Wednesday night brought the latest defeat for a Newcastle United team under John Carver, making it only 4 wins in 36 matches since Pardew’s former assistant took charge.

Siem de Jong and Facundo Ferreyra both played a half each last night but a visiting Derby County reserve/Under 21 team ended up outclassing United and comfortably winning 2-0.

This added to the latest defeat for the first team at Liverpool and the Under 18s failing to beat Fulham on Saturday.

The malaise in the club is there for all to see and anybody who expects miracles from those players currently playing underneath the first team is an eternal optimist.

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Since Pardew departed we now have the following results:

First Team: Played 14 Won 2

Under 21s: Played 11 Won 0

Under 18s: Played 11 Won 2

Total of Played 36 Won 4

(*** There is also the FA Youth Cup which has slightly different age criteria and the results in that competition this season have been 1 win in 1 game under Pardew. Then 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat under Carver in normal time, though the draw was converted into a win against Sunderland in a penalty shoot-out)

Would be great to see the club moving forward again and getting wins throughout the three teams.

Naturally the first team is all important but the younger players need a framework where they can work through it and become stronger at the end of the process.

There needs to be investment at all levels in terms of both players and coaches.

Newcastle United must be pretty much the only football club where when the manager or any coach leaves, the replacement is an internal one.

The current set-up seeing John Carver, Steve Stone and Dave Watson all getting more responsibility after Alan Pardew left, with no extra ability added from outside.

John Carver claims we all won’t believe how many great players will be arriving in the summer, reality is that massive investment needed on and off the pitch throughout the club just to keep us treading water.


  • NottsToon

    Whilst I’m not sure of the merits of blaming results of teams other than the first team on John Carver (a man for whom I have absolutely zero sympathy), what this does highlight is that the famed policy of bring in talented youngsters and developing them for the first team is (surprisingly) absolute horse sh1t.

  • Hughie

    Janmaat for skipper?

  • JoeAS

    The reserves were relegated while Pardew was here. Look no further than Beardsley for their problems. Utterly moronic attributing the reserves and youth results to Pardew.

  • Demented_Man

    Balance sheets aside, it shows that the club is an absolute shambles from top to bottom.

  • tino o

    Can’t really pin reserve and youth results on him. What it does show up is the whole of the coaching here needs addressing. We are not good enough and failing at every level. The time for change is now how long can we continue to move backwards? Ashley seems uninterested in the football side we need someone else to sort out this mess. Ashley out!

  • Toon Magpie

    We can, it is a direct knock on effect from Carver’s ineptitude.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carter’s ineptitude has a knock on effect on the whole club .

  • Toon Magpie

    A bad tool always blames his workers.