John Carver says that Newcastle fans missed out on the next Gianfranco Zola.

The Newcastle Head Coach has stated that Adam Campbell was put into the first team too early and that has had a major impact on his career.

Asked about Adam Armstrong and whether he’d get more of an opportunity in the remaining games, John Carver came out with yet more bizarre comments….

“It is very difficult because people want Adam Armstrong to play but it is a difficult situation for Adam as he’s a young player developing.

“We had a situation with Adam Campbell not so long ago, he was fast-tracked and got thrown in, everybody thought he was going to be the next Franco Zola…or whatever, but he wasn’t.”

Loan star:

“It affected him and I don’t want the same thing happening to Adam Armstrong.

“What Adam (Armstrong) needs is to be out on loan, playing in the Championship or League One for a good season, we almost let him do that until Papiss (Cisse) got suspended.”

Bolton or Forest:

“He was on his way to Bolton or Forest, he needs that good season out on loan, banging in goals in the Championship, to help his development.

“Due to the circumstances though we have had to keep hold of him, keep him in the squad and use him sparingly.”

The ‘fast-tracking’ of Adam Campbell must have been that fast that I missed it!

The 20 year old has only made five brief appearances totalling 55 minutes in Newcastle’s colours and I don’t believe there is a single Newcastle fan, ever, who has used the names Adam Campbell and Gianfranco Zola in the same sentence.

Once again, John Carver is doing the dirty work to cover for Mike Ashley’s handling of the club.

The fact Papiss Cisse is now suspended should have no relevance when it comes to a professional club hoping to develop a 17 year old player (only turned 18 in February).

It is really just another instance showing the club do make it up as they go along, with no longer term plan for any aspect of the club.

Everything is simply about getting from one season to the next, hence Adam Armstrong having to hang around the subs bench for another wasted year.

The decision to loan him out for a season should have been taken last summer and happened irrespective of which first team squad players were signed or not.

The ludicrous signings of Riviere and (loan) Ferreyra to try and paper over the cracks left by still not replacing Andy Carroll/Demba Ba, especially with the club knowing that Cisse would struggle to play a full part this season due to the after effects of his serious knee injury.

Whether Adam Armstrong will be another Gianfranco Zola or an Adam Campbell…who knows?

What we do know and John Carver has admitted, that the professional thing would have been if he’d been sent out on loan this season.

The fact he hasn’t been given that opportunity lies at the door of Mike Ashley and the minions who do his bidding.

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  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Nufc`s a Lunatic Asylum to say the least !

  • Archduke

    John Carver seems to have admitted in public that NUFC’s handling of young players has been negligent. They owe these lads a duty of care, but this of course goes out of the window when there are savings to be made. Would any parent seriously want to send their son to NUFC’s academy, when a senior employee is saying in public that the club does not prioritise the nurturing of young talented players, that they got it wrong with Adam Campbell, and seem to be in the process of getting it wrong with Adam Armstrong?

    They are clueless not only in terms of progressing young players, abut also in the basics of professionalism needed to ensure the next generation sign. 

    It’s just further evidence of Carver’s incompetence, but more alarmingly of the hierarchy’s incompetence for not appearing to realise this.

  • Conman

    What a joke. Making history up to cover their tracks. Campbell looked good at a younger level and may still come good but the longest stint he got was about 20 minutes.
    Same with Armstrong. Throwing him on for two minutes away to the macums was Carvers call. Not ours. The man spouts shite.

  • PeterRobson

    Michael Maximus Moose The lunatics have taken over the asylum !!! (Fun Boy 3 don´t you know ?)

  • PeterRobson

    Conman Seriously ??? It´s taken you this long to realise that about John (I worked with Sir Bobby Robson) Carver ??

    Shame on you !!!!

  • Bren.notts.toonarmy

    Adam Armstrong will be playing championship football coz u jc will be getting us relagated u muppet

  • dude 1

    So in the mind of our fantastic coach JC to be a footballer you a have to be about 24 years old or this game will crush you funny how a lot of the greats were playing regular football sprang onto the scene from the ages of 18 onwards.
    the trouble is these lot don’t want to give youth a go I remember a few season ago we were struggling so we had to though the youngsters in and against Man utd they played out of their skins if i remember it was a 2-2 draw and they played together for about 3 games picking up points then our so called stars returned and we went down hill.
    youngsters these days have no fear remember the phrase if you’re good enough you’re old enough

  • NicholasDryden

    Let’s be honest JC, like AP couldn’t develop a cold, let alone a promising youngster.

  • No Brainer

    Your such a sad Twit Jim

  • PhilYare

    more good news