John Carver has came out with an interesting tale of a conversation he had with a man in a lift.

It very much reminded me of Alan Pardew’s final weeks and months at Newcatsle, in press conferences he increasingly would come out with anecdotes of fans he’d bumped into in recent days.

The stories not necessarily supporters relating how great our ex-manager was but certainly tales that conveniently allowed Pardew to get a message out with it not coming directly from him…

In John Carver’s case, has has told the media about a ‘conversation’ he had on the Tuesday after the derby defeat.

The Newcastle Head Coach claims that when he was at the reserve match against Middlesbrough at St. James’ Park, he had the following chat with one of the maintenance men at the stadium.

John Carver:

“I was at the reserve game on Tuesday night and I got into the lift with one of the maintenance guys.

“He actually said to me, ‘John – I couldn’t believe that performance, I watched what you did on the pitch with the team and I was so excited leading up to the derby game because I thought we were going to win. Then all of a sudden the whistle blew for the start of the game and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

“You can do all the preparation you want but then on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday night…we can’t develop training ground players. We have to find solutions.”

The tale that John Carver relates, is referring to the fact that the team trained at St. James’ Park in the days leading up to the Sunderland match.

I hope Mike Ashley hasn’t read Carver’s quotes or else no doubt the maintenance man will be looking for a new job after watching the players train instead of getting on with his work.

I’ll leave it to you to decide just what the maintenance man did or didn’t see, or indeed, did or didn’t say….

  • PeterRobson

    I kinda lost interest in the story as soon as I got to the quote from “Geordie (I worked with Sir Bobby Robson) John” about being in a lift  with someone !!!

    I think we should start calling him after that great Wiz character: Name dropper Norman !!!

  • realnufc

    NUFCTheMag NUFCTips NUFCThreatLevel who talks like that? Not doing a ya knaaa a’m a geordie act like carver? An oxbridge janitor it seems

  • Andgeo

    Maybe the maintenance manager will be promoted to assistant head coach?? Carver simply should not be in the position he is in. The manager/head coach must take full responsibility for that performance. Whilst motivation of players, and negative tactics are in question the obvious mistake he made was playing goufran and guitierez in centre midfield, playing colback at left back with abeid sat on the bench. The santon saga would appear to be either carvers fault for keeping him out of the team when he is undoubtedly one of our better players (certainly worth a shot even in centre mid ahead of gouffy) or a situation dictated to Carver by the fat scum. Regardless Carver needs to take responsibility instead of dreaming up excuses in cloud cuckoo land. We can’t move forward unless he does this which will then result in one of 2 things 1) charver’s resignation and honest admission that he’s took on more than he can chew and perhaps a truthful insight into whats going on behind the scenes or 2) charver stating what he is going to do to put things right do that we have a clear direction and benchmark as to how we can measure this, instead of him claiming he doesn’t been know where the next point is coming from. Up the creek without a paddle!!!

  • Mark Wallace

    I wish he’d been stuck in the lift with The True Geordie!!!!!

  • CraigMoore

    Of all the things that happened, this happened the most.

  • toon tony

    I’m surprised the words he heard weren’t …..GOING DOWN.. ..

  • MikeAshleyLies

    NUFCTheMag TaylorandBesty if only the mackems had played like cones. Carver might have had a chance then.

  • stephen_miller

    MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag TaylorandBesty they did but still won! #BoycottSpurs

  • scheol85

    I suspect john was just talking to the reflection of himself in the lift mirror.

  • LeazesEnder

    The maintenance man as you put it….is that bloke with the Crowbar.

    Hope they sack him!

  • shadsdad

    Make the maintenance man manager!!

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    LeazesEnder  That photograph shows exactly what Ashley thinks of Newcastle United.

  • ilullissat

    I once met a man in a lift who said that a man in a lift had said to him that NUFC were treating the fans like idiots and that it was funny that the fans were letting them

  • grahame49

    Many a boxer looked great in training but once in the ring ended up on their arse our whole club is on its arse only the fans get up each time were knocked down. Over Ashley’s time when the team needed it we turned up home and away now even our undying love doesn’t work

  • GToon

    Excited? We lost to an Arsenal team who had played a game nearly every other day for weeks. We were at home and we were brushed aside (literally in the case of Williamson). Ok we did a bit of running in the second half but it would have taken them going down to 7 or 8 men before we would have scored again. When its 11 rested players against 11 rested players we look second best from the first whistle to the last. Thats down to quality on the pitch and tactics. Neither of them are EPL standard.

  • GToon

    What did the bloke really say? Going down Mr Carver?

  • No Brainer

    Andgeo Think you right he should be put back to his coaching role, and those who haven’t back him shipped out.

  • v0ices

    Sounds like the ramblings of a man who has just realised how out of his depth he is and is moving into a fantasy world where its all OK and not his fault. Wonder if it was nobrainer or newcastle7 he met there.

  • Drumbo

    Golfers, Tea ladies, Maintenance men. Who next? A butcher,a baker, a candlestick maker…

    Shut the fcuk up and get on with your job.

    I am sick and tired of hearing your odious spew you are churning out.

  • jimblag

    haha me too, his reaction to this game was great.

  • shadsdad

    GToon Great comment! I’d have been proud of that!