Images claimed to be of next season’s Newcastle United shirts have circulated on the internet and social media.

Where the photos were taken is a bit of a mystery and as always you never know quite how much faith (if any) to put on these ‘leaked’ images.

Every year we see supposed designs emerge before the new Newcastle United shirts are officially unveiled and somewhere amongst the numerous faked photos, it usually turns out that the correct ones were circulated in advance.

I can’t remember any previous claims being made so early but have a look at the three ‘Newcastle United shirts’ below and judge for yourself.

I would assume the main production wouldn’t start until Premier League safety is assured anyway but obviously samples of the intended designs would be produced in advance.

newcastle strips


newcastle shirts


newcastle shirts

Third strip/members?


  • Bills frollocks

    Now go buy them you fools.

  • StephenBowers

    Nice! Pity about the Loan Shark LogoU0001f620

  • terriertwo

    I wont buy one. Rather go to the car wash than hand wipe them down with these rags

  • Paul Patterson

    Why does e third kit look like Mike Ashley on a matchday . . ?

  • Peaco

    Cheap and nasty – typical puma

  • StevePassmoor

    Home kit looks quite decent, no over the top symbols, no dominance of either black or white, if it does prove to be our kit, provided the sponsor changes, I could be tempted into buying it and ending my self imposed blockade of buying shite with Wonga on it

  • IntravenusMP

    Home looks quite nice, similar to the Asiccs kit of old and the sponsor sits quite nice with the blue piping.

  • percyarcade

    No stripes on sleeves of home shirt, puma tat.  Will stick  to 
    TOFFS retro shirts and PL runners-up Shearer/Sir Les top . . .

  • David Grey

    Cheap looking shite

  • No Brainer

    Is there nothing this nan won’t stoop to black and white yet again. This bloke is just copying of older owners. Can he not come up with something different.
    For gods sake
    That’s it I’m not going back.

  • DanielCraigWells

    Wow they are horrible. Puma are terrible. Its just boring and the “away” shirt looks like a sunday league kit

  • gazchampion

    the black and white stripes design is back to normal (apart from the daft blue diagonals… why?) But the shirt just looks cheap. Away/third change kits are just simply grotty!!! I wouldn’t wear them cos of wonky ‘wonga’ sponsorship and certainly wouldn’t buy any of ashleys tat anyhoo… Got me adidas shirts!

  • Hokley

    I actually like the home shirt. Reminds me of some Adidas ones and the Asics one. The blue trimmings are class and feels traditional.
    One that I didn’t like with Puma this year is that the crest was printed on (same with Arsenal’s) which was cheap. Looks like these are seen badges.

  • PhilYare

    great!  and only 12 months to go till the next one

    or maybe we could have a new kit for every game? we could try orange, green, purple… just any tat with wonga on to keep sportsdirect and all the other tramp business ventures ashley has in the big profit zone

    whoever buys his s**t is an absolute mug and may as well start taking a sledgehammer to the foundations of st james’ park