Newcastle reserves played Middlesbrough at St. James’ Park last night in front of 761 spectators and amongst those watching United lose 1-0 was Newcastle Head Coach John Carver.

Emmanuel Ledesma had put the visitors a goal up after only six minutes but afterwards Peter Beardsley was keen to talk about the impact John Carver had made at half-time…;

“In the first half them scoring early knocked us, at half-time JC came in and had a word.

“We had a word and tried to focus the players’ minds and in the second half they played really well.”

To be fair:

“To be fair to JC he always comes in and he is always part of it, he always has a real interest in the youngsters.

“He has been through the system so he knows what they are going through, he has got the experience.”

Trailing by a goal at the break, Newcastle failed to score in the second-half and had defender Macauley Gillesphey sent off for a a daft challenge when he was already on a yellow card.

Some impact!

In the crazy world of Newacstle United, this appears a very hamfisted attempt to try and restore a bit of credibility to John Carver, who after Sunday’s latest embarrassment currently rates somewhere south of zero in terms of belief from the supporters.

Clearly Beardsley and the club were keen to make this the message to come out of last night’s reserve game…John Carver inspiring the kids, he really cares, he’s always there, shows his commitment…

However, like everything else at the club this ridiculous attempt at positive PR is transparent and counterproductive.

The reserves making it ten matches without a win (so if ‘JC always comes in’ it is hardly a help!) and haven’t had a victory for four months, plus more indiscipline at the club as Macauley Gillesphey was sent off only 13 minutes after John Carver’s uplifting half-time chat.


  • philrenner09

    Carver have a word with yourself and do one

  • Andgeo

    Or grow a pair and have an honest word with Fatty and his gimp.

  • LeazesEnder

    In the crazy world of Newcastle United black becomes white!

  • fishandchips

    It just goes to show beardsley is a rubbish youth coach when the young uns got beat of Morpeth town in the Northumberland cup mr beardsley said they (morpeth town) were much fitter than us ? Really peter with all the excellent , phsyios , training facilties, dieticians, we have you said we not fit, god help us , you used to be ahero to some mate now your turning into joke , like the rest off the other geordie leeches at the club, over 400 hundred youth have being through the system since you being there how many are good enough for the reserves never mind the first team .not many infact you can count on one hand , thats poor coaching pal, MONEY TALKS cushy job for zero returns for the fans , you have being very lucky to get this job when , left straight away when you played for us , then KK wanted you back to said no and thought everton was better the toon finished higher thanEFC then your in the papers saying you walk back to tyneside , idont have a short memory its being 40 years home and away for me watching the toon is my life like all the fans we dont forget so dont try and mug us off about carver and co

  • mrkgw

    This lot need ousting. They arent fit to run the club and slowly but surely, we are being dragged down. Disgrace.

  • partworntyres

    f..k off beardsley, f..k off carver, f..k off shirley.

  • dude 1

    So Carver well done once again you un-inspired the young ins to perform For gods sake these lot need to just shut up they are making a rod for them selves I honestly hope that when they ask  a manager if he wants the Newcastle job he tells them to go and take a jump bunch of toss pots

  • Toonbadger

    101% prats the lot of them

  • StevePassmoor

    We were never in a position to finish above Everton before he came back to us as we were a division lower and that first season in the same division we finished 3rd with Beardsley in the squad

  • Conman

    Great response firsthandchips.

  • NotFatFreddy

    The club is in meltdown with most of the staff and the bulk of the squad unsuitable even for the Championship. Time to forget about foreign coaches and second rate British coaches and go for an in form coach like the former Hamilton manager at Norwich (Neil), IF he would consider us an option, which I very much doubt.  Clear out the dead wood including Carver and Co and rather than rebuild with the second rate mediocrity we possess, begin rather to build a new team EVEN IF it includes buying the best championship players rather than French clowns.  Players with guts and determination and passion and skill and pace and pride in wearing the shirt.  Not those like the last 5 derbies whose passion and fight is akin to Dale Winton V Ali.

    If Ashley wants to protect his brand and promote it then he needs to invest. IF he invests big money then I would take another calculated risk on another untried coach who is ambitious, talks sense and would use us as a stepping stone for Man U.  Let Mr Neville still work with England, but go and get him with the target to be in the top 6 within 2 seasons and going all out for the cups.

    Mr Neil or Mr Neville, either would get me interested again in the black and whites IF there was a wholesale clear out of around 20 squad players and the new man could bring in all his own staff and buy his own players whether they come from Hamilton or Derby!

    The need is to get the fans back onside and excited, Mr Ashley!  An ambitious fresh British coach would be a grand start.  The money off the sale of 20 players plus many millions invested to make it a close season of great interest and speculation and the dawn of a new hope.

  • tino o

    Beardsley- hero to zero. Carver speaking at half time made no difference again still got beat he is a top coach that man clear the lot out nufc riddled with cancer!

  • snodgrass2

    The rest of the country thinks all Geordies are thick………….listening to Carver and Beardsley makes me think they might have a point.