Remy Cabella has reacted to claims that Newcastle’s players are acting as though summer is already here.

The French midfielder saying that it is ‘impossible’ to think the team are in holiday mode already.

Remy Cabella:

“We are all disappointed and the fans – every time – are angry, that is normal as they want to see their team win.

“We have lost five games in a row and I understand how the fans feel, I’m hurt too.”

Impossible to think about holidays:

“We just need to keep our heads up and keep working. We’re certainly not on our holidays, we’re professionals. We don’t think about holidays, that is impossible.

“Six matches to play and we have to concentrate on Tottenham, we need to win, it’s important for us all to end this (losing) run.”

That would be unprofessional:

“We are all working on the training ground and there are no thoughts about holidays, that’s unprofessional.

“Sometimes we had the ball and did things well, we needed to play and tried in different spells but we conceded two goals and it was too difficult to get something.”

Cabella seems a decent sort in my opinion but in terms of ability and the character needed to succeed in the Premier League I’m not convinced.

The Frenchman has two assists and a solitary goal to his name so far, which isn’t great when you consider he was supposed to be the great hope for creativity this season.

In a struggling team it is always going to be particularly difficult for flair players to flourish, bit of a difference playing for a decent team when you get the ball in space and teammates running all over the place to give you options.

Then there is Newcastle United…

It was typical NUFC the way Remy Cabella was thrown straight in after World Cup duty and little preparation for the new season.

On the other hand his totally anonymous displays, particularly recently, aren’t acceptable – as is the case with most of his teammates.

United seem to have a terrible combination of a lack of quality and character/backbone, which only serious investment in tried and tested players can cure.

What happens in these remaining six (pre-holiday) matches will at least tell us something about which of these current players at least have some character.

For Cabella himself, it has also been a personal nightmare. He will have hoped his high profile move to the Premier League would have cemented his place in the French squad and potentially even the team. However, the midfielder hasn’t featured for the national team in the last seven months and time is running out for the player to win a place when France host the 2016 Euros in just over a year’s time.

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  • Tony Mark Elsender

    Isn’t his life a holiday?

  • barkerp85

    The Kid says its impossible to think about holidays? most of the team have already got ther beach towels and suncream to hand.
    Ameobi has had his armbands on for the last two month, Sissoko got his speedos on, Charva has got his sandals and white socks at the ready.

    Joke united

  • terriertwo

    If the team give 100% and we lose the supporters can live with it. Its when you get highly paid footballers dancing around the pitch and not even trying to put a shift in that annoys us. Maybe if you concentrated on your football instead of the daft haircuts and tattoos we might see a bit more action and might even win a few games.

  • tino o

    All of this rubbish has been said after each defeat. Is it not about time they stopped talking crap and show some bottle on the pitch. We’ve deservedly been beaten in all of these games with little or no pride they need to do their talking on the pitch I’m sick of the pitiful excuses week after week! !

  • kb12

    hes had one season in a bad team with 2 bad managers, and hes expected to produce everything, I remember a certain mr ronaldos first season at man u everyone said hes got all the tricks but no end product, now am not saying hes gonna be ronaldo but i do think hes got tallent and can be a very good player if he just keeps working hard. we dont have a striker we dont have players breaking from midfield to help him out he needs better players and a better manager

  • Jarra MIck

    I don’t think its all about effort tactics play a big part. If you start every game on the back foot then what do you expect. It seems to be our default setting home or away against even the worst teams defend defend defend. It’s a good job we are so good at defending and are fantastic on the break.