Newcastle United was a major topic of conversation for the journalists this weekend on Sky’s Sunday Supplement.

Not surprisingly it wasn’t a positive discussion overall if you are a Newcastle fan, although one of the reporters did still think the United Manager/Head Coach job was ‘irresistible’.

The Guardian’s Dominic Fifield:

“It adds to the sense of pantomime at the moment around Newcastle unfortunately and it is thoroughly miserable.

“They are staggering and very lucky the teams below them will not catch them, because at the moment they are basically staggering towards relegation.”

“In principle, the policy of bringing in the young players to then sell on is quite pragmatic and innovative in some ways, it was working for a while but it’s gone stale and stagnated.

“Ashley won’t care about the protests at the match on Saturday, as long as the business plan is working and they stay up.

“I just do not see where it goes. There are suggestions he is going to spend big this summer and reinvent the team, get rid of a few people like Tim Krul, while the likes of Moussa Sissoko and Cheick Tiote will leave, then they will rebuild again. Ultimately, it is to the same end, to preserve Premier League status and that is it.

“We have seen what has happened with Leeds United, as a club that has overstretched itself financially. So on the one hand it is an admirable business plan, but a club needs ambition and something to aspire to and he is not giving anyone in Newcastle that. The city, club and people in that region need that and it is a mess.”

John Cross of the Daily Mirror:

“He will take the job as Newcastle is a fantastic opportunity for any manager. There is no doubt in my mind the interest from Newcastle has been a massive distraction for Derby and has really thrown their promotion campaign off course. Because I think they probably do have the best team in the Championship and they’ve lost their way.

“Newcastle is an irresistible challenge for a manager like McClaren. For someone like him, who is at Derby, this would be a step-up. It is the crowd, the promise, the determination to put this sleeping giant right.”

While I agree with much of what is said, most Newcastle fans have come to accept the reality that under Mike Ashley the manager’s job isn’t the glittering prize it once was, if so why would an average manager like Alan Pardew chuck it in for a club such as Crystal Palace?

As for Steve McClaren, Derby County look nailed on to be in the play-offs and is there any Newcastle fan who believes he would find United ‘irresistible’ if he had the option of managing Derby in the Premier League?

As for the talk about buying good young players and then selling them on, it isn’t a great plan because it just leaves you constantly searching for players to replace your best ones that you sell.

Plus the massive faultline in it is that as we have found, for every success there are many more failures.

With time going on those failures are multiplying and food for thought is the fact that we lost Yohan Cabaye and that money bought Emmanuel Riviere and Remy Cabella…

  • WallaceWilson

    The problem for any new manager is that he is helping to manage a player trading operation not building a team. People often say that the Head Coach model is common on the continent but the crucial difference is that they are still trying to compete and be successful – we aren’t. Our sole purpose is to maximise income while reducing costs

  • NicholasDryden

    that clown on sky said pardew had excelled!!!!!!!

  • DownUnderMag

    NUFC used to represent a great opportunity for a manager to step up and make a name for themselves, sadly though it was all too often a poison chalice.  With our current system, I think it will be a lot less appealing to anyone with ambition, dignity or a desire to have a hand on the transfers.  Instead, it will appeal to out of work, desperate ex managers who are willing to ingratiate themselves with the owner by spouting the company lines, won’t mind lying to the fans and have no desire to do anything other than pick up a hefty pay check.
    I suspect we could end up with a David O’Leary or Alan Curbishley.  The only hope is that we can grab a semi-decent manager from somewhere in europe who wants a step up into the premiership, is used to working with financial restraints and also is used to a coach role rather than manager…but then we risk losing them if they do well or being stuck with someone who isn’t good enough we can’t get rid of.

  • KevinBrown11

    Sad thing is you never know what Ashley will come up with, got this sick feeling it’s gonna be Carver!!

  • IainElrick

    Inb4 “Geodie duo new head coaches at nufc”. Ant and Dec are excited at their new challenge ” the club’s as much of a joke as we are so naturally the decision was easy” .

  • PeterS84

    Even if we do bring in a new manager the biggest issue is that Carver/Stone/Woodman etc have circa 5 years left on their contracts so either  a big payout (which Ashley wont do) or they stay on and carry on coaching the team which a new Manager potentially wont want to happen.

  • wor monga

    McClaren won’t take this job if Derby get promoted…he would
    need his head examined…and not just because Derby will spend some real money to
    bring in the right players to try to ensure they stay up…but also because their
    supporters have enough up-stairs to know that the game is only a vehicle now
    for the benefit of a worldwide TV audience, and not something dependent on any
    local feelings…stadium dimensions or historical significances going back many

    …Any new head coach we get (providing it’s not Carver) will more
    than likely be someone relatively unknown (cheap) from the lower English/
    French clubs hoping to make a name for himself and hoping the fans here with their
    overriding believe in their own importance to the club will let him…and praying
    that if he doesn’t make an immediate impression in terms of good results…then the
    Mag and it’s correspondents won’t crucify him…

  • PhilYare

    NicholasDryden think we need to send him a tape of:

    0-6 liverpool
    0-3 mackems (x 2)
    0-4 southampton ( x 2)
    0-4 wigan
    0-4 man utd

    and the rest of at least 30 disgraceful results

  • big_ginger_joe

    Hello all – just wanted to throw in a Derby perspective.  This whole thing has been a joke for both clubs and has taken McLaren’s eye off the ball at Derby while NUFC have to tread water filling Ashley’s pockets while waiting.  He should have gone at Christmas when he was first linked if he was interested, not thought it was a foregone conclusion at the end of the year.  I will say that he has improved players at Derby, but is still tactically naive as he was for England.  Great coach, bad tactician, too slow to react or have a solid plan B around the players at his disposal.  Make no mistake, our record this year is worse than last year and he was only managing half of last year.  You would see this very quickly if he was NUFC manager.  What has saved us this year is his reputation as a coach to send young players to for a while (Jordan Ibe, Jesse Lingard, and Tom Ince all excelling this year) – I fear this may disappear as a draw at NUFC.  You are too big a club to take loan players from Man U, Liverpool, etc. and you will be left with his interesting yet underwhelming permanent signings (see ours and Forest’s signings in his time to see these)

    I think he will go to NUFC regardless of if Derby go up or not and at this stage.  He’s not closed the door like Sean Dyche did when linked with the Derby job and that has set a rot in the whole situation.  To be honest, you lot would be better trying out Sean Dyche than McLaren but that will never happen.