Shock news sees Sunderland named as the third most successful Premier League club in the Premier League era…in the north east!

Some great work by the excellent @sportingintelligence has put together the stats from all 23 seasons of the Premier League.

All the results of Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough with the total number of points for each club and the average points per game (PPG).

Unsurprisingly, Newcastle are miles ahead of both with almost more points (1142) than the other two put together (1179) and a far superior points per game (1.43).

More of a pleasant surprise though is that Middlesbrough actually have accumulated more Premier League points than the mackems and have a better points per game ratio.

Boro have played only 12 more PL matches but have 93 more points than the mackems.


Sunderland – north east Top Dogs…

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