Siem de Jong has been named in his usual Number 10 shirt to play for Newcastle reserves v Derby tonight at St. James’ Park, kick-off is 7pm.

The elusive Facundo Ferreyra only making the bench.

Speaking at his pre-match briefing for Spurs earlier this afternoon, John Carver says that Siem de Jong will get 45 minutes on the pitch tonight and then he is in line to go straight onto the bench for that Tottenham match, if there is no reaction and the medical staff give the ok.

John Carver:

“He (Siem de Jong) will play tonight, he’ll play 45 minutes and if he comes through that, I will speak to him.

“We will assess him in the next 48 hours to see if he can get on the bench or not at the weekend.

Trusting the player:

“But I am not going to push that situation, I trust the player and I will wait until the player decides that he feels he is ready for it.

“If he is ready then great but if not, we will leave it another week.”

  • David Grey

    No, he’ll be injured again somehow

  • Paul Sime

    It’ll be like a new signing …..

  • Lee Nufc Jones

    That’s right rush him back in some piss poor attempt at halting the boycott

  • MarkKilmister

    “We will assess him in the next 48 hours to see if he can get on the bench or NOT at the weekend”.

    Sounds like a plan from the village idiot to get bums on seats this weekend……good luck with that JC but it will be the latter.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Plain crazy. The lad himself blames all his other recent injury problems on coming back too quick after his first lung collapse.
    Are they really going to jeopardise his health and career, and our next season, by risking this? 
    How desperate they must be, both in football terms and over the boycott.

  • Mark Wallace

    Hope they have ambulance on standby. Getting rushed back by sounds of it to save carvers job! Chelsea have the special one Newcastle have the clueless one!!

  • Jamie Ingham

    Won’t happen

  • NottsToon

    More propaganda from a bloke clearly in fear of his own skin.

  • terriertwo

    Was a good player but in his condition and with his medical problems we shouldn’t have signed him in the first place. Hope he gets himself fit but could be another waste of money. What company would hire a person if there was a doubt about his fitness to carry out his duties.

  • Stephen Walton

    If this is simply a ploy to get people into the ground its quite disgraceful risking the lads health and fitness.

  • Andrew Swift

    No point, will just pick up another injury. keep him for next season

  • JamesShaughnessyLawrence

    Let me get this right – Out all season, back for 45 minutes of an U21 game, ready for the bench for Sunday – I think Pinocchio may have a few words to say – didn’t someone mention a boycott this weekend?

  • nufcslf

    Crocked in the warm up.

  • Shameless , and certain apologists are trying to tell us Ashley ‘s not worried about the boycott !