Crystal Palace defender Scott Dann, says that people in Newcastle must realise that Alan Pardew was a ‘bit better’ than they thought.

After watching John Carver add a fifth in a row to Pardew’s previous four on the bounce derby defeats, Newcastle fans will wonder what exactly they are missing out on.

Although maybe they would generally agree that at least Alan Pardew is a ‘bit better’ than John Carver.

Dann says that the Palace squad had heard rumours that the then United boss may be arriving as manager, but they dismissed it as very unlikely.

Expressing his surprise that Newcastle did let their manager go, Scott Dann says that Pardew’s biggest contribution is what he does on the training pitch.

After Alan Pardew left, Newcastle have staggered on and picked up only 2 wins in 13 matches under John Carver.

In contrast, Crystal Palace have climbed from  18th when they changed managers to now stand one point above Newcastle in 12th place.

Victory tonight against Manchester City would see Crystal Palace move up to 11th and only 3 points away from 9th place in the Premier League.

Scott Dann:

“I think people in Newcastle might realise now that he’s a bit better than they thought because we have really pushed on since he arrived.

“I am surprised Newcastle let him go. When all the changes were going on, we heard rumours he could arrive, but we didn’t think it would happen.

“The majority of work he does is on the training ground and you always know exactly what your job is.”

  • mrkgw

    Its fair to say that Scott Dann is correct. I’d have Pardew at the club over Charver anyday of the week.

  • Alan Pardew is a stain on our history. Palace are welcome to him.

  • terriertwo

    Palace supporters are even thicker than I thought. They’ll wake up eventually and realise they have a clown running the circus.

  • Stephen Walton

    There’s a myth building about how we will regret Pardew leaving. At the end of the day its essentially his coaching staff and his team still “running” things at Newcastle. The football is worse now than at any time watching Newcastle.

  • Mick Watson

    What an incredibly dumb thing to say

  • Big Al 1967

    Do I think the results and performances would have been any different under Pardew? Absolutely NOT.  His philosophy is still evident throughout the club and will remain while HIS clueless and inept coaching team remain in place as well as the FCB
    If Pardew sees out his contract I will be amazed

  • Two points:
    i) Pardew was a yes man. We’ll never achieve anything with a yes man.  A successful manager must have the balls to tell Ashley how the club needs to be run.  Pardew always put PR first, and managing the team second.
    ii) Pardew has no tactical ideas and always picks his favourite 11 players, irrespective of form. This means when things are going badly he continues to use the same clueless tactics and pick the same players who have lost the previous run of games.
    It also means on the rare occasions when things are going well it can get you a run of decent results, and to be fair Pardew does follow the saying ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’  However, he also follows the saying, ‘If it IS broke, still don’t fix it’ and sadly, as the statistics prove, during the majority of his time as Newcastle manager things were broke.

  • Toon Magpie

    Pardew is a god. We lost him to fans that are too much of an idiot to understand. It is not worth debating with them.

  • Toon Magpie

    Big Al 1967 Moron.

  • Toon Magpie

    1957 Carvee was highly rated as a sidekick not a superhero.

  • Toon Magpie

    terriertwo Moron.

  • Toon Magpie

    scudo Moron. Grass is not greener without him.