciestreet

    And those to553rs wonder why we don’t like them..?

  • alreet

    Typical of the scummers. Come on jack get the fkin winner today my lad!!!
    I would love it. Just love it.

  • takaleakee

    Feeling is mutual. Regardless of Colback. FTM

  • takaleakee

    Haha well he didn’t. And errrrrr……..5 victories on the trot. 2 seasons of doing the double……..

  • MacM2015

    One pillock produces a naughty banner about poor, misguided Jack, and you get the hump. Up to 40,000 SAFC fans join you in the 17 minute tribute to two NUFC fans, and you say nowt! Now that’s class.

  • takaleakee

    That’s a really good shout

  • MickCollins1

    1toonman Have you forgot your spelling on your boycout banner mate FTM

  • safcftm

    Spot on… This is the sad mentality of these deluded fans, no class at all #5inarow

  • safcftm

    Was he playing? Didn’t see him HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FTM #5inarow

  • takaleakee

    Even Joey Barton, who hates us, has had the decency to acknowledge the “class” of our 40,000+ fans remembering your 2 lads. At to that the money that our fans raised. Not yours, not their own, ours!