I watch with usual fear of disaster, I never look forward to any games now, as I know the forthcoming result before we eventually lose.

We had three or four first team players, plus seven to eight reserves, at best against Sunderland. Krul, Jamaat, Sissoko and Colback at a push. Taylor a useful sub, yes, no more.

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Guitierrez, tried hard but not a first team player now.

Williamson same, just not good enough, ok as fourth choice but no more.

Gouffran doesn’t seem to know where he’s playing, or why.

Perez, yes one for the future, not now.

Cabella might be ok in a good team but he isn’t in one.

Riviere – Six million what? Smarties?

As for our manager/coach – not fit for purpose.

I thought we had a reasonable central midfielder on the bench, Abeid. So obviously you don’t play him, you play a winger/full-back there. Yes he tried hard but why not play him at full-back?

Carver makes Pardew look like a top manager. So what, I now can’t watch much more of this crap.

We need a complete new team of quality, not mediocrity, but I can’t see that happening. Oh and a proper manager…can’t see that happening either.

I know I’m being a pessimist but I have nothing left; no joy, no excitement, nothing to look forward to.

  • Tadger

    Quite right its turning people into pessimists, its easier for me living in Australia not to bother getting up in the middle of the night to watch the game, if I was back in Newcastle I would be in the pub on match days now, and this is coming from someone who used to go to the reserve games in the sixties just to see the half time scores of the lads away.

  • Pulse33

    Tadger I still make the mistake of staying up to watch the matches.

  • geordieladdo

    You know what the worst thing for me was on Sunday?
    Normally on derby weekend the nerves start on the Thursday/Friday and continue to kick off and beyond.
    Normally the morning of the game i’m a bit restless and starting to feel the butterflies.
    This time? Nothing. Don’t get me wrong I booked the sunday afternoon off from doing anything to watch the game and have a few beers in the faintest hope of us doing something, anything…
    worst thing? I’m not even that bothered/surprised/angry – this is what its come to.
    People often say on here he’s sucked the life out of it all etc.. and you think ah come on thats going a bit far. Honestly he has!

  • toon tony

    Welcome to the club. !!!!

  • DavidDrape

    well said but get used to it and stay away from home games