Sky Sports are bizarrely under the impression that the planned boycott of the Spurs match by Newcastle fans, is to try and get rid of John Carver.

Jamie Carragher was asked in his weekly column for Sky, what he thought of Newcastle supporters trying to get rid of the manager/head coach and whether it was juistified.

After the amount of publicity the #BoycottSpurs has had, you would have thought the message would be out there…

I don’t anybody that thinks John Carver is doing a good job but we all know where the problem really is.

Here is the question Carrager was asked and his reply:

‘Newcastle United fans are reportedly planning to boycott the club’s remaining fixtures, including Sunday’s game with Spurs, until a managerial change is made. How have you seen John Carver’s tenure as manager, and would the fans be justified to take such action?’

Jamie Carragher:

John Carver has had a difficult time as Newcastle manager, but anyone would have coming in under those circumstances. We’ve seen it in the past with Newcastle – they get to a certain stage around January or February, they know they’re going to stay up and the season just begins to peter out.

Whoever would have been put in charge would have found it difficult, and that appears to be in the culture of the club at the moment. The most important thing seems to be staying up and getting the revenue in. They balance the books very well but I’m sure the supporters would rather some money was reinvested in the team.

As for possibly boycotting the games, you can never tell a supporter of their own club what’s right or wrong! They’re very passionate about the club – they are one of the best supported teams in the land – so you certainly can’t throw that at them.

The fact it may come to this shows the sort of feeling they have for the state of the club and the people running it. You don’t want to see what’s happening at any club, but especially not at a club like Newcastle.

There’s a massive wedge between the club and supporters – no one wants that. If they don’t attend, it certainly won’t help them get results, but I’m sure they counter that by saying the results aren’t there at the moment on the pitch or a boardroom level for Newcastle to kick on.

  • RexN

    At the end of the day, we really can’t the quality of journalism at Sky to be up to that produced by enthusiasts from The Mag.

    Fair play to the whining Scouser, he does make some decent points in response.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Good answer by carragher I thought

  • LeazesEnder

    Incredible…. an mainstream organisation such as Sky…. incredible!

  • Seventy2

    “that appears to be in the culture of the club at the moment.”
    The most important part of his answer, the most important part of the club that needs to change and the most important part of getting the club performing how it should be.

  • No Brainer

    Think he’s right, simply put if Carver had beaten the mackems and won just two other games some cracker jacks would be calling for a knighthood for the geordie hero.

  • Paul Patterson

    Personally, I think it was whoever asked the question in those kind of terms that needs to be shot . .

  • Demented_Man

    No Brainer No doubt some are that small-minded.  However, most take a wider view.  Many of the Mackems on the Ready To Go board flatter themselves that all this is just fallout from the derby defeat.
    As usual, they are quite deluded.

  • mrkgw

    Its to get rid of the lot of them. Awful bunch.

  • Mark Wallace

    Here’s a clue sky!!!!!

  • dude 1

    This is topical of sky as they are also in Ashley’s pocket remember they got all the exclusives with there star reported David Craig this is Ashley’s way of deflecting the heat

  • Mark Brooker

    Well Carver and the coaching staff are part of the problem for me and should go, but ultimately its Doughboy we want rid of surely everyone knows that.

  • Rich Oliver

    Phase 2 established then #boycottsky

  • ilullissat

    They’ve all got an interest in keeping the gravy train rolling,that is the club and the mediaThey don’t want anyone to challenge their model because if other disillusioned fans of other clubs realise they can then the whole business could be affected