Alan Shearer has described the Newcastle players as an embarrassment and doubts if the next four games will yield a single point.

The United legend thinks that relegation is now a real possibility, the weekend’s results meaning Newcastle are only five points above the drop but three of the teams below have a game in hand.

Writing in his column in The Sun, Shearer says that John Carver has maybe been getting too much stick and it is the players who should take responsibility.

“Have no doubts about it, Newcastle are now in real danger of going down.

“I didn’t think so until Saturday but after that performance…I can’t actually say with any certainty that we will get another point this season.”


“John Carver himself has been getting some stick but he loves the club and I know he is hurting.

“Why don’t the Newcastle players start taking some responsibility? Because right now they are an embarrassment.”

These latest comments follow the equally damning ones he said on Match of The Day on Saturday night which you can read HERE.


  • Keegan Quitter

    He should know about getting relegated. How dare he have the barefaced cheek after his pitiful performance as a manager in 2008-09.

  • TradgeJ

    You have to remember that a) Shearer only had 8 games in charge, by which point they were basically relegation fodder anyway, and b) the man had never coached before, a great player doesn’t necessarily make a good coach, and you can’t deny that Shearer knows a hell of a lot more about football than Carver!

  • TradgeJ

    I don’t think Newcastle will get relegated, having said that though I also feel that they look least like to get another win this season, they can’t score enough goals, and are conceding far too many! I’m really hoping that having Cissé and Sissoko back will make some kind of difference, combined with the potentially positive influence of De Jong coming back there’s a slim chance we could get another win out of somewhere and save ourselves! We have a couple of winnable games, however I think if we don’t beat one of Leicester or QPR, it’ll likely be an extremely nervy final day of the season!

  • PhilYare

    Keegan Quitter utter B0LL0CKS

  • keeganRescueUs

    I can’t understand Shearers reluctance to criticise Ashley directly. Is it just me or is there a rabbit off somewhere?

  • Keegan Quitter

    TradgeJ “relegation fodder already?” They finished one measly point behind Hull. One extra point from games against Fulham at home and Aston Villa away could have saved us. Shearer was unable to motivate his charges to produce acceptable performances in either of those games, particularly at Villa. He was a complete and utter disgrace as a manager and should now shut up.

  • Keegan Quitter

    PhilYare Keegan Quitter Shearer took us down. Keegan lost us the league. Charlatans both of them. Porcelain gods.