NUFC Fans Forum members have the ideal opportunity to deliver a vote of no confidence towards the management running Newcastle United FC.

With the NUFC fans forum meeting now being held earlier than agreed by the club, this means something has changed.

(To feature like Stephen, send in your articles for our website to [email protected] – all views those of the author etc etc)< I guess the reason is simple; they are worried and The Ashley Out Campaign is working well, ask yourself would they have ever considered this otherwise ? With season ticket renewals due soon, bad PR nationally, players ready to leave, non-existent atmosphere inside the ground and the success we (the fans) are having  - they are concerned . In the past a few positive words by them and they think all is well again, sad but true - a lot of fans go along with it (we all want to believe). But now the worry, if the NUFC fans forum members go along with them then all we will hear in the next few days/weeks is lies and made up stories to keep supporters happy. We should ignore all this and remember they can’t be trusted or believed. [magadvert] Make no mistake about it, Ashley does not like negative news, or any chants directed at him, that is why he tries to keep us quiet. No wonder our ground lost its singing section and away games are for members only. I am going to see North Shields FC at Wembley soon, it’s a pity I won’t get the chance to watch my other favourite team do that. You have your opportunity NUFC Fans Forum members, is it time to Say NO to them?

  • Seventy2

    NUFC is in need of improvement as an organisation, in its actions and policies, plus the the type culture that persists around the club. If it was being inspected by OFSED I am sure it would be put under special measures with a high flying executive enforced on the management structure.
    The questions raised by the Fans Forum have been tactically pushed back, yet the C4 programme about another company has been directly responded to twice in 24hrs. It is time to put your words in to action:””Any suggestion that we should wait until our final meeting of the year would be met with our overwhelming disapproval.””

  • Chemical Dave

    I don’t suppose they’ll appreciate the “advice” in this article but I really can’t see any other alternative for them ?