Reports in Spain today say that Newcastle are taking a keen interest in Paco Jemez as their next potential manager/head coach.

The 45 year old is currently at Rayo Vallecano and will be out of contract in June, a bonus for any interested (penny pinching) club owner looking for a new manager.

Paco Jemez has now been at Rayo for three seasons and they are currently 11th, having finished 12th and 8th in the previous two seasons.

That eight position was the highest ever achieved in the club’s history, with Rayo being one of La Liga’s lesser lights and on a tight budget {aco Jemez has built a decent reputation from his relative achievements at his first coaching job in the Spanish top flight.

Spanish sports media giant Marca, say that they understand there is genuine interest from Newcastle and it remains to be seen whether Paco Jemez fancies a new challenge overseas.

As a player, Paco made his name playing for Deportivo La Coruna and Real Zaragoza, whilst he also represented his country and played for Spain in the Euros in 2000.

Newcastle have been reported to be targeting Spanish players as a new market for value, so maybe a Spanish manager/head coach isn’t out of the question.

Maybe John Carver had better get on the sangria and tapas, rather than brown ale and pies….


  • dave1892

    Yeah, because the French experiment really worked out…..

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    This is the Paco i prefer

  • Demented_Man

    Sorry, lads and lasses.  You can produce as many of these rumours as you like, but it’s Geordie John I’m afraid.  Safe pair of hands, does as he’s told etc.

  • A lex

    Michael Maximus Moose Well, Moose, she’s got a better pair of tits up front than we have at the moment.

  • Keegan Serial Quitter

    Michael Maximus Moose Let me help you with that picture, Moose. It’s called a WOMAN, something you have never encountered.

  • RexN

    An interesting prospect with a similar record to Pardew, albeit in Spain. Sacked twice, one promotion from the 3rd tier, one play off in the 2nd tier and notably,the most goals conceded this season and last season to add to the 3rd most goals conceded the season before.

    What should seal it for Ashley is that he has never won a cup.

  • Mal44

    Demented_Man  Safe pair of hands?

  • Gordonthetoony

    Paco who?  About our level by the sounds of it

  • barnatoon

    Been waiting for this news for years.
    Jemez is a brilliant coach.
    Rayo don’t have any money, every season they sell ALL their players,
    every season Jemez takes the scraps he can get, veterans out of contract, loanees, youngsters, and yet somehow Rayo play great football, they’ll go the Camp Nou or the Bernabeéu and attack, dominate, and OK, usually get a beating, but he’s perfect for the Toon.
    Trust me, we have to sign this guy (and he’s free)
    Work in football media in Barcelona, and we’ve just whassapped Jemez.
    He’s definitaely interested

  • Chemical Dave

    Raping them doesn’t count bud.

  • Mal44 Demented_Man Yeah, he’s ready to use them on any fan that  criticizes the regime !

  • markbt08

    I live in hope