Mike Ashley boycotted for the second match in a row, having given Tottenham the bodyswerve last weekend the United owner was also a no show for Swansea.

When you feast your eyes on the table below, it is little surprise that Ashley isn’t even bothering to come to St. James’ Park, along with many of the fans.

The game against Spurs was the lowest home crowd of the season so far with 47,427 buying tickets, though this didn’t take into account the many thousands who boycotted.

Yesterday against Swansea the announced attendance was a new low of 46,884 but again this didn’t take into account those who didn’t bother coming.

I had two different friends call me and offer a pair of season tickets for free but I knew nobody who wanted them, the people calling me had already tried numerous other fans…

Anyway, as you can see from this last 10 match form table from the excellent Sporting Intelligence, we are really that bad.

The suggestion of ‘ordinariness’ is very much on the generous side.

Premier-League-Last-Ten-Game-Form-560x600Only the grim draw at Palace and the fortunate one goal win over Villa save this from being even more embarrasing.

  • Bearsize

    Hmm i figured mike was hiding as per, join the boycott against him? Have i missed the sarcasm here? Hope so

  • Pulse33

    Most surprising thing is that we managed 4 points

  • Brownale69

    He didnt want the abuse!

  • toon tony

    Oops. ..saw a picture of Jabba the Hutt and thought it was an advert for the new Star Wars film.

  • Stephen Richards

    35-40000 max yesterday after boycotting the spurs game myself I was shocked to see how many people hadn’t bothered

  • A lex

    Yes. For some reason, some people call him thick-skinned. In reality, he is anything but – the slightest bit of ‘anti’ stuff, and he hides or throws his toys out.

  • howaymebonnylads

    this could quite easily be the 3 that go down!!!

  • Demented_Man

    A lex Yes – I’ve no idea why people think he’s such a hard man.

    A southern powder puff, and nothing more.

  • Jimmywayhay

    He’s a gambler who plays the percentages ,no investment players sold players loaned out ,etc all accountancy tactics to make maximum profit ,if it comes off ,he’s quids in ,if not ,a one season return to the premiership .He nearly paid the price last season with this buisness plan and hasn’t changed his policies ,this could be the season the percentages are wrong !