The issues surrounding the proposed Newcastle United boycott of the Spurs match have predictably taken most of the headlines on the past week.

The media coverage intermingled with Newcastle fans’ disgust at yet another feeble derby showing – five defeats in a row against Sunderland seemingly summing up the lack of desire and ambition under Mike Ashley.

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However, yet another depressing story had crept pretty much underneath the radar.

In advance of the much publicised attempts to get large numbers of United fans to miss Spurs, it appears that some are starting six days early.

It has emerged that Newcastle appear certain to have the lowest number of travelling fans in my lifetime going to Anfield to support the team on Monday night.

The fan website say that Newcastle only took 800 tickets for the match and that some of the restricted view tickets amongst those 800, still remain unsold.

The Monday night timing and expense of the tickets obviously play a part but it looks like Mike Ashley has even broken the spirit of many of the hardcore away support who would go regardless.

Tickets remaining are £47 for adults, £34.50 for over 65s and £15 for under 17s, obviously ridiculously priced but little different to what Liverpool fans were charged earlier in the season.

Where the greed of Mike Ashley also comes into play on this, apart from the prices he charged both the Liverpool fans and the Newcastle fans buying tickets for November’s home game, in two ways.

As usual, if you buy a ticket to go and support Newcastle away, you have to pay Mike Ashley a surcharge of £1 on each ticket. A small amount but a disgraceful taxation by the Newcastle owner.

In addition, Ashley only allows you to buy even a single away ticket if you first pay him £35 to be a member for a year.

So if you are an ex-pat living down in the north west or further on into north Wales, and this is the only match you might to be able to go and see, then it would cost an adult £83.50 for a single ticket.

It is these kind of things that gradually get accepted by many Newcastle fans as the norm but they are yet another blot on the way Mike Ashley runs the club.

Remember as well, the NUFC owner extended this tactic to recent home matches against Manchester United and Arsenal.

Stating in advance that he would refuse to allow tickets to go on sale to the general public after members had had their fill, Mike Ashley chose to have thousands of empty seats at those two home games against Man Utd and Arsenal, rather than sell them to fans who didn’t have a membership.

Part of a long-term strategy to try and force all (non-season ticket holding) Newcastle fans to pay a premium of at least £35 each season if they want to buy tickets to any decent games.

  • TomWatson1

    enough is enough get stuffed

  • StephenBowers

    I was took to Newcastle by my Late Father in 1960 somthing. It was Tommy Gibbs debut and we were getting beat by Chelsea at half time the second half we came out and won the details are an unclear memory but the atmosphere I can remember as clear as yesterday.
    Along the the way I’ve watched good and bad players, teams and results but that special feeling of going to the match was always there. Not now though you won’t get me back even if it was free.
    I believe history will highlight the Milburn era (before even my time), the Fairs Cup, the Keegan Entertainers. The Bobby Robson era when we looked like a team that was coached and organised playing with a plan.
    But this era and the the legacy that this owner will leave for me will be the barren years, Mike Ashley the man that killed a football club.

  • newcastle7

    First of all the tickets were fifty three pounds which sold out straight away.In addition to these seats there were a small number at £47.00 where you cannot see the pitch due to the roof.These have now all sold out as well and there ate people actually travelling without tickets in the hope of picking one up on the day.
    For Newcastle to take any more tickets they had to take all two thousand which they chose not to do as they would have to pay one hundred thousand pounds up front.So please get your facts right the tickets were nearly all fifty three pounds for a televised match on a Monday night far more than Liverpool paid up here for a Saturday game.Like all articles on here the true facts are never mentioned.

  • AP69

    You seem to know an awful lot of inside information
    Top 20 fan?
    Or plant??
    Get Out Of Our Club

  • Maximus Moose

    State normal for a Scumbag like Ashley

  • Demented_Man

    AP69 Or even one of Ashley’s Paid Bloggers.  It would be naive to believe he hasn’t got them.

  • AP69

    He/She has to be something to do with Ashley
    No Newcastle fan can be that pro Fat Man
    Do we know what new name Alan Pardews Black and white Army has taken?
    Get Out Of Our Club

  • LeazesEnder

    Hey Newcastle7…. who are ya?

  • The irony is that puppets like newcastle7 actually have the reverse effect of what Ashley is hoping for.
    Pro-Ashley puppets shake fans out of their apathy.  Pro-Ashley puppets fire up fans to take action. Pro-Ashley puppets inspire fans to encourage fans of other clubs to avoid S*** Direct.
    It’s similar to when Pardew was constantly toeing the party line, and spouting off Ashley’s approved patter.  And simlar to the way Carver has now enthusiastically embraced that role.  Each time they come out with more of Ashley’s patter on his behalf, it only riles true fans even more, and creates more animosity towards the leech.
    So to a degree, you can probably give credit to puppets like newcastle7 for stirring up true fans into action.

  • Demented_Man

    LeazesEnder In the top twenty of fans, don’t you know?

  • Chemical Dave

    Said from day one when he posted as “simon Carr” he was a fraud. For a top twenty fan its amazing how nobody knows who he is…..

  • newcastle7

    AP69 It’s not APBWA but would gladly have a pint with him anytime it’s a true fan called Simon who will be there as always on Monday.
    P.S Congratulations on your result today the people on this site are hurting badly me I am going out to celebrate.

  • AP69

    Next to Fat Ash like Simon?
    Again you are losing sight of what real fans want
    We want the fat man out and somebody in who wants the club to succeed
    The club has been stripped bare and anybody who can’t see that is either a WUM or a plant
    I’ve not seen a squad so lacklustre since the 88/89 season
    The lowest I’ve felt about supporting Newcastle since the 90/91 season
    I’ve chosen not to renew my ticket for 5 years in my own protest
    I’m sure you will come out with the usual quips about that but to be honest I don’t care
    You go enjoy Pardews victory it means nothing to Newcastle
    I’m sure you will class Pardew as a top manager but check his record for us at best it was average
    Get Out Of Our Club

  • scotty63

    LeazesEnder hes simon carr soooopa fan (allegedly)

  • Andgeo

    Or pardews black and white army. Or penfold??

  • Andgeo

    Regardless, our team has been dismantled, we have been served up the worst football in our clubs history over the past 18 months and Fat Ashley is bleeding the club dry. None of us could care less about minor details about ticket allocations at anfield. What is more concerning is how many goals we are going to concede. I would be suprised if we manage one shot on target in the 90 mins. ashley out!!!

  • Andgeo

    Simple Simon! Moron

  • ilullissat

    I think a lot of fans now go to the game cos they’ve not better to do.Would they be prepared to be sh..t  on in their normal life.I don’t think so.And I bet they would take offence if someone took the piss out of them in their workplace so why do they suffer this idiot

  • Toon Magpie

    Give carver some stick those that are going, if you give him half the stick Pardew got, Carver will explode on TV. Make it happen

  • newcastle7

    scotty63 LeazesEnder Not allegedly confirmed happy days

  • newcastle7

    AP69 Will never get out of our club will support them till I die the people on this site never go to games just sit in their mothers house on the lap top.Very sad.None of you
    probably been to a game except your x box.

  • musicman 2000


  • musicman 2000


  • AP69

    Aye good response Simon did you tap that into your laptop?
    I think the anti Fat Man people on here are the ones who used to go home and away but hate seeing what is happening to our club
    IF you are some sort of super fan and have been going long enough you will know Newcastle fans have a long history of letting owners/chairman know when we are not happy
    I still have you down as a plant
    get Out Of Our Club

  • No Brainer


  • dnlmnt

    Here is my thoughts on Mike Asheley, 
    He invested 250,000,000 on NUFC and the fans loved him, he was in the Bigg market and on the partying with all the other ‘supporters’ buying them rounds of drinks and splashing the cash on ‘decent signings’.

    Then, as soon as Keegan through his dummy out of the pram because he didn’t get what he wanted and left Newcastle, Newcastle fans turned on him in their masses, protesting, sending death threats, and insulting him to the highest degree. After this, we saw the Mike Ashley that built his giant retail conglomerate, emotionless, ruthless, silent and driven by pure commerce. I don’t blame him and that must of hurt him having built up such a strong relationship with the fans. From then on Ashley only wanted to build a commercially successful enterprise, how can people blame him for that? He invested nearly a quarter of his wealth.
    Maybe some of his decision have been questionable, but fans blaming ashley for using advertising space to market SD is pathetic at best, if I spent quater of a billion quid on a football club I would also expect to be able to market my brand. 
    Ashley, to his credit has given Newcastle sound financial footing, which we all know does not buy success on the field, however it does create a vessel that can be a lot more attractive to an investor who maybe does have the clubs on-field success at heart. Add to this, he has invested his cash in a very strong youth academy and it is now we are starting to see the results of good local players coming through the ranks which in my opinion is great to see. 

    I can understand the fans frustrations, but creating protests/boycotts and making the wrong type of headlines will only deter future buyers of Newcastle, so talk about shooting yourselves in the foot.

    The previous regime left the club riddled with debt and to be honest left the club with no chance of succeeding just as much as Ashley has now. I would love to see a new owner in charge, an owner that loves the football club and whos heart is in the right place, it wont happen though, why would any investor bother after they see what happened with Ashley/Keegan and the fans reaction.

  • dnlmnt

    All those ‘fans’ complaining about Mike Ashley sucking up money are stupid, he his well down on his investment and until another buyer comes in he wont see a penny of it back.

  • AP69

    And now he’s worth over £4b
    He could afford to give the club away
    Aye it’s Keegan and the fans fault
    Get Out Of Our Club

  • newcastle7

    dnlmnt Another sensible person on this site that makes three well done.

  • dnlmnt

    AP69 I don’t know or care how much Ashley is worth that means nothing in this topic.

    As for giving the club away, well, on a scale of 1-10  10 being likely, how likely do you think this will happen?

    Well Keegan could of done a lot more to deal with the situation professionally rather than leaving the club in the lurch like he did, the club he supposedly adores. considering how much money he was being payed he should of really. As for the fans, they will continue to berate and scapegoat MA until a new owner comes in, and when he makes a decision the fans don’t like, they will protest/boycott. Hence the reason your stuck with Ashley and mid table obscurity forever (at best) good luck. :)

  • Brownale69

    ?dnlmnt 2 questions WHERE has all the money gone. Why has non of the cash paid the debt off?
    Stop blaming the fans

  • AP69

    Keegan who in court proved them liars?
    The way you have written your last two comments I can’t work out if you’re a fan of another club or a Fat Man employee
    Remember we are in more debt now than when he bought us
    The reason the club will be difficult to sell is not because of the fans but because of that £129m interest free loan that doesn’t reduce
    Effectively a loan to himself seeing as he owns the club lock stock
    Get Out Of Our Club

  • dnlmnt


    Keegan who in court proved them liars?
    Quote from independent newspaper october 2009:
    “In a judgment which has ramifications for English football, and
    particularly those clubs which employ a director of football, the panel
    declared that although it was not spelt out in Keegan’s contract,
    managers have the right to have a final say on transfers” 
    OK, but Keegan knew what he was signing up for before he took the job.
    I support non-league and grassroots football, I don’t give my money to fat-cats and well over-payed players.

    Well, the loan he provided to the club, all the cash has been reinvested into the club and if it was not for that loan NUFC simply would not exist.

  • AP69

    I don’t think we’ll agree on Ashley or the servicable debt we’ve been led to believe would have turned us into the next Leeds or Portsmouth
    Why bother coming on a forum of a club you have no affection for?
    What reason or motive?

  • dnlmnt

    AP69 I suggest you look at the clubs accounts from 2006-2007, which is available from companies house, perhaps this will change you mind.

    To say I have no affection for Newcastle is a mistake, I have always respected the fans and some of the best matches I have ever seen are Newcastle games (4-4 against arsenal under ahsley :p)

    I hope to be able to provide some kind of reasoning to Newcastle fans looking at the topic subjectively as opposed to wearing my heart on my sleeve, certainly not to flame opinion or troll. Newcastle fans do deserve much better than what is on offer at the moment, in my humble opinion I just cannot see how a boycott will help. Ashley will still get richer, it won;t help sell the club and it certainly won’t motivate those donkeys currently representing the great NUFC.

  • AP69

    Got to do something
    The club is a shadow of its former self
    All we have now is old pro’s on the payroll spouting the party line and Charver

  • IntravenusMP

    dnlmnt A very good point

  • kb12

    dnlmnt we are still in debt just transferred from the bank to Ashley and we owe more money now to Ashley than we did the banks

  • heza09

    AP69 Nar he’s just a total sack.