I think I should give some background first, I’m not a Geordie but I’m as black and white as anyone, having supported United for aaround sixty four years – since Wor Jackie was king.

I now live in Thailand and get to watch most of the Premier League and some Championship games.

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On Saturday I watched Spurs and Southampton, two teams who can pass and move.

On Sunday I turned out as usual in goal for a team of Europeans, against a Thai team – we lost.

It made me think of my first coach George Smith,  one-time manager of Portsmouth and Crystal Palace, in the late forties early fifties . He said if you can pass the ball, receive it and pass it on in one movement, and everyone moves into space, you could score from the kick-off.

The Thais passed and moved, they went back if their path was blocked, they attacked as a team defended as a team. They only shot at goal when they knew it would count.


My team, mostly English, hit it up to a big forward , or dribbled into a wall of Thais.

I then watched Newcastle and the same rubbish.The worst team in the division by far; no movement, no control, no idea.

Why? Could it be the so-called coaching is out of date?

Players come to United, some with great reputations, as good players, then they turn in to dross.

Any player with us for more than a season goes downhill. It has to be the coaching and tactics, or lack of.

We need to start again. No old boys network and instead bring in a young vibrant coach and his backroom staff.

Start again. Buy players that have skill and then channell it – pass and move, not lump it.

I’ve seen better football in the Championship with players costing far less than ours.

We desperately need change in every way.