Sammy Ameobi has talked about the before, during and after of the derby game, claiming to have both eggs on toast and fire in his belly for the clash with Sunderland.

The Newcastle winger turns 23 next month and says players have to keep their discipline, believe in each other, get your teammates through the match and…win the game!

To me it feels a bit like one of those out of body experiences people talk about, where you are looking down at yourself but you know it is really you.

In Sammy’s case, I know he is saying these things but I can’t quite match them up to the player saying them…

Shola’s younger brother has never even been on the bench for a winning derby match, or even for a draw.

All he has known is being part of a losing Newcastle team against Sunderland.

Like the rest of his teammates (and manager/head coach) he has to start walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Sammy Ameobi was speaking at an event at Wallsend Boys Club:

“Ten minutes to kick-off and it is like a fire is burning inside. That is when the intensity increases.

“The adrenaline is building and the message from everybody is, ‘We are a team and stick together through good and bad, get your teammates through it and win the game – believe in each other.”

Preparing for the derby:

“I have eggs on toast and cereal for breakfast, then from 10 in the morning until we get on the bus is the worst time.

“I have my Kindle and I just love magic and adventure, it creates an escape from the derby and the match to come.”

Keeping the discipline:

“It’s time to shut everything out and remember what your jobs are, keep the discipline and where to be on the pitch at certain times.

“How to beat that opponent and what his weaknesses might be.”

If you can’t take it you shouldn’t be a footballer:

“You might have a few doubts creep into your head, you have to battle them and refocus, then the battle starts.

“Losing this game you get abuse for a week and it’s not nice, but if you can’t take that you shouldn’t be a footballer….”

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  • LeazesEnder

    An Ameobi with adrenaline is like a Robin Reliant with rocket fuel…..still bloody useless!

    If you score tomorrow I’ll change my logo.

  • terriertwo

    Fire in his belly. Probably just trapped wind. The way he plods around the pitch you’d think he’d just had a seven course meal for breakfast. Down to Palace in the summer where he will be re-united with the bestest manager in the world. That’s the world of make believe.

  • wor monga

    The lad’s got plenty of skill…but the fire and determination
    are lacking

    …he doesn’t have the amount of arrogance, self-belief, and bravery
    to produce the goods yet…unlike some of the best wingers (ie Johnson)

    …it has to
    happen sometime under the right motivation…I hope it’s tomorrow for our sakes!!