Newcastle fans want to hear how proud John Carver and his players are AFTER the match on Sunday, not before.

A succession of United players have said this week about how much they know the local derby means, and how determined they are to win, but the supporters have heard it all before.

At his press conference ahead of the match, John Carver has come out with the following:

“I would run through a brick wall to get the right result, without going over the top.

“Growing up as a Newcastle fan this was the first game you looked out for on the fixture list.”

Man and boy:

“As a kid I did that and now, as the manager, it is quite a proud moment.

“We all know that it’s a big moment in the north east so it is something that I am looking forward to.”

Sunderland work harder:

“It always hurts to lose to Sunderland but i i’s the manner of a couple of these defeats that have made things worse.

“In those last four games (defeats), Sunderland have outworked us and that’s not a good statistic to have. I will be making sure that doesn’t happen again and be using a whip to make sure we don’t get outworked.”

The difficult thing for many supporters to accept is that John Carver doesn’t seem to fully acknowledge that he was a major influence on those four defeats.

As Alan Pardew’s assistant, surely he should have been making sure that the workrate of the players was at its maximum, for it to have been failing four matches in a row is surely damning on both Pardew and him.

We have been told a number of times that things are different now but we have just seen the same negative tactics, negative formations and empty promises, such as playing a full strength team in the FA Cup.

Sunday is maybe John Carver’s very final chance of convincing anybody that he is anything but a poor man’s Alan Pardew.

  • NotFatFreddy

    Above is a tragic Marcel Marceau – a sort of 1 minute 30 seconds parody of what it is like to support the toon…’grin and bear it with a slapped face for that fixed smile’.  Or could be a sad mackem on parade out and about before the match. 

    Below does bring a smile to your face as Marcel provokes the mackems by making fun at the Dance of the Knights

  • mrkgw

    Charver is all bluster and no substance. How he is in the hotseat with such an appalling win ratio can only be down to Cashley. Shocker.

  • nufcslf

    Are you having a LAUGH John….because this sad excuse for such a piss poorly run football club just isn’t funny anymore.

  • panbasher

    Usual ‘rent-a-quote’ drivel from the PR machine.

  • PeterRobson

    The real question is; Which does he wipe first, his arse or his mouth because as far as i can see, there´s nowt but shite coming out of both !!!

    John keep your gob shut until you´ve got something worthwhile to tell us, like you´re leaving the club with your best wishes !!!