Former player turned pundit, Stan Collymore, has described the current state of Newcastle fans as ‘living in purgatory’.

Collymore says that Mike Ashley is raking in the TV money to pay himself back for his initial investment in the club, with team strengthening and subsequently the fans suffering as a result.

Stan Collymore speaking to Talksport:

“The reason that Mike Ashley is still there is because every cheque that comes in because of the TV deal, he’s thinking ‘I spent all that money five or six years ago and I want it back’ .

“That means Newcastle United fans have to trudge through purgatory in the meantime.”

Collymore has kind of got it half right but what many people seem to forget is that when you buy a football club or any other business, you are buying an asset that you will then sell on in the future (as well as the benefits and cash you can rake in whilst you own the club/business…).

Anybody who thinks that people out there aren’t interested in buying a Premier League club such as Newcastle is sadly mistaken, the problem comes with how much Ashley would want to give up his golden goose.

In the case of Premier League clubs their value will be increasing year on year, unless of course you have an owner who is gambling with relegation season after season…

***In this case, the definition of purgatory means any place or condition of suffering or torment, especially one that is temporary (et’s hope so in terms of the temporary bit!).

  • Adam_B

    So, a temporary relief from Collymore’s never-ending bashing of us Newcastle fans, whose apparent fault our malaise is, or a change of heart from the man? He is only half right of course, the owner has already almost certainly made far more money, directly and indirectly from Newcastle United than he ever invested in the first place (feel free to correct if this may be wrong). He is also wrong that the fans have to simply sit back and wait until a time when the owner feels he has made his initial investment back. As we are currently demonstrating, we are simply not prepared to accept the owner’s mis-management of NUFC as a fait accompli, as is being demonstrated, he has to sell or change – if he does not, the situation for him and his (blessed) retail brand will just get increasingly toxic to a point where his “stewardship” of NUFC will become intolerable.

  • Jim2o11

    Adam_B The  “CHANGE” Option does not apply, a Leopard never changes it’s spot’s. He is a lying, deceitful toe rag, if he spent £100M in the next transfer window, I’d still want him gone.
    SCUM !


  • Adam_B It’s amazing to think that just a couple of months ago the concesus on here was ‘ there’s nothing we can do , Ashley’s got thick skin ‘ !

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