John Carver has had too long a stay at Newcastle United.

I have said for a long time that the coaching methods and style of play show that we are a team with no flair, can’t hold possession, lack tactical awareness and never look like a team playing for each other.

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This has gone on for season after season and teams play us off the park.

Unfortunately, Carver and his staff are way out of their depth in the Premier League and I feel would even find it hard in the Championship .

Newcastle need a clearout from top to bottom and change the philosophy of employing foreign players.

I would get Steve McClaren and give him a remit to do what he needs to do, plus prioritise in telling Graham Carr to concentrate on recruiting British players, period.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    If anyone comes in and is giving a remit to get on with things as they see fit – why choose McClaren? He’s just another set of alleged ‘safe hands’ and is not going to set the PL on fire (undoubtedly an attraction for Ashley therefore). 
    He’s not even assured of a play-off spot with Derby yet, and it sounds like the article is just another acceptance of more mediocrity.
    Signing British players under Ashley will mean cheap players and that = lower league players. If McClaren can’t set the Championship alight with exactly that format, why would you expect different at NUFC, or in the PL?
    Ashley’s failed model needs a rapid departure from it, not a further extension.

  • Chemical Dave

    There’s a reason why the recruitment policy revolves around foreign players and its not just to do with cost or to puplicise his tat shops. Cast your mind back to last summer when a variety of non entities were purchased (harsh on Perez so I’ll not include him in that), there’s a weird kind of fresh optimism around these guys because nobody knows how they’ll take to the premier league and it therefore affords them a bit more time before it dawns on the perrenial optimistic that they’re cheap for a reason.

  • Kev82

    Not for me, he was terrible for England, Wolfsburg, Forest and wasn’t too good in his 2nd spell at Twente, he’s also took Derby backwards in the last few months after looking in a very good position for promotion.

  • NotFatFreddy

    I would rather have sat and watched Bournemouth all season than us.  Imagine if they had £40 million to spend next season, then they’ll be top 6 and that with entertaining football.  There are a couple of good British coaches above Steve McClaren in the top 6 of the Championship and plenty of championship players better than what we have.

    Why not go all out for Paul Clement from Real Madrid or Steve Holland from Chelsea or Rui Faria, both the latter are coaches under Jose Mourinho.  Someone once took a risk on Mourinho!  The above three have Premiership experience and experience working with the very best managers and coaches and players, so they can’t be mugs!  Holland has experience with young players.  So there you go, Paul Clement and Steve Holland as our new British coaches!!!

  • Big Al 1967

    Derby can’t defend to save their lives either so if McClaren comes don’t expect anything different. 
    Personally I would much prefer Eddie Howe to be given a crack. However if rumours are true he is already on more money at the ‘mighty’ Bournemouth than the FCB is prepared to pay for a new man

  • tino o

    He may be an improvement on carver but you need to be looking at his last 4 jobs sacked by wolfsburg resigned from his second spell at fc twente before he could be sacked sacked forest and managed to mess up a position of certain promotion at Derby. A disaster waiting to happen but we all know fatties requirements he will be cheap and submissive and therefore fits the bill

  • A lex

    A total clear out and change of direction. ABSOLUTELY!
    Now, Ashley isn’t going to do this, so how can we ALL make it happen?
    (Rhetorical question, by the way)

  • A lex

    tino o Agree. And another thing with McLaren is that he’s no longer a young, up and coming manager. He’s been there, done it, and largely been found out. He’s got nowhere else to go / aspire to. So, any kind of high profile job with security would suit him down to the ground.
    Hang on a minute, I’ve just described the Pardew situation when he was recruited. Now, there’s a coincidence!!

  • NicholasDryden

    What an incredibly narrow minded and short sighted article. Mclaren and English players aren’t the answer. The top 6/7 clubs all have foreign coaches and mainly foreign players. 
    McLaren was hugely disappointing for England, Wolfsburg, Twente 2nd time, Forest and now losing it at Derby.

    No more has been, never wasser brit managers like allardyce, pardew etc. If it has to be Brit then Clement possibly but personally I would love the Spanish guy Paco Jemez.

  • Morpeth mag

    I agree with the clear out from top to bottom, this includes the accademy and Beardsley, but come on, Steve McLaren? The only reason I would have him now, is that he is far better than Charver, ask the smoggies if they liked him, as for Carr doing the scouting? I’m also beginning to think this scouting genius is a myth, ok he has brought in a couple of good players, but a broken watch is correct twice a day,, as for only english, there are some really good foreigners, we need a balance of both, but not more cheap dross, ie goufran, Anita, etc…we need a young progressive manager, either English or foreign as long as he has his own ideas,,,,,

  • Kazie23

    The english players I would buy is Sam Byram/Micah Richards,Wil Hughes,Ings and Austin and then McClaren must loan out Arma