Well, given the fact that most of the other teams in the bottom 6 have found some sort of form, relegation is now a very real possibility. I now honestly don’t see another point for us this season, despite the fact we have the easiest run in of all the teams at the bottom.

Combine the current mood against the owner and the most depressing sequence of results in recent history, then you have a disease infecting every part of NUFC…I bet the tea lady is even struggling to raise a smile.

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If of course she has not already been sacked for wheeling her tea trolley too slowly – contravening the Sports direct employment policy of managing its staff to maximum efficiency for 30 Bob a week – anyone watch Ch4 on Monday night?

On Saturday we saw a team shoot itself fully in the foot, despite dominating the first 45 minutes. I am afraid in Mike Williamson we now have the worst centre-half I can ever remember, given the fact I have witnessed such class acts as John Bird, Glen Keeley, Stuart Boam etc, it is a damning condemnation!

I’m sorry Mike, but while you have had the odd good game, you are now completely out of your depth. The ball at your foot is a red hot potato and initiates panic, while your marking and reactions in the box are now non-existent, however don’t be too downhearted as you are just one of a few who need to be shipped out now!

Have a look at Jernaine Defoe’s wonder goal against us, if Williamson had challenged with any authority against Steven Fletcher, Defoe would not have had such an inviting ball to swing a leg at, so yes Mike I blame you for that as well! Powder puff aerial challenges are becoming the norm.

So what of our manager, John Carver, one of our own. I have no doubt he cares, as his verbal altercations with fans prove. If his response really was “what do you want me to do” , my answer would have been ‘ quit John, quit now’

Now John Carver very quickly offered to speak to the fans concerned individually, in fact I took it as being a general invite to fans who want to discuss the current position, so to that end I contacted the club to see if JC would be true to his word.

I received a reply from NUFC,  unsurprisingly saying that JC would only be meeting up with the 2 fans involved in the verbal exchange on Saturday.  I have however responded, pointing out more salient facts, however I doubt if a further NUFC response will be forthcoming…

Now to this weekend and last time I went to Leicester (along with 4300 others) we witnessed a complete but normal FA Cup surrender. However, in January my day was made more interesting by the fact the team was staying at the same hotel as me,  from a distance JC did  tell me he was putting out a strong team capable of winning the game……more lies!

Now at the moment I have not committed to going to Leicester, but if I do I will be back in the same hotel, and the team will more than likely be there, so watch this space!

The excellent work from the Ashleyout group continues, and they need to be given all the support they can, this is a determined sustained campaign for change and hopefully the end result will justify the splendid efforts of the boys and girls

While I totally back the campaign I do believe that relegation would be a complete disaster, to that end I would urge the St James faithful to get behind the team at the next home game. I said before, I can’t see any more points this season, but WBA is surely an opportunity to get something, hell we might only be 2 points clear of relegation by the time we play them.

I repeat, relegation would be a total disaster. I don’t give a toss about Ashley and his Sports Direct tat, but we are more attractive to both players and potential buyers if we are in the Premier League, the TV rewards ensure that, the Championship holds little appeal for serious players.

Also, the last time we went down we had solid characters in the dressing room who helped weed out the weasels before the promotion campaign . I don’t see any backbone in the current squad capable of the siege mentality required, oh for a Kevin Nolan or Joey Barton now.

God the outlook is grim.


  • A lex

    The Fans Forum could do worse than request JC to attend the forthcoming meeting. If nothing else, it’ll put Charnley on the spot to think up a suitable excuse. (I’m sure JC can’t be as busy as Mike -allegedly)

  • Conman

    You state relegation would be a disaster a few times within your article.
    I really don’t know if it would be. It would lose a hell of a lot of money off the clubs value but who does that benefit anyway. Not us.
    The other problem I foresee is that if we don’t go down this year, we must be up there as one of the favourites to go down next term. With the trash we need to offload plus the ones jumping ship. I recon we need a dozen players in and a top manager.
    Again, the question is, will fcb fund that. Don’t think so.

  • Michael Maximus Moose
  • You can’t talk to Carver , but it’s okay for Carver to ring the woman who witnessed his tirade at the match .From what I read in the Chronicle she was ‘cold ‘ called by Carver , that to me seemed  oppresive , a tactic used by one of the previous owners of Darlington F C .

  • DavidDrape

    thanks Brian for that, but i also one who thinks relegation may be a god send. we will never do but the way i feel at present is that i will take anything to get rid of the owner and if he loses millions while selling us then he gets his just deserts..we can rebuild from scratch and move forward in a positive way regards having a club we can be proud of on and off the pitch. one small example for me personally is  when our club with hit with tragic news of John and Liam we were obviously all down as we could all relate to both those great fans. Yes the club acted well but any other owner would have come out publicly and spoke for everyone – not ashley. Why because he doesn’t care and whats more is i really thought we were all going to pull together on and off the pitch to make it a season to remember for those lads and their families and friends – sadly i was so wrong