If Newcastle fans are deluded then Nile Ranger really leaves them way behind.

The former United ‘player’ has given his side of the story to the Blackpool Gazette.

After reports he had gone AWOL earlier this season from Blackpool, Nile Ranger now claims it wasn’t his fault (just for a change).

The 24 year old hasn’t played since November but says despite what people think, there will be plenty of opportunities (McDonalds hiring?) ahead of him:

Blackpool Gazette:

“I was supposed to go to Leeds but it fell through and so I went to Blackpool as a platform and just took whatever deal.

“I am not on a lot of money there to be honest and they really took the mick.”

Minimum wage…:

“They put me on minimum wage and pay as you play.

“I wasn’t getting in squads and I was asking how am I supposed to fill my fridge if I’m not playing?”

AWOL again:

“I thought I should have been playing and I know people who do not know the situation will be thinking, ‘oh, he is AWOL again’.

“There are certain situations going on which no one knows about, it just didn’t work out with the manager (Lee Clark) and stuff.”

Plenty of opportunities…:

“There will be plenty of opportunities for me, people think my chances have run out but there will be plenty of things for me in the future.”

“To be fair, I lost the hunger, I go in and out of love with football and that happens when things don’t go my way.”

  • toon tony

    Tough luck. Waster. !!!!

  • NufcToon

    I would love to see him on the dole getting sanctions

  • tino o

    My heart bleeds for you nile

  • Mel Nelson


  • Billy Goat

    Inevitable outcome realised, he’s not the first who has squandered what little talent he had, nor will he be the last to do so.

  • Andgeo

    probably end up back with us in the championship…

  • Alsteads

    Lol this has cheered me up no end. We always seem to be battling opinions against the FCB on here so anything that makes you smile on here is most welcome. I remember a game against Liverpool at home and he looked liked he had something about him. Then my mate showed me his face book page which said occupation…… Gangsta (1st) then footballer and a picture of a white crappy Stephen Ireland cringe worthy land rover. I pixxed myself. The blokes a twxt and will end up in sxxt mark my words. I’ve seen his record!!

  • NufcToon

    Minimum wage and pay as you play. Sounds like a totally acceptable job offer for a wannabe gangster. The fact even Mcdonalds now wouldn’t hire you because you got your own f**king name tattooed on your face shows just what a odious little cretin you are.

  • terriertwo

    The lad had potential and was better than some of the rubbish we have now. Unfortunately he wasn’t given the games or the backing of the management so went off the rails. Most of it his own fault but definately a waste of talent.

  • DonDickson

    Waste of space

  • Mag Fan

    This is going to give Cashly a few ideas when it comes to renewing player’s contracts.

  • Alsteads

    Pmsl. I didn’t know about the name thing :-) certainly good for morale is our Nile!!! :-D

  • Alan Richardson

    And who is to blame for that. Had what every young lad dreams of and blew it. Numpty.

  • Davie Marshall

    Pity for his hump

  • Westwood McKeag

    Zero hours …..

  • Peter Lamb

    Horrible person

  • Brown Bottle

    Small child in a big man’s body. Shame really.

  • Gary Linney

    Why can’t you forget about the bliddy waster…he isn’t one of us now… FORGET HIM & NOT BOTHERED!

  • Ross Dood

    Shouldn’t have spent money on such an utterly [email protected] facial tattoo

  • kb12


  • Reggie Johnson

    Full Interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkGZzs8ujUs