Only 36 days after NUFC beat Sunderland 5-1 on Halloween 2010, Mike Ashley issued the following statement:

“The board now feels an individual with more managerial experience is needed to take the club forward.”

That was the justification for sacking Chris Hughton and then appointing Alan Pardew.

It came to mind when I read this morning on The Mag that John Carver thought a derby win might seal the job long-term for him, with Pardew’s former assistant also saying that he hopes what he has done so far will also help his ‘case’.

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Chris Hughton was sacked on 6 December 2010 – 36 days after beating Sunderland, 29 days after beating Arsenal at the Emirates and only 9 days after drawing with Chelsea.

Since taking over at Newcastle, John Carver has had 12 games and had 2 wins, 3 draws and 7 defeats. His dozen matches have seen

In Chris Hughton’s final 12 matches, he had 4 wins, 3 draws and 5 defeats. Those dozen games included hammering Sunderland, winning away at West Ham and Arsenal, beating Everton and the draw with Chelsea.

Chris Hughton led United on a stroll to promotion as champions, despite Mike Ashley selling anybody he had an offer for. Only £5m was spent on players after promotion yet Hughton had United comfortable in mid-table despite that pittance spent on team strengthening for a promoted team, plus some great results as outlined above, as well as stuffing Aston Villa 6-0 in the first home game of the season.

Surely with the massive mess at Newcastle United that needs to be sorted now that statement about needing somebody with extensive managerial experience is a no-brainer.

If you accept the above,  then giving the job long-term to John Carver would clearly be gross negligence by Mike Ashley.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    An individual who will accept Ashley’s way of doing things, and because of the lack of ambition and desire to pay for the best, the experience will come from a lower English league.
    Enter, stage left, Mr. McClaren.

  • nettydoor

    christinasimmo5 BROWEA Sir Alex Ferguson ticks all the boxes then.

  • terriertwo

    Chris Hughton was a nice fella but not good enough for Newcastle. If they’re looking for the right bloke why not Nick Clegg. He will be jobless soon and ticks all Ashleys boxes. Talks crap,Makes promises he cant deliver and when things go wrong it wont be his fault. Another puppet but cant be as bad as the last one. Honest.

  • christinasimmo5

    nettydoor BROWEA lol don’t think he is in the market

  • nettydoor

    christinasimmo5 BROWEA You might just be right #YouHaveToLaugh.

  • mrkgw

    Very valid points raised. Even a win vs Sunderland will do nothing to improve my perception of Carver. He isnt a Manager but a general coach. Nor is he the man for The hotseat at Newcastle.

  • Seventy2


  • wor monga

    What’s the point in dragging all this stuff about Hughton
    out…He went…He’s gone, and not coming back…they tried something else, and with the
    severe lack of investment it didn’t work out…until the man had enough of the
    austerity, and walked

    …it’s still not working…So what’s the point of putting Chris
    Hughton on a pedestal now just to malign the one who’s doing the job as stand

    Tell us (on his recent achievements after he left) why
    Hughton should still be here in charge…or shut the fu*k up about the man, and
    hope we can turn things round tomorrow!!

  • Polarboy

    wor monga It’s not about putting Hughton on a pedestal, it’s about highlighting the blatant hypocrisy that would be involved in appointing the clueless muppet that is Carver.

  • Mister Tee

    What was the point of sacking a manager and then issuing a statement like the one they put out but then employing a manager who had been sacked by a club 2 divisions below us?
    What was the point of getting into Europe but only signing one player to cover for the extra games we had?
    What’s the point of letting Pardew go in the middle of the season and then just letting Carver muddle on until the end of the season?
    What was the point of giving Carver an 8 year contract thus giving him a feeling of complacency that he himself has said he will see out that contract, in some capacity, unless something “remarkable” happens?
    What’s the point of letting numerous players with first team experience go out on loan but only leaving Carver with 13 fit players?
    What’s the point of letting 5 players go up to Rangers on loan when they were mostly injured?
    What’s the point of a football club hoarding money away like you or I saving for our holidays? We needed players, we had money to spend, why not spend it?
    What is the point of Mike Ashley owning this football club?

  • wor monga

    Mister Tee     I don’t know the answers to most of those questions you’ve
    raised…I just support the club…whatever!!!…like I imagine you probably do
    with ‘Rangers’ seeing as that question about those players that were sent up
    there doesn’t really affect the club in any way…does it?

    Also…there’s no point in Ashley owning the club…as far as I’m
    aware…other than Hall and Shepherd sold it to him being made fully aware of what
    his main interest in buying it for was…

  • Paul Patterson

    wor monga  I don’t like your overly aggressive stance on this.
    The only part I agree with you on, is you allude to the fact that Pardew was harshly treated with regards to finances. This is obvious. He was given a good side in 2011/13 and made a good fist of a Champions League attempt. A limited manager making good of a situation,- until the man upstairs pulled the rug out and the whole place fell down. NOT Pardews fault (Although he had many).

    Hughton was doing a decent job in his first season back in the league since relegation and in fact was beating some sides with style (Villa/Sunderland).

    I think that the author of the piece was merely pointing out that if Mike Ashley appoints John Carver on a long term basis, it’s settling for someone who simply isn’t up to the job and I think relegation would be almost written on for next season with Carver in charge.

  • Paul Patterson

    wor monga Mister Tee  Hall sold the club because he couldn’t do anything with the club anymore (Plus the mortgage that the club had put themselves under by buying players for silly money)

    Hall saw a way out and took it a soon as he saw it. I’m sure he thought that Ashley would spend more than he has done and still use the club for his own gain.

    Shepherd didn’t want to sell it (So he says?) and was unwell, so couldn’t muster much of a fight against it. Lets be fair Shepherd and Hall are NOT in Ashley’s financial league, something which Hall (Senior) actually said.

    If they had hung on for a season or two we would have been alright, because our debts would have been more manageable once the new tv deals kicked in.

    At the minute, there is no excuse for Ashley not spending . .

  • No Brainer

    So you wsnt Chris hughton back as manager

  • Mister Tee

    wor monga I’m not a Rangers fan and I’m not sure why you feel the need to childishly insinuate that I am.
    The sending of players up to Rangers (or indeed anywhere) does affect the club in the sense that we could have had someone like Vukic on the bench or even on the pitch the last month or so. I’m not a massive fan of Vukic but he has first team experience, European experience, and  it makes no sense to have the players we have out on loan but then complain when we only have 13 fit players.
    The squad has been picked apart by the people in charge and then, after (not) surprisingly picking up injuries and suspensions, they came out and said they had left the manager short of players when most fans could see at the start of the season we needed possibly a couple of players. But no, they know best and they sent off Yanga-Mbiwa, Ben Arfa, Marveuax, Santon, the ‘Rangers 5’ etc.
    So yes, it does affect Newcastle United doesn’t it?
    The article highlights the lack of thought that runs through the very top at this football club as does the loanee situation.
    They got shot of Hughton because they wanted more experience but now, 5 years later, they have someone with even less experience than Hughton. Nobody wants Hughton back, he’s better off out of this club anyway. He was a man who did what Ashley wanted of him and was doing quite a decent job but Ashley wanted to “take the club forward” apparently. I would have thought that having just been promoted gaining some of the results Hughton had achieved we were going forward. We certainly weren’t going backwards like we were between January and May of 2013/14 or the last few months of this season.
    I repeat – we now have someone with less managerial experience than Chris Hughton.
    We probably also have a weaker squad than what we did 5 years ago considering the defence is almost exactly the same – just 5 years older and slower. And more injury prone.
    And there is a point to Mike Ashley owning the club but unfortunately the actual club itself comes quite a way down on his list of priorities.

  • v0ices

    Paul Patterson wor monga Mister Tee the debt was to pay for the ground  rebuilding incredibly the silly money being spent on players was being covered by income generated by the club from avenues such as advertising and profits from the club shops. 100 million for st James park small Mooney really compared to the money other clubs have spent on stadia.

  • Jimmywayhay

    De Canio and Poyet got a stay of execution mainly due to Derby victorys and look where it’s got Sunderland , find him a job in one of Ashleys shops and bring in some class for once and for all !

  • tino o

    Chris hughton puts all of ashleys choices to shame excluding keegan and shearer who were unwilling to lie to fans and kiss his arse. Under the restraints and the knowledge of football at the top of our club (none) expect our next manager to remain as carver or someone who fits the bill of ashleys puppet. Enter mclaren. He will be speaking with a geordie accent by September!

  • Paul Patterson

    v0ices I agree fully, but with the tv deals in place, it would take a muppet to bankrupt a football club these days.

    Even if you spend £200m on a stadium and £100m on players, that could be paid off in three seasons – crazy.