The official NUFC Fans Forum have finally called Mike Ashley’s bluff.

Whether fans boycotted Sunday’s match against Spurs or not, the feeling amongst ALL Newcastle supporters is one of despair and total disillusionment at what is happening under the club’s owner.

No doubt thinking they have nothing left to lose and the prospective humiliation if they were seen to be doing nothing by their fellow supporters, the NUFC Fans Forum have demanded answers directly from Mike Ashley himself.

The three areas of concern outlined are the overall running of the club and what will happen moving forward, the position of Head Coach/Manager, plus the mystery surrounding the treatment of Jonas Gutierrez who wasn’t even on the bench on Sunday despite being fit.

The NUFC Fans Forum open letter to Mike Ashley:

“Whilst we fully appreciate the club’s view on fan communication, we feel that the time has come to show our fans respect and make some kind of ‘statement of intent’ outlining your proposals to overturn the negativity surrounding NUFC.

“We would very much prefer this statement to come from Mike Ashley himself, owner of NUFC.

“This statement should include:

A) The club’s view on the boycott of thousands of fans at the weekend. What plans do the owners and operators of NUFC have to correct the current plight that we find ourselves in?

B) The reason why Jonas Gutierrez was left out of the squad. Despite Jonas stating that he was not injured, it was clear that Jonas was one of very few players that could be described as giving his all at the recent derby loss. Was the omission connected, in any way, to a comment he made on social media?

C) As the players appear to be playing without any leadership and discipline (Sissoko/Collocini/Cisse bans) what is the plan going forward in relation to the head coach role? At our recent meeting, Lee Charnley stated that: ‘We asked John to look after the team for the remainder of the season and told him to make sure that we had a decision to make’. There appears to be several sources stating that they believe that John Carver will be head coach next season. Can you confirm that those ‘rumours’ are 100% inaccurate?

“We are in total agreement that we feel that it is appropriate to ask for an urgent response. Any suggestion that we should wait until our final meeting of the year would be met with our overwhelming disapproval.”

Up in Glasgow, when the officially appointed Rangers Fans Board challenged what Mike Ashley and his allies were doing at Ibrox earlier this season, they were disbanded by Derek Llambias.

The NUFC Fans Forum now find themselves in a similar position and surely if Mike Ashley doesn’t allow any kind of satisfactory response to this club appointed (members chosen by NUFC) group, then the Fans Forum members will have no option but to resign en masse.

Whilst many fans have been frustrated that the NUFC Fans Forum members have allowed themselves to be used for the club propaganda for so long, credit to them that finally they have had enough and decided to act.


  • LeazesEnder

    All credit to them, well done on behalf of all TRUE fans…. the ones who care about this club!

  • BigPhil99

    Yes, all credit to them. JC take note….Where are your balls man!?

  • ash1001

    Thanks for the support Jackie, just a small correction, we have never allowed ourselves to be used as ‘propganda’ by the club, we have fought our corner at every meeting on behalf of the fans who are the best and deserve the best.

  • howaymebonnylads

    can the Fans Forum point out that Hughton was removed because he did not have enough experience. 

    Surely any appointment of Carver would be contrary to that stance, i.e. he hasn’t got a clue!!  We need reassurance that we have someone already  lined up to start the transition from the end of the season as an absolute minimum.

    I would want reassurance that we aren’t going to waste millions on average players when we panic in August and will instead do our business early to get the team up and running before we even play our first friendly matches!!

  • Maximus Moose

    Like he`ll take notice !

  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder He`ll Bin them !

  • No Brainer

    Seriously, its like watching the apprentice with all the brave kids posturing, for the ability to say I made the change.

    A. The club has talked about ensuring the funds to make squad improvements being there for the Summer 2015 window.
    The club has always said it does not like to do any business in January as its not good value, that is something we all know is true.
    B. He has not been playing very well at all I like Jonas, i also like peter beardsley, chrissy waddle and others but i wouldn’t play them in the PL ever again, and its the same for Jonas his running around is not as good as Cabella has been playing recently he isn’t any good at left back and is swamped in the middle of the park. Spiderman i think your great thanks for the fun it’s been enjoyable. P.S. i though you weren’t bad as a squad player two years ago. (lastly whilst I’m sure many feel the club deserve the pelters for not paying Jonas’s medical bills he keeps talking about, nobody is saying anything about the payment of a bonus to him for finishing in the top 10 last season but as he signed an agreement to change on for the other and the bonus is much bigger we accept that the moaners will ignore that).
    C. I don’t think colo’s head in hands or Sissoko’s tackle of frustration show a lack of leadership, and I don’t think asking the club to make a statement about sacking the head coach till the end of the season is going to help achieve the immediate need to get some points. In fact is ludicrous.

    And of course when they buy players this summer it will only be because of the protest, nothing to do with the plans of the club.

  • hettonmag

    No Brainer  They don’t like to do business in January do they, well they sure as hell like to sell in January. Try to keep up with club policy will you, which is sell your assets then and try to avoid relegation for the rest of the season. ASHLEY OUT.COM

  • No Brainer

    ash1001 Have to disagree how the silent morgue that is SJP and has been for 16 years at least can be host to the best fans. You do talk sense Ash often so………
    Can I ask what you would have done differently from what the club did last summer?

    Is Ashley to blame for 
    De Jong injury
    Krul plus elliot injury during December and Jan
    first and second choice left backs being injured after the third choice is sold
    S Taylor injury
    Tiote injury
    Obertan Injury
    Cisse lashing out in retaliation
    Colback’s ban
    Cisse spitting in retaliation
    Colo’s rash challenge
    Sissoko’s rash challenge
    Riverie a very good prospect on his performances in France turning out not at all good
    Cabella taking a lot long to settle in but now looking a good buy a bit like (jonas Cabaye and colo were)
    The purchase of two very bright english prospects
    The penalties not given against Chelsea away SAFC, MUFC, STOKE (H & A), LIVERPOOL  
    The cabella goal not offside, the offside goal and wrongly given free kick against spurs at the weekend

    And would you in january have said yes we’ll be okay give JC a chance?

    With all that in mind what exactly would you do different.

    Personally i would have spent thee £18m in the bank on a striker and a CB that would have left very little for the summer but if you look what other clubs get in jan for about 9m per player, its not much in terms of quality, never mind value. Would it actually have improved us.

    Other than that i wouldn’t have done anything different this season.

  • No Brainer

    hettonmag No Brainer No the club policy is not to sell any first team players before a replacement is in and they have shown that to be the case in the last two windows since it was announced.

  • DownUnderMag

    No Brainer hettonmag is that why Santon was allowed to leave without replacement?  Is that why MYM was allowed to leave with the same lack of defensive cover?  Recent seasons…Ba, Carroll, Cabaye, the list goes on.  Just because they managed to do the right thing once with Debuchy/Janmaat it doesn’t mean they have finally made the change.  The truth is, we have seen senior players sold and lack of replacements brought in every window other than a brief flurry to ensure survival when Sissoko and Co were brought in.  THAT is why we find ourselves woefully short on not just numbers but overall quality as well!

  • hettonmag

    No Brainer hettonmag  No,  why was 2 defenders sold in jan, not  replaced  and  we have been left woefully short  actually playing a RB at CH have you been asleep since jan.

  • pissed off mag

    its about time the forum sprouted some balls good on you all

  • pissed off mag

    hettonmag No Brainer  no brainer is either a 12 yr old boy on here talking shite or hes a mackem, he just talks shite

  • Steve1221

    Is Ashley to blame for
    De Jong injury. Yes, he bought a cut price injury prone player
    Krul plus elliot injury during December and Jan. No
    first and second choice left backs being injured after the third choice is sold. Yes, he sold our 1st choice because he had cheaper options as back up already knowing Dummett would have to cover for the injured Taylor
    S Taylor injury/Tiote injury/Obertan Injury Yes, by having a very thin squad with already known to be injury prone players forcing players to play with niggles
    Cisse lashing out in retaliation/Colback’s ban/Cisse spitting in retaliation/Colo’s rash challenge/Sissoko’s rash challenge Again yes, by having a very thin squad with no capable replacements
    Riverie a very good prospect on his performances in France turning out not at all good. Yes, another cut price gamble of a signing
    Cabella taking a lot longer to settle in but now looking a good buy (just like Jonas Cabaye and colo were) Yes, by ensuring an over reliance on creativity from a player settling in
    The purchase of two very bright English prospects Yes, he didnt specify a recall clause for when we had no fit goalkeeper or centre backs

  • Alsteads

    I’m glad you replied to no brainer. I was having a good day and just cracked a bottle of Miguel open when I saw his post and felt compelled to reply. Thanks though fella. You replied and allowed my lazy arse to carry on with my Miguel. Who knows with this level of laziness I may give Gouff a run for his place this weekend!!

  • No Brainer

    Santon would be third choice simples thats not first team mbiwa desl was done on in august with an appearanxes trigger

  • No Brainer

    Utter bo larks. De jong one bad injury season remember shearer having two
    santon not first choice he gas bern too wesk for to long tiote oba injuries would be cover be sbeid sisdoko colback de jong cabella unless yhere was an absolute disaster and r taylor and vurnon have to play.
    Lunacy to suggest an owner is respobsibke for on field misdemeanors which is why it is common practice for all clubs to fine those players i can hardly argue about riverie just like many of keegans signings
    Wasn’t cabella one of two creative players bought for 18m last summer?
    And finally you agree with ashley bring to blame for investing in future

  • Steve1221

    And shearer never hit the same heights after those serious injuries.
    We have three first team centre backs in Colo, Taylor and Williamson, two centre forwards in Cisse and Riviere, do you seriously think that’s good enough strength in depth?
    Santon is head and shoulders above Haidara and Dummet and has shown that by going straight back into the Italy squad
    No he isn’t responsible for on field misdemeanours but as above how was supposed to replace Cisse? Who was supposed to replace Coloccini?
    Yes he was one of 2 signings but the other was never going to be fit for the start of the season.
    And yes I do blame him for investing in he future if it’s at the expense of the present, why sign a centre back for the future when we don’t have any that are good enough for now.

  • mentalman

    Why should the club pay his medical bills The guy is a millionaire, my employer wouldn’t pay my medical bills if I was ill

  • NottsToon

    No Brainer I could pick apart every part of your post as it is clearly utter shite, but it would be like torturing a kitten with a hand grenade. If that is really what you think then you are clearly as mad as a box of frogs, get help.

  • LeazesEnder

    Maximus Moose LeazesEnder Then he won’t be complying with the FIFA directive

  • 2 Tone

    Can you put this in English please.

  • Jarra MIck

    Sorry Ash the fact you agreed to sit down with the Devils that run our club with absolutely no chance of making any improvements marked you out as collaborators. I appreciate the recent effort but to a man/ and woman everyone involved with the fans forum should be ashamed of themselves.

  • oldmag

    No Brainer hettonmag oh   until a replacement was in place, your words,  so who was in place when  Andy Carroll. Yohan Cabaye,Mathieu Debuchy were sold at a profit?  respect everyones opinion but get facts right first.

  • alberts tache

    Do the comments made on sky sports by the pundits regarding Ashley’a running of the club mean the club will be banning Sky Sports from sjp.???

  • SGM

    Monday at 8pm Ch4. should be good