Across the media Steve McClaren to Newcastle is seen as a done deal if Derby County fail to get promoted.

If you believe the bookies then McClaren is on his way to St. James’ Park having been made long odds on to be the next Newcastle manager/head coach.

Whether the former Middlesbrough boss would be a success at NUFC is open to doubt in terms of ability and the scale of the job he’d be taking on, his track record suggesting he is an ok/decent manager with an ok/decent track record.

However, surely much more dubious is the fact that this story is being put forward as a supposed credible plan by Mike Ashley to turn Newacstle United around.

All of the reports/stories I have read all agree on one thing, if Derby County are promoted then there is no way Steve McClaren will leave the Rams.

So if you really believe that this is who Ashley wants to take over at United, how can it be a credible plan when you are at the mercy of another club’s results?

Derby are four points clear of seventh with two games to go, so look nailed on to make the play-offs.

You are then looking at a one in four chance of them being promoted and that becoming a toss of the coin if they make the Championship play-off final on 25 May.

The Premier League kicks off early next season because of the 2016 Euros, on 8 August only 75 days after that play-off final.

I would believe anything at Newcastle these days but imagine if that really is the plan, waiting until the end of May to see if Steve McClaren is available and then having to move to plan B at such a late stage, especially considering just how massive the job is of turning NUFC around.

That could then potentially confirm plan C(arver) as Mike Ashley’s fallback position and I don’t think any of us will find comfort in that.


  • LeazesEnder

    Steve McClaren….He’s getting too old to jump every time Ashley pulls the rug from under his manager…. Gibson at Boro is a friend however…. 

    …..maybe a bit of Musical chairs with Derby and Boro is on the cards….. Ryder has been pushing for 
    Aitor Karanka….
    Just a thought.

  • TelBoyTelboy

    I think Carver will be the new Manager it would save Ashley a few million plus he toes the line !!

  • PeterRobson

    Just about sums it up at NUFC nowadays !!!

  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder Karanka would do for me,

  • Andgeo

    If Carver is given the job for next season then the club is being deliberately relegated. Certainly selling Krul, janmaat, cisse and sissoko, and releasing further squad players will weaken the squad to a point where we would be as weak as a championship team. With Carver at the helm this would be an average championship team at best. The reality is that the only way we will avoid another pathetic and disgraceful season is with heavy investment into the team and for this investment to be ambitious and well thought out. We all know that Fatty’s bargain basement, wheeling and dealing approach will not get the premiership quality we now lack and desperately need “over that line”. With the exception of Perez and janmaat last summers recruitment was a failure. As for carver, it is worrying how bad his man management skills appear to be. To the point that I now don’t think he should be at the club at all, as his constant clap trap and big time charley attitude can be doing nothing to motivate the players and supporters alike.
    A new manager of premiership ability together with 7 or 8 premiership quality players are now needed to stabilise the club in the premier league. The sad truth is that anything short of this is going to put us at risk of relegation, a situation the 19th richest club in the world (despite fatty running commercial and match day revenues into the ground) should never be in. That is of course, if we don’t go down this season an eventuality that is now out of our hands as we can’t score goals or defend. We are left hoping that the likes of Hull and Leicester have run out of games. Absolutely shocking…..

  • BillytheFish

    I have heard JC has already been told he has next season, as Ashley prepares the club for sale.

    Steve McLaren would have been a good choice, as he is a top coach, commands respect from the players and would stand up for himself and the club as required.

  • PhilYare

    puke bucket at the ready

  • Paul Patterson

    Permission to s**t one’s pants Sir?

  • Paul Patterson

    Plan A was Pardew, until Pardew got sick of plan  and got a different plan elsewhere.
    Plan B is Carver.
    Plan C was never even thought about as long as plan A or B worked.
    Plan A worked (For Ashley anyway) and I think he always hoped that plan B would as well.
    Sadly, the reality is, plan B had limited success then fell apart. Plan B was always a massive risk that hasn’t worked.
    To persist with plan B would be suicide and what the hell Plan C is is anybodys guess.

  • IntravenusMP

    Well, I’m off to register so the permanently angry folk can buy it off me. that said, Gourvennec was at SJP yesterday so who knows? Whatever happens, there will be the usual moaning ninnies.

  • PeterRobson

    Paul Patterson Permission Granted young Fella melad !!!

  • prestondave

    IntravenusMP . Can you tell me what there is to be happy about at SJP at the minute. ? The club is in total turmoil from top to bottom and the football on the pitch is awful. We are going nowhere with the current setup and nothing will change as long as Ashley is making money. Things may well change when Ashley realises that his grip is slipping on his cash cow but to what degree.? Its ok spending money on players but to what end.? If its to buy crap players and survive another season with no cup runs then why bother. If its to buy decent players and push for top 6-8 and have a go in the cups then great. But why will he change his direction after 8 years to do something he could have done at the beginning.? Simple fact is some fans are happy to turn up and watch turgid football as it gets them away from their real lives for a few hours. But this wont last as Im sure even those fans will get bored with watching groundhog day every other week. We are too big a club to be putting up with football and coach/management of this poor quality on a permanent basis. Usual moaning minnies sounds like real fans to me who care a hell of a lot for their club. Make sure you sing your heart out when you turn up and watch the dross unfold in front of you on Saturday against the mighty Swansea who we cant compete with anymore. Oh, I forgot you are happy with whats going on. Silly me.

  • LeazesEnder

    IntravenusMP Its like you want to give us your insight…. but stop short…. so its quite useless namecalling!

  • Perfect scenario for Ashley ….Couldn’t get McClaren after the surprise promotion of Derby from the Championship so we rushed through negotiations to appoint the proven John Carver as coach,but that  didn’t leave us with enough time to get new signings over the line . Fear not, we will enter the transfer market during the January window ………promise !

  • IntravenusMP

    prestondave IntravenusMP Rightly or wrongly, Mike Ashley decided to let Carver take the reigns for the season. Swansea did this last term and he did OK so pressed on this season. If I were an a role where my boss left, I’d like to think I’d be given a fair crack at getting the job, especially as I’d assisted for 3 spells already and visibly improved the side in the past. 

    It’s fairly clear that it hasn’t worked, although Carver has been very unlucky: DeJong’s return delayed, Collo being suspended, Taylor out, Cisse our, Hairdrier out, Sissoko out for important games. There have also been glimmers of hope, ist half v Chelsea was great, we should have got something against the form team of the division (Man U). 

    You have hit the nail on the head, player purchases do no t always come off. Cabaye, Ba, Cisse (sometimes), Jannmaat, Santon, Sissoko have been very good buys. We have also made mistakes but every club has done. We have a few that may still come good, Cabeela will surely adapt, there is a player in him even Rivierre looks like he just needs a couple of goals but a struggling midfield is not creating chances. 

    It’s fairly clear that Ashley will act on the manager. Carver has been reiterating that he’s going back to his old job,  Gourvennec was at SJP yesterday (Marveaux may even fancy coming back).

    Any manager coming in is going to want players, we DO need  a full back , we do need a dominant centre half, I’d love for a cheeky bid to rescue cabaye, we could do with a wide right player, we need a centre forward. It’s all very well assuming we will not get good players, we have one of the best scouting networks in the country so I have a bit of faith.

  • Morpeth mag

    Your a asumming that you were good at your job, if you were not good at your job? Only a fool would give you a “crack of the whip”
    John carver was the coach at newcastle for x amount of years and he didn’t even know that Sammy Ameobi could take a corner, call me old fashioned if you like, but I would have thought that it is pretty basic coaching, knowing your players strengths and weaknesses, maybe I’m wrong?

  • prestondave

    IntravenusMP prestondave Well, my friend you have more faith than most including me. Their has been so many empty promises and bull shoite spoken by coaches/managers past and present that it is extremely hard to believe anything coming from the club. The only way forward for me now is FCB makes a statement saying he got it wrong and is going to make us great again. Im sure in my mind that isnt going to happen so for me we need to keep the pressure on.

  • prestondave

    Morpeth mag just said exactly the same to my lad this morning.

  • Belfast Ali

    And just who told you this crap about Carver?

  • terriertwo

    That’s one awful photo. If he comes to the toon it would only be acceptable if he wore a burka.

  • Jeff Dorritt

    Doesn’t matter who the manager is’ even someone like Diego Simeone couldn’t do anything with the current players at Newcastle #boycottswansea