With the summer transfer window looming, and this season all but over, it’s time to look ahead and begin considering potential targets for the Magpies.

With this in mind I’d like to discuss a player that many will view as an out of nowhere suggestion; Michael Bradley, a central midfielder currently playing for Toronto FC in the MLS.

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Now, being a diehard Newcastle fan and hailing from the U.S., there is definitely a bit of bias here. However, this is a move that logically makes sense from multiple angles.

For starters, the current Newcastle squad is missing a player like Bradley. When played in his natural holding midfield position, Bradley is world class. The ability to open up the game with a single pass is one that Newcastle has been lacking since Yohan Cabaye’s departure.

Bradley is probably the best passer to ever wear a U.S. jersey. He is the only player for the U.S. who can maintain possession and settle the team down, while also providing coverage for the defensive line. Every time the U.S. gets the ball they try and find Bradley.

This year, Newcastle often has reminded me of the American team (isn’t that terrible?).

There is no one in the squad who can take the ball and methodically work it up the field; the team frequently looks panicked and eventually just boots a long ball. The ever-cool Bradley would provide comfort in the midfield and also open up the game with key passes.

My next point, and an opinion I’ve been passionate about for years, is this; Newcastle fans would love an American football player. Sounds crazy, but stay with me.

What do Geordie fans require from their team? Hard work. Pride in the jersey they wear. Appreciation for their fans. A willingness to scrap for every point despite not having the talent of a true elite club. Those characteristics pretty much sum up the US national team. Going into nearly every game knowing that they don’t have the most talent, the Americans leave it all on the field. They stick their tackles, they play with passion, and they fight.

Bradley embodies all of this; except he actually has some talent. More than most people give him credit for. You want someone who shows up every game, plays hard, and then owns up to his mistakes in the post game press conference? Meet Michael Bradley.

This leads into another point, which is that Bradley still has something to prove.

After a much maligned move to the MLS from Roma, Bradley has fallen down a notch in people’s eyes. This guy is good enough for European soccer and shouldn’t settle for a lesser league.

His national team manager, Jurgen Klinnsmann, desperately wants his players in the elite leagues. If Newcastle comes calling, I bet Bradley would pounce at the opportunity.

There are also positive business implications (you’re welcome, Mike Ashley) for a Michael Bradley move. Newcastle recently announced that they are considering a pre-season tour of America, with the intention of increasing the fan base over here in the states.

If this is truly a goal, then let me say this; there is no better way to increase an American fan base than by getting an American player. Football fans in the U.S. are so desperate for their players to experience success in the elite leagues that they will become immediate supporters of any team that invests in an American. This is especially true for the Premier League, which is the league most Americans relate to and support the most. A Newcastle team that features Michael Bradley will make the Magpies America’s favorite team.

There you have it, my Michael Bradley proposal. I know the chances of this happening are next to none, but I think it would be an incredible move for the current team and the organization as a whole.

Worth a shot, right?

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  • RexN

    A nice article but we already have someone doing a job that he did for Toronto in MLS and I’m not that impressed.

  • AndyMac1

    RexN To be fair Rex, carver is managing with one hand tied behind his back ………………………..and the other one is busy dealing with the Fatman !

  • philrenner09

    Dont make excuses for Carver ( nobody did for Pardew) he is useless and clueless no idea of tactics just a mouthy clown.

  • Seventy2

    I am with you overall but your arguement stalls on the point about NUFC failings reminding you of TeamUSA and recommending a player from that team as a solution?!!

  • Seventy2

    Andy I am very tired of this ‘he is doing his best in an impossible situation’ excuse that has been promoted by the media about APs’ tenure and so moves onto JC. If you look with your eyes at what happens on the pitch a very different story is evident.

  • PeterRobson

    On the plus side, we wouldn´t lose him for the ACN !!!

    A bit of steel wouldn´t hurt would it !!!

    Or as LCpl Jones likes to say: “They don´t like it up em´” !!!

  • Polarboy

    Seventy2 To be fair he clearly said that they always look for him because he has the most composure on the ball. He was talking about them in the sense that without him they would be up sh*t creak in terms of keeping and controlling the ball.

  • Pulse33

    If we are going to talk national bias here’s an Australian option. Tommy Oar from Utrecht in the Eredivisie could be a decent option. He is out of contract and wants to leave in the next window and has assisted 7 times in 17 appearances for a struggling Utrecht side. He has the most key passes per game in the league with 3.2 per game. Most importantly he fits the Ashley Blueprint, young, cheap and risky. Obviously he isnt world class but certainly a lot better than Ameobi or Obertan.

  • Toonbadger

    Dummett, Haidara, Aarons and De Jong will be our `NEW SIGNINGS` Flog Tiote, Jonas, Goof, Anita, Ameobi, Obertan, Riviere and Willo and replace with 2 players in each position with extra LB, RB and KEEPER
    Remove the manager and his cronies and replace

  • terriertwo

    Three questions. How old, how much and will he qualify for a council house as the fat man wont pay enough wages for him to purchase one.

  • Michael Liam Cartwright

    Chris Ryan your opinion ?

  • Andgeo

    Never gonna happen!!! He’s way out of our league, maybe he will end up at stoke, west ham or even one of the teams that get promoted at the end of the season. We can’t afford his wages, because our costs have mysteriously increased by £28m per year, and can’t compete with the big boys financially because their owners arnt raping their clubs dry.

  • DownUnderMag

    Signing Bradley would make a lot of sense, at any other club other than NUFC.  Well it does still make sense, but it just won’t happen because it doesn’t fit our business model.  Financially, the fact we get a US player on board could open up market share in the states and give us more of a base in North America.  The fact he is actually the type of player we need also would seem to tick the right boxes.  Sadly though, he will be out of our price range.
    We no longer buy players we NEED, rather we get bargains in that we can AFFORD and have to make do….crossing fingers and toes that they somehow turn out to be a world class player that we can benefit from short term and then flog for a massive profit in a year or two’s time.

    The fact remains, we not only have a burning need to sign some players, but we have a lot of dead-wood from failed bargain hunts that we could do with getting rid of (although the fact we give such long contracts out doesn’t help this when they don’t work out), but then we need to bring in better replacements for them as well and I just can’t see us doing that much business in the summer…no matter how much it is needed.

    The big question we need to have answered is, after so long pillaging the club and seeing the core quality and size of squad dwindle steadily over the past three or four years, is Ashley prepared to install a new manager with tactical nouse and back him with players to rebuild the club?  One thing is for certain, if we go into next season with Carver in charge, no new additions and some outgoing stars like Janmaat, Tiote, Sissoko, Cisse and Krul, then we are getting relegated, simple as that.  Money needs to be spent, and it needs to be spent well.  No more bargain hunts at the expense of bringing in recognised quality.  If Ashley isn’t prepared to do it then it is time he moved on and sold up to someone who has more in mind for NUFC than just making as much money as possible.  The sad part is, Ashley could have been a hero, loved by millions, and yet he has turned himself into public enemy no.1 for the Geordie nation and made himself the point of ridicule for the rest of the nation!  Good job, i’m sure he doesn’t care while swimming in his gold cave ala Scrooge McDuck!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Seventy2 JC sided with the regime in stating we didn’t need to buy anyone in January. Enough said.