A month ago Mike Ashley was fined £7,500 because of his dual interest at Newcastle United and Rangers.

Now the Scottish club themselves have been fined on two counts.

A fine of £5,000 was imposed by the SFA for ‘failing to act towards the governing body with the utmost good faith’.

The second part of the financial penalty was £500 and this was for Mike Ashley influencing the management or administration through the appointment of Chief Executive Derek Llambias and finance director Barry Leach to the club’s board.

Whilst the level of the fines, especially the second one, are derisory in football terms. The £500 one for the appointments of Llambias and Leach is a very public way of making clear that teh SFA see no daylight between Mike Ashley and his ‘former’ employees Leach and Llambias.

The implication clearly being that the pair are still acting on Ashley’s behalf/orders, or at the very least, for his benefit.

  • PeterRobson

    It´s water off a ducks back, or in Ashleys case more like a hippos back !!!

    That´s like you or I dropping a penny in the street !!!

    No wonder nobody takes footballs ruling bodies seriously !!!

    Toothless penalty from a toothless organisation !!!

    SFA should stand for: “Sweet Fanny Adams”, because in reality that´s about as much use !!!

    If you really want to punish someone like Ashley and his ilk take away his merchandising rights at Rangers !!!

    Then you´d see him squeal like a stuck pig !!!

  • Andgeo

    The club should not be fined, it’s only adding insult to injury. Fatty should be banned, simple as that.