Newcastle reserves won their first game in twelve attempts on Monday night and afterwards Peter Beardsley was keen to praise his attacking trio.

Adam Armstrong scored both goals in the 2-1 victory after Aston Villa had opened the scoring.

The Geordie striker now has nine goals in eleven matches at reserve team level this season and surely must be worth a bit more of a chance in the first team compared to the likes of Yoan Gouffran, Sammy Ameobi and Gabriel Obertan.

Peter Beardsley also came away with rave reviews on both Siem de Jong and the elusive Facundo Ferreyra.

Never mind trying to get Mike Ashley out of the club, seeing Facundo featuring in the first team after ten months at the club would be front page headlines!

Peter Beardsley:

“Siem was really good, Facundo was really good and Arma was really good so we had a good core at the top of the team. The three of them were outstanding, I thought.

Facundo Ferreyra:

“His attitude is spot on and that for me is the most important thing in any footballer.

“But tonight he showed good ability. He hit the post with a brilliant shot in the first half and is probably disappointed he missed the second one.

All positive from Chucky:

“Then he did a brilliant turn around Senderos and the goalkeeper made a fantastic save.

“So there were really positive signs from Chucky”

Adam Armstrong:

“We went behind but Arma did us a favour with a brilliant goal, which helped.

“Arma got two brilliant goals. The first goal was fantastic; we were lucky in the sense that we were in the dugout and so we were right behind it. As soon as he hit it, you knew it was in.

Siem de Jong:

“It was a great flick around the corner by Siem for the second one and a great finish.

“Siem was fantastic with his understanding of the game and his awareness. Him, Chucky and Arma as a three were fantastic.”

Didn’t want him to get injured:

“Siem is a top player and I’m a fan of his. I was lucky enough to see him play for Ajax when they won the league on the last day of the season three years ago and he is a player, there is no doubt about it.

“He didn’t want to come off tonight – he wanted to keep on going but I didn’t want him to get injured so that’s why I took him off.”

For those of you with a slightly more cynical view, you may believe that it is more than coincidence that Peter Beardley is going overboard on the performances of de Jong and Ferreyra in some kind of attempt to deflect away from the shambles the club currently is under Mike Ashley…

Ferreyra and de Jong both played for over an hour and now we await with interest to see if one, two or all three are involved in the first team eleven/squad on Saturday at home to Swansea.

  • DownUnderMag

    I just don’t get what Arma has to do to get a shot in the first team.  9 goals in 11 for the reserves.  This happens every time a player is in form. Chopra, Ranger, Campbell…they’ve all had patches where they’ve been in hot touch for the reserves and while there is a massive step up to play and score in the Premiership, surely the time to play them is when they are in form and high on confidence.
    Unfortunately the club has a track record of refusing to do this and wait until they drop off in form, injuries and form haunt the first team and then throw them to the lions, and slate them for not being the next Shearer as soon as they step on the pitch.

    This is surely the time to play some youth and give them some experience….we certainly aren’t going to win any more matches with the current setup so I can’t see where there is anything to lose by giving them a run out with no pressure on them.  There is an argument that throwing them in with the current venom floating about won’t do them any good, but at least give them rewards for being on form when they are…

  • shadsdad

    Pick all 3! It’s not rocket science is it? They might see us through ’till the space ship arrives!

  • Heaton Mick

    those of you with a slightly more cynical view, you may believe that it
    is more than coincidence that Peter Beardley is going overboard on the
    performances of de Jong and Ferrera”
    I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 seasons being cynical, but perhaps they just a had a good game last night?? I’ve got no idea if they did or not, but there’s nothing to suggest the writer did either and is just using Beardsley’s comments as another reason to be negative!

  • Fedup10

    Excellent ……….. so that’s 3 of the 6 “new signings” sorted for the summer then.
    God, I have turned so cynical !!!

  • robot Brian

    Totally agree what have we got to loose, yes a 7th game, but we need to change things, bring these 3 in and drop the 3 you mentioned. Sadly extremely unlikely. Something different has to happen short term to get those vital 3 minimum points.

  • robot Brian

    Also could we do any worse than put Beardsley in charge for the remaining games.

  • killyted

    Fedup10  this lot makes you feel like that,yet you may be proved  right

  • robot Brian

    sorry first him on not sure how this works have posted comments for now but  I am still being asked to comment more

  • tino o

    Any of the two to replace goufran and cabella would be a positive move goufran is terrible and cabella just hasn’t grasped the English game yet. Perez needs some kind of support.

  • Alsteads

    Is it me or is calling young players by nick names like arma and chucky a bit too pally for a coach?? I don’t know I may be wrong. I’m not talking about we are at such a high professional level where players look and play for their managers with a bit of fear etc but surely there is a pecking order in place and if things are sounding a bit like a pub team can we expect owt else?
    I could think of quite a few nick names for a few of the fookers!

  • Steve1221

    Alex Ferguson might be one of the best managers of all time but I still cringed every time I heard him call Hernandez “Chicarito”.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    As a player Beardsley was bloody great, as a coach DLDLDDLLLW (Last 10)  somewhat shite; as an Ashley employee he is bloody odious.
    Whilst its nice to see a NUFC team actually win a game “Outstanding” seems a tad rich when commenting on a 2-1 win against Villa. Still its good to see Armstrong keep scoring (one day he might start for the first Team) good also to see De Jong actually fit for a change. As for the invisible player Ferreyra, well he turned up and hit the woodwork, hardly outstanding in my book. The only thing “outstanding” about Ferreyra is that its now the arse end of April and the bag of shite has yet to feature in a First Team squad.
    Whilst I can see De Jong being a decent player for us (sicknotes permitting)  Ferreyra has been an utter waste of money a la Nacho Gonzalez.

  • Toon Magpie

    Is he joking ?

  • Philippines

    DownUnderMag Agree…. remember the Busby Babes?