Dutch midfielder Siem de Jong has said that Newcastle can’t sell their best players this summer if they want to make progress.

Speaking about what has happened at both Newcastle and his previous club Ajax in recent seasons, de Jong points to the benefits of keeping your best group of players together which gives them a chance to improve as a team.

Siem de Jong speaking to the Chronicle:

“It is about players leaving and getting injured.

“I had it at my old club (Ajax) as well, we were champions four years in a row, lost the three best players every year, so we needed to build and start again.

Keeping the group together:

“It happened here as well, you lose a couple of players to bigger clubs and it’s difficult.

“Hopefully we can get a group together here that stays together for a couple of years, gets used to each other and really improves.”

However, de Jong says there are positives with Newcastle still having pulling power:

“I think players will want to come to Newcastle, it is a big club and I think everybody in football knows that it is a big club.

“The last few years are a little bit up and down.”

The United midfielder says that if you are constantly selling your top stars, it then takes time for new players to blend in with their new teammates.

Newcastle found this to their cost this season, when after buying not one first team squad player over the course of the 2013/14 season, big changes of personnel last summer saw United have five new signings involved on the opening day of this season.

Daryl Janmaat, Jack Colback, Emmanuel Riviere and Remy Cabella all started the game against Manchester City, plus Ayoze Perez came off the bench.

It would very likely have been half a dozen if Siem de Jong had been fit enough to be involved.

Keeping your best players and replacing the weaker ones with better, is the only way to go.

  • prestondave

    Watch this space.

  • RexN

    Ashley says “oh yes we can”.

  • No Brainer

    No club would buy newcastle’s best players as they never play many games injured suspended blah blah.

  • toon tony

    He hasn’t read the NUFC script has he. !!!!

  • Mark Brooker

    We have some best players????

  • Oliver Lam

    Yes they “can”. And they will.

  • Brownale69

    does he include himself?

  • Mark Wallace

    He’s in for a shock then!!

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘Make progress’ ?????

  • DownUnderMag

    It will be a great day when the fans of this club can dream of “pushing forward” rather than just having to be content to stagnate or even go backwards as long as the club remains in the premiership and raking in the huge TV cash cow!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Aye, we should keep on signing players with one good lung and let go of youngsters who within a month or two are called up for international duty. Muppet.
    This Club is riddled with ineptitude from the fat man down to the coaching staff.

  • Brown Bottle

    In one of his earliest interviews he mentioned how much he was looking forward to playing for the N.U.F.C. over the next couple of years. Yes he did. He said the next 2 years. 
    Of course the fact he’s made of glass has delayed the timetable one year minimum. 
    The inference being of course that, although he’d just signed a 5 year contract but was quoted saying the next 2 seasons, kinda let the cat out of the bag for those still in denial. Everyday confirmation of the club’s preparedness to sell on anyone that wants to leave and there’s a decent wedge on the table. Not only are we ambition free we’re also reduced to stepping – stone status.

    So for the glassman to now plead a case for not selling our best players, nothing to do with returning to full fitness, with a pre-season under his belt, so he has some decent players around him as opposed to strutting his stuff with the deadbeats in this squad obviously, fills him full of doubt. Join the club bonny lad.

    The irony, the horror, the dashed ambition. Hoping his boss will refuse cash for a lump of meat kicking a ball is, at best naive.

    Progress ? Here ?

  • Mark Potter

    Who’s the best players we have only a few I think sissoko would be the biggest loss if he goes