A little while back I was indisposed with bad guts.

In between visits to the loo I had some time on my hands,  spening some of it trying to prove to myself that Newcastle were genuinely the worst-run club on the planet. I think the evidence shows that they are – and maybe another time I’ll try to set it out in detail.

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But one thing which my researches turned up was that NUFC has something of a soul brother in Germany.

If you look at the clubs who have featured in the Deloitte lists of football’s richest clubs, there are only two clubs who regularly feature in the top 20 list but who have failed to win anything at all for the last 20 years.

Of course, we know all about our own dismal history of failure – but it may be some comfort to know that we aren’t alone. SV Hamburg have also drawn a complete blank.

They can’t quite match our record of complete failure – we are the only club to feature in the lists who have failed to win anything at all in the last 40 years. Hamburg had a purple patch some time back (inspired by one Kevin Keegan) when they actually won some stuff.

But the parallels go on. SV Hamburg have just lost 5 games (last six games have 1 draw and 5 defeats, 11 goals conceded 0 scored) in a row and are now staring relegation in the face.

Hamburg are currently rock bottom of the Bundesliga with 5 matches remaining.

So there you are. Howay die Rothosen!

  • DavidDrape

    my german preferences Travis, go as far as respecting St Pauli for man reasons as they clearly are the lead in Germany in respect to fan involvement the way in which there fan base saved there own club many years. Not only are they left wing and all inclusive but they set an example as a club for everyone to admire. the clubs supporters always provide you with a warm welcome, great craic, great music and an excellent philosophy… i am not so sure (even tho HSV have some great fans) HSV fans have the same passion as NUFC. anyway my visit to SCHALKE 04s old stadium during euro 88 left me with fond memories and i later found out that newcastle upon tyne and gelsenkirchen are also twinned. it just so happens when you look into things breify that both NUFC and S04 share some similarities. Not only have both clubs got what many will term as possibly the best support in the whole of there respective countries considering both have not won’t much domestically for decades (apart form the odd german cup for SO4) but championship wise both clubs go back many decades. Both fans support there club regardless thru thick and thin, then of course there is the coal mining links with both areas. The city of newcastle have many city sisters in the world but our council officials first started links going back to 1948 and subsequently have kept in touch. we may have ship building similarities with Hamburg but Hamburg has 2 clubs newcastle has one like Schalke. everyone to their own though and last augusts visit to Gelsenkircken for NUFC pre season hopefully kicked off a possible link so one day when newcastle are back in europe we will be able to share a beer with like minded friendly fans and carry on the connections that councillors, tourists, football fans and local schools have been encouraging for well over 50years now. sadly, a recent visit form the Schalke Liaison office for NUFC v STOKE game recently dint show SJP in a good light compared to what we are used too but our city (its bridges, history, heritage,its people) left a great impression to take back to Germany. lets get people talking about our great city (and soon our brilliant football club when ashley bogs off)  and welcome any/all like minded visitors because newcastle has proved over the years we are excellent hosts. type in Schalke Toon into FB for more links.

  • DavidDrape

    oh another similarity is that both european wise both clubs have only won one trophy the fairs cup and the uefa cup. so its 1 each trophy wise.