Mike Ashley met the new Rangers board for the first time on Wednesday.

The meeting took place to a backdrop of rumours circulating that the Glasgow club may struggle to have enough money for this month’s payroll.

Various reports have said that Rangers met dead ends in trying to raise more money to allow them to survive in the short to medium-term.

The BBC report a source close to the Rangers board saying that the meeting was ‘amicable’ but no further details of what was discussed have been made public.

Previously, the Rangers board had declared they wouldn’t be taking Mike Ashley/Sports Direct up on the offer of another£5m loan which would make it £10m in total they’d be in hock to Ashley.

Currently with only just under 9% of shares but influence clearly way beyond that, it will be interesting to see exactly what happens next between the two parties.

If Mike Ashley and the Rangers board move closer together, it will not go down well with many fans.

Wednesday night brought news from the Newcastle fans Ashley Out campaign that Saturday would see protests inside St. James’ Park, as well as a joint protest with Rangers fans, which will see a presence at various Sports Direct stores on Saturday lunchtime.

To read more about details of the protests planned for the day of the Swansea match go HERE.

  • Andgeo

    When he moves on rangers he will leave us in a right mess. We need to force him out as quick as we can.

  • No Brainer

    Dear Mr Ashley, your horrible and nasty your guys were busy when they were here cutting costs, and getting rid of the waste, and putting us in a better position, any way as you know before you got actively involved the divies of which Mr Dave King was one give lots of daft legacy contracts to players who are utter tosh.
    Well here’s the thing we haven’t got cash to pay them, can you give us a few quid, and yeh it is a wee bit more than the £5K we got fined for your involvement,

  • Toon69

    So let me get this right, the Newco Rangers has about as much money as the Oldco Rangers had, even though the new board wanted nothing to do with Ashley, they may well have to get back into bed with him to keep them afloat?
    What happened to the 3bears consortium or who ever it was took control, I thought they were supposedly loaded with dosh!!! lol

  • Bob_Orr

    Gri64 NUFCTheMag always try the banks cause they’re forever handing out loans on great rates to punters with no credit rating