The Newcastle United accounts have shown up at last at Companies House, allowing the public to have a peep for only £1.

Always hard to make total sense of the financial figures each year because a private company such as Mike Ashley’s, only has to give limited information/explanation as compared to one with shareholders to answer to.

At the end of March the club revealed some headline figures/information that they chose to publish and these showed only a profit of £4.7m on normal operation of the club, much lower than expected, which then increased to £18.7m in total profits once player trading and especially Yohan Cabaye’s sale were taken into account.

However, the Newcastle United accounts being filed and open to view at Companies House, means there is more information available and a bit of a broader picture to see.

The biggest thing to note is surely how much money the club had going into the bank.

An extra £38.6m of cashflow in 2013/14 compared to the previous year (2012/13), meant they went from having a minus figure of £4.5m in the bank to one of plus £34.1m.

It looks then as though they used some of this money to buy new players.

A special note in the accounts saying that £29.8m was spent on six players after the accounts period ended on 30 June 2014, the six appearing to be De Jong, Lascelles, Darlow, Janmaat, Cabella and Riviere (Colback and Perez brought in already during June).

However, another special note says that NUFC also banked £12.6m on player sales after 30 June 2014, almost all of that seemingly from Debuchy plus a few quid for Amalfitano and Tavernier. It looks though as that doesn’t include any income from Santon and Mapou Yanga-M’biwa (the accounts were signed off by the club on 27 January 2015, which was actually day it was confirmed Mapou was going permanently to Roma) moving out this calendar year.  Debuchy having been widely reported as costing over £10m.

With £29.8m spent on players and £12.6m banked since the accounts, that means a net spend of £17.2m on players from July onwards.

So deducting that £17.2m from the £34.1m that was in the bank at the end of June 2014, leaves a balance of £16.9m, which then adding Mapou and Santon transfer fees on, could give a surplus of around £25m going forward, give or take.

The total staff costs went up from £61.7m in 2012/13 to £78.3m in 2013/14, a rise of £16.6m. No doubt Loic Remy would have banked a few quid and the 5 players signed in January 2013 would have seen their wages included for a full year instead of six months.

However, the likes of Cabaye and others came off the wage bill so there may have been a decent chunk of the extra wages down to the infamous staff bonuses for finishing top ten, with it claimed all full-time employees including players, coaching and non-football staff were entitled to the bonus. So there could well be a few quid coming off that staff bill this season with top ten a very remote possibility.

The wages went down to 60.3% of turnover from 64.3% the season before, the massive extra money from TV more than looking after the extra wages and other costs.

One other statistic that is included in the accounts is the fact that the home league attendance went from 50,517 to 50,395.

No players bought despite almost £40m extra cash flowing into the bank account, you couldn’t make it up.

As for the fans, is there really a straw out there to break this particular camel’s back?

Can Mike Ashley really always count on fifty thousand fans no matter how he runs the club?

The #boycottspurs is the dry run but the summer will see many people wondering just why they should renew, whilst those on direct debits may well be thinking of putting a block on those until Mike Ashley either leaves, or accepts that even Newcastle supporters have their breaking point,

  • Gaffa201

    +£34m in the bank? where????? The stat accounts show cash at the bank and in hand to be £22.5m and the overdraft was £16m

  • IainT0842

    Wow! I genuinely can’t believe what I have just read. #AshleyOut #BoycottSpurs

  • toonheed

    Balance Sheet Page 6. Open your eyes.

  • Demented_Man


  • kev1664

    Surely the £34 million in the bank was at the end of the season, of which £29million was spent.
    A further £12.6 million was recouped (Debuchy)
    So we have £17 million in the bank spare. (Something which the club have already said, they like to have, in case any player on thier ‘list’ becomes available in Januray)
    I dunno why the article states not a single player was bought when clearly you cant buy a player until the transfer window opens which is after the figures are released. The whole reason for the two notes is to show that we did go out and buy players with it.
    Come on there’s being angry at the owners for a reason then there’s trying to bash them with incorrect interpretation.
    Yes we need Ashley out because of the mistakes being made time and time again. But come on let’s think about things before writing the. Down eh?

  • Gaffa201

    Demented_Man Gaffa201 I see they are the group accounts, where the single co balance sheet is only 34k different from last year. I only have the full stats for the actual football club in front of me. My apologies all round

  • Maximus Moose

    Doesnt make any difference how much is there its Mikes !!
    End of story
    its not Our Club its HIS !!!!!

  • stepaylor

    I’m confused, is the missing 29 million from the account’s apparently money the club spent after June last year on transfers? If so how can that be included on the list of expenses for the year ending June 1st last year?

  • stepaylor

    kev1664 so the extra $29 million in operating costs 2013/14 was money spent on transfers after that financial year? Makes no sense to me or am i reading it wrong?

  • mrkgw

    Inept ownership and the supporters are being short changed. Entertainment? Never.


    Am I missing something with this £29m spent on players.Where does the Cabaye money fit into these accounts,along with the Debuchy money which totals £32m.
    Also this £36m on the petty cash why isn’t that taken from his loan.

  • AP69

    Just wait a moment Step one of the muppet plants will be along with some pro Ashley accounting
    Get Out Of Our Club

  • DownUnderMag

    So much made of what we have spent without focusing on how much we have recouped, how much our wages have dropped and how threadbare our squad still is…

    Spending money on Riviere, Cabella, De Jong etc was all well and good, had we not sold all the good players first and then expected those to come in and be superstars for us.  Those players should have been back-ups and squad strengthening rather than actual replacements for proven players.

  • Andgeo

    How exactly has the wage bill increased by £16,000,000???? That’s 6 new players on coloccini money! Which clearly didn’t happen….. How much did the players get in bonuses for finishing the season pathetically and getting humiliated off the mackems twice?

  • Andgeo

    A feat which we have duplicated in 2014/15

  • kev1664

    The club reported £18.7 million profit when the figures were first released, most though what the he’ll where has the rest of the money went with such a significant rise in TV money.
    The club moved a further £38 million into the bank account for ‘cash flow’ ie transfers etc. The figures show that we had a debt to the bank from using the overdraft of £4 million so that took the money in the bank to £34 million. So in total last year’s profits we’re closer to £56.7 million. Of that £56 million the 18.7 were reported in the figures however the 34 was moved to the bank as a transfer kitty.
    After the accounts period
    £29.6 million was spent on transfers but £12.6 million was recouped from Debuchy, amalfitano and taverner. This will have left approximately £17 million in the bank account for cash flow, however there is still a further £18.7 million within the clubs accounts totalling £35.7 million.
    If you factor in the mbiwa (£6mil), Santon (£2.8 mil) & pardew (£3.5 mill) £12.2 million has been recouped throughout the season.
    So we are pretty close to the net spend per season the club keep talking about £29.6 million spent, £24.8 million recouped, net spent of £4.8 million.
    Or £47.9 million across all accounts sitting there doing nothing.
    It must also be noted that this season we would also stand to make a profit similar to last year (minus the cabaye cash). So I’d expect somewhere in the region of £35 million.
    In total meaning there will be £82.9 million in the club some will be used as transfer money, some will be used for the training ground improvements.
    However I fully expect us to recoup the money we spend on transfers by selling the most valuable first teamed such as Sissoko, Krul and Tiote.

  • kev1664

    Well if remy was on £100k per week that’s £5.2 million then there is a full years wages for the new signings that we bought ( sissoko, gouffran, haidara, debuchy) and the 10% bonus for finishing in the top 10 which is approximately £6million .

  • stepaylor

    kev1664 thanks for that, its appreciated. So in reality the club could afford a net spend this summer of 60 million and 20 million in extra wages without posting a loss next year. Incredible, Ashley said he wants the club to wipe its own nose so lets see if this happens (me thinks not)