Newcastle loan player Haris Vuckic made it 8 league goals for Rangers despite only having started 12 Championship games for the Glasgow club.

The latest goal on Saturday came with a power header from a corner as Rangers trailed Falkirk 2-0, the Newcastle man scoring with seven minutes to go and Nicky Law scoring a last gasp equaliser.

Ironic that this latest Vuckic goal came from a corner, on the same day that Newcastle gave Swansea the freedom of the box whenever they had a corner but United looking their usual clueless selves when they won any.

With only a draw against Falkirk, Rangers now look destined to finish third and that will mean an extra two matches in the play-off process than if they finish second. Hibs a point clear in second place with only one match to play.

These extra matches may yet see some other Newcastle loan players show their faces, yesterday only Haris Vuckic was involved in the squad, with Bigirimana, Mbabu, Ferguson and Streete all absent.

Haris Vuckic

“I think their goalkeeper was the man of the match today, he was excellent. We had so many chances but we have to score if we want to win.

“We were not so good in the last pass but they were organised and it was hard to break them.”

Strong bench:

“I think we are prepared (for play-offs) because in 10 days we had four games in a row and we have a good squad as well. The bench is good so we can rotate and some of our fresh players can come in and do the job as well.

“If we are going to be third we have two extra games so I think our whole squad is going to be needed to get through.”


  • blefuscu74

    TeamToon it’s 9 in 13 actually

  • essexMag

    Must be laughing his co*k off getting a regular game (even at lower level) and scoring plenty.While watching the circus of self-destruction in Toon.
    I say lower level, but Toon are prob no better than Falkirk

  • David Stephenson

    Bring the lad back cant be worse than what we have now?

  • DownUnderMag

    Big proviso, it’s Scottish 2nd tier of footy, not exactly playing the likes of Man City and Chelsea is he?

    Having said that, Vukic always seemed to be the one most likely to succeed at the club out of the crop of youth players coming through, yet always struggled with injury, even when sent on loan to other clubs he always came back injured.

    Would love to see him come back next season and get a place in the first team under a good manager who can play a team formation/tactics around good players rather than managers who would prefer to stifle any player by asking them to fit into a rigid structure and play in a team formation that doesn’t suit their style or strengths.