Nothing like putting the pressure on a player who is yet to even play a full Premier League match, but Peter Beardsley has been lavishing praise on Siem de Jong.

The summer signing returned to action and scored as a late substitute against Swansea last Saturday.

Even though John Carver says he won’t be fit enough to start against Leicester this coming weekend, fans are hoping that the Dutch midfielder will supply the quality in the attacking third of the remaining games that has been missing for pretty much the whole of this season.

Peter Beardsley though has gone a big step further than just hoping, he claims that the signing from Ajax is better than he was as a player….

“I wish I was as good as him (Siem de Jong), he is different class.

“I love watching him – I love the way that he trains and his understanding.”

Different class:

“If I was as good as he is going to be then I would be delighted, I think he is different class. I’ve always liked him and you can tell he’s a proper footballer.

“The ones who played with him in pre-season in New Zealand obviously loved him.”

A student of the game:

“They understood what he can do, he is brilliant around the place.

“He is so positive and he loves the game, he is a student of the game and he wants to be a part of Newcastle.”

Like most of you I look at those quotes with two different hats on.

In one hat I obviously want to believe what Beardsley is saying, considering many United fans rate him arguably the best player to ever play for Newcastle. So if Siem de Jong is better than the best ever player…

However, with my other more negative hat on I remind myself that Beardsley is of course one of Mike Ashley’s leading cheerleaders, having frequently come out with outspoken comments in support of his boss who also happens to own the club. With the possibility that Beardsley is coming out with over the top praise to deflect attention away from the now sustained pressure from supporters for change at the club.

The reality is no doubt somewhere in between.

Siem de Jong was a very effective player in the Dutch League and scored a lot of goals for Ajax and numerous titles for the club from the capital.

On the other hand he has played only 4 minutes of competitive football for his country, has been out of action on seven different occasions with injuries in the last 20 months, plus is attempting to step up to the standard of the Premier League. Something that has been beyond many of his compatriots, including those with many more international caps than him, including his brother Luuk when on loan last season.

At this moment in time I would settle for Siem de Jong being fit in time for the start of next season on 8 August. I just hope the push to get him playing more before the current season is over, doesn’t lead to the player ending up being back amongst the injured.

  • David Grey

    If he’s half as good as you Peter we have a gem, but I very much doubt it as he’d have been chased by many of the top clubs long before now.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Stop lying Peter !!

  • Deluded

    Peter Beardsley was my footballing hero. His clever play, unbelievable work rate and backed it up with an end product either scoring and/or creating goals. No way on earth is Siem de Jong better.

  • mactoon

    Beardsley for gods sake stop defending Ashley, his regime and the players he has bought. you rate as one of the best players I have ever seen along with Gazza, Keegan and Shearer but to hear you come out with this tripe after De Jong only being fit for a fraction of the time you lot played leads me to believe there is an alternative motive in your comments.
    How low can one of my heros fall? Nearly as low as Moncur that other ‘Ashley Ambassador’

    Do you sleep at nights you lot?

  • hettonmag

    It saddens me when I here Beardsley coming out with sort of tripe, this lad has spent 99% of his time on the treatment table. I certainly hope the lad comes good  but he has a lot of catching up to do,

  • Belfast Ali

    Top man Peter Beardsley !

  • cwtoon88

    I remember being at a talk in when Beardsley slated the regime, strange he keeps covering for it since he and his son work for the club. Got to do what you do Peter but like Moncur it makes you a worm

  • mrkgw

    Beardsley was in his day, top drawer. Exciting to watch and better than many a player nowadays. He shouldnt dumb himself down – he was quality, make no mistake about that. De Jong maybe good but he is a different type of player to Beardo.

  • bill black

    Ex players who get goodies off Ashley all say the players are up for it and how good the players are and all the ex players who do not get goodies off him say there not bothered or not good enough. Funny that.

  • dt2020

    Would our reserves have lost 4-0 to Derby with Beardsley , fully match fit or not,  playing 90 mins for them?  I don’t think so.

  • Chemical Dave

    Vile little lickspittle.

  • DownUnderMag

    Siem is undoubtedly a good player, but his injuries are a cloud (and to be honest the only reason we could get him).  But it was another gamble by the club that hasn’t paid off…I think they hoped he would stay fit and they would have had a bargain on their hands and could have either benefited from his goals or cashed in quickly.

    I don’t doubt that we do get some good players in.  Even Riviere, as much as some fans lay into him, is a decent player if he’s played in the right position and in the right team.  The trouble here is it’s all eggs in one basket…they either work out or we struggle, that’s just how it is.  There is no sense of backup plans or player cover and now we are struggling because of it.

    Just frustrating that we are now left in the hands of other teams and we are hoping to stay at the expense of other teams not winning rather than holding our own fate in our own hands….

  • nufcslf

    Peter I watched you out here in Vancouver with the Whitecaps in the early 80’s and throughout your spells at the toon and with Liverpool and Everton. Stop covering cracks for the regime, not a chance in hell he is going to accomplish what you did and if ever came close fatty would sell him on for a profit as it is much better for his back pocket than forming a side that would/could compete. Don’t talk shite, thanks all the same.