Steve McClaren has admitted that he turned down the Newcastle United job in the immediate aftermath of Alan Pardew leaving in December.

The Derby County boss has said he was offered the post in January but knocked it back.

The revelation has been reported by fan website and came during a question and answer session with Derby supporters last night, with Chief Executive Sam Rush also in attendance.

Earlier in the day at his pre-weekend press conference, Steve McClaren had showed his annoyance that he was being asked about the Newcastle yet again.

The Derby boss telling journalists:

“I’ve got a contract here for the next two years after this and I hope to honour that contract but it is football….that might change, who knows.

“I haven’t got a clue if I am a candidate for the Newcastle job, I think there was no secret that there was an interest in December and January and we talked about that (in press conferences) and in the end they didn’t have a manager then.”


“What they did was appoint a manager (John Carver) and that’s what they have got, he is fighting for the job. While somebody is in a job it is a little bit disrespectful…disrespectful to John Carver, to Newcastle, and my focus is purely on Derby.

“This is newspapers and they speculate, at the present moment Newcastle doesn’t interest me, I’m not thinking about that. I’m thinking solely of Derby.”

The Derby manager saying to the press that he had a job to get on with and once again referring reporters back to what he said in January. McClaren at that time admitting in press conferences that he was being mentioned in connection with the Newcastle job but careful not to step too far over the line.

Reported claims that he could be heading to Newcastle this summer look to have a bit of credibility, though if true it is a crazy plan from the NUFC end of things with it all seemingly resting on a gamble of Derby not getting promotion through the play-offs.


  • Paul Soulsby

    Who could blame him ?

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    That means he`s coming then

  • JoeAS

    Not in anyway claiming he turned down the job then…..

  • BillytheFish

    Well he hasn’t exactly said he turned it down has he!

    I still believe he would be a great appointment for us the fans, but I still think anyone would struggle to work in the toxic company that is Newcastle United.

    Many people who know a lot more that I are saying Carver has been offered next season also……..

  • JoeAS

    BillytheFish Great coach, but he seems to struggle under pressure. Does well when expectations are low and there is little focus on him, but once the spotlight is on it seems to go to bits. I’d love him to come in as part of the board, say a technical director type role, and oversee coaching standards and player development, just not sure he would cope being directly in the firing line.

  • Bornunderabigbluestar

    Doesn’t tell us much really. Very diplomatic

  • No Brainer

    Only man to win a trophy in the northeast for 42 years not really a fan of his style of play but lives in the northeast brings his toon supporting son to games. Bloke would be good appointment.
    would still need the magic ingrediant of proper toon fan support.

  • No Brainer

    Your right we could appoint fergue with jose as assistant buy messi and christiano and as soon as they are injured it would be orf with Ashley’s head

  • Tony79

    So its definitely Carver then….?   *Cancels Season Ticket*

  • Demented_Man

    I know he’s often portrayed as the ‘wall with the brolly’ but even he’s not thick enough to come to a club like Newcastle.

  • IainT0842

    So he’s not that much of a “wally” then. Even he can see that this club is rotten to the core.

  • dude 1

    people I did mention earlier this week the the clown in charge JC was going to be our next man I think McClaren has just about confirmed that with this statement

  • Bren.notts.toonarmy

    Steve dnt want u anyway putting ur brolly up in newcastle u wolly n jc dnt take the job if ur offered it plz 2 wins in 15 game imagen 2 wins a season break Derby record

  • Double Carpet

    So no admission of the sort then. Ever thought of telling the truth? You’re not much better than the Fat Bloke.

  • Peter Nealon

    Ha ha ha Derby manager turns us down! And all you fans still turning up thinking things gonna change!!!

  • Kell Lunam-Cowan

    Why would anyone come to ‘manage’ the club when they’re not allowed to manage?

  • paul janes

    Then with his head off Ashley would become another ‘No Brainer’

  • SGM

    Wheres the admission? crap journalism.

  • Double Carpet

    Spot on. It’s not journalism though is it, it’s just lying (like Ashley) and pointless sh!t-stirring.