Former Newcastle star Robbie Elliott is now retired from playing but the Geordie remains a lifelong fan of the club.

Looking at the Newcastle squad now, the one time left-back and occasional centre-back, has named three players that Newcastle need to keep this summer.

Robbie Elliott speaking to Perform:

“Ayoze Perez is obviously a handful and he is one who hopefully we can keep hold of, because being young I am sure there will be people looking at him and seeing how well he has done.

“There are three or four players who I think have had a good season and it is a risk for most clubs, never mind Newcastle.

Better clubs are going to be after the better players:

“I think Jack Colback has done well and on his day, Moussaa Sissoko is one of the best players at the club,

“Better players are going to be wanted by better clubs that are challenging for trophies, players want that. It is only natural that if clubs like that come along then players are going to want to listen.”

Each season Newcastle face the same stress each transfer window, with the days of spending your summer eagerly wondering who might come in, replaced by relief when the window closes.

Colback, Sissoko and Perez are undeniably three of Newcastle’s biggest assets and if you add Daryl Janmaat, Tim Krul, Remy Cabella and a hopefully fully fit again Papiss Cisse, you have the core group of players that United have to hang onto.

Whilst having players on long contracts can help to generate a bigger transfer fee, the only way to keep your best players is by showing them that their club is being ambitious.

If Newcastle can add three or four real quality players to the seven named above then we could have the makings of a decent team but losing two or more of that core group, will make next season a massive uphill struggle.

In quotes we used yesterday, Robbie Elliott said that he thought a clean break was essential with a new manager coming in this summer, rather than Mike Ashley taking the ‘easy’ route by keeping John Carver.

  • Maximus Moose

    We all know Fatty will sell anything for a price

  • PeterRobson

    Therein lies the problem !!!

    Every transfer window, we´re all holding our breaths not in anticipation of which exciting new face will be added to the squad, more in fear of who the club will cash in on and leave us struggling to the end of the season.

    Once upon a time long contracts were awarded as a reward for exciting players and as a “Hands off” sign to other clubs looking to poach our talent.

    Unfortunately, the reality is, it´s just a way of generating bigger transfer fees.

    I´d like to be able to say it´s typical of Ashley, but in all honesty we´ve been doing it as far back as Malcolm Macdonald. Cost 180,000 from Luton, given a long contract then flogged to Arsenal for 333,000 !

    It´s not new and we´re not the only club that does it !!!

    Here´s the thing which baffles me more than anything though, in fact it leaves me scratching my head in complete Befuddlement (that´s for you LeazesEnder).

    It´s a given that Ashley is using OUR club as a vehicle to promote his product line; we can´t do anything about that and for the moment we´re forced to accept it.

    If he´s such a clever businessman and surrounds himself with people who are (at best) sycophantic then clearly he´s not getting the most out his product NUFC.

    If he was as clever as everyone seems to think, the smart move would be to invest in the club.

    A more successful club generates more interest from higher quality sponsors and they´d be climbing over each other to give him money to have their product on display at St James´ Park and on the shirts.

    We haven´t won a (worthwhile) trophy since 1969 but in the days when we were every other fans´ second favourite team, the Black and white shirts were to be seen from Dunbar to Dunkirk and even St Lucia.

    No disrespect to Skoda drivers, but when was the last time you saw James Bond driving a Skoda ?

    Car manufacturers yearn to have James Bond smashing up one of their top models because it sells the product. Likewise with football clubs.

    It wouldn´t cost him a fortune to invest in the team, we already have the nucleus of an exciting squad, but the effects would be immediate.

    We´d actually look forward to going to watch them play instead of feeling as if we´re going to visit the Mother in law.

    The players would start playing with confidence again and people would take notice of us for all the right reasons !!!

    Big names in manufacturing would be lining up to fill his coffers just to be associated with Newcastle United.

    It´s not rocket science !!!

    Instead, we´re lumbered with a disreputable finance company for shirt sponsors and a less than respected emloyer for a chairman.

    The feel good factor could go a long way to repairing the damage already done !!

  • macandmarge

    Maximus Moose Imagine if we still had a Robbie Elliott !!!