Mike Ashley and Newcastle United have been slaughtered by supporters after rushing out an official club statement only an hour following a Channel 4 expose on Sports Direct.

The programme showing the disgraceful way Ashley’s company operates in relation to its staff and customers, with an undercover reporter secretly filming behind the scenes.

NUFC/Ashley rushed out the following juts after 10pm on Monday night:

The Club has noted the Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ programme aired tonight (Monday, 27th April) and in particular the reference to the terms of the retail relationship between the Club and Sports Direct.

The Club is extremely disappointed no-one from Channel 4 contacted the Club for comment.

The information broadcast is wholly inaccurate and the Club will provide further information and clarification tomorrow (Tuesday, 28th April).

As soon as the statement went out, Newcastle supporters were quick to reply via Twitter…

Daniel Leaver

‘Do you lot honestly expect people to believe a word you come out with?’


‘Put out a statement as soon as it affects SD don’t you. God forbid HIS main company has its image tarnished…’


‘I sense panic!! Hahaha’

JJ Fletcher

‘If only you reacted as quickly to sacking inept pathetic thug managers!’

Mark Henderson

 ‘Wow statement within minutes of anything potentially negative surrounding SD. But when it comes to nufc who gives a f*** right????’

Katie Grant ‏

‘How comes you don’t come out with statements that fast re: other nufc matters??’


‘Hahahahaha RATTLED’


‘CHRIST!! You sharp put out a statement when it affects the barrow boy’s pride & joy!! Shame you’re not as quick when it affects ours!’

Luke Watson ‏

‘Is the person who writes the club statements currently busy eating a pie?

Daniel Back

‘After that programme saying how much people are deceived and lied too…no one is gunna believe what they say.’

Joe ‏

‘There’s more chance of Michelle Keegan knocking on my door than anyone believing a word you lot say.’

Mick P

‘Could you also provide some clarification on the missing points from last 7 games and lack of communication from the club #muppets.’

  • Jail for Ashley

    We have witnessed lies and deceit from this truly awful regime for eight long years now. How anyone can still stand by and defend their actions is beyond me. It really should say it all that it took over a week to half heartedly respond to a fans forum letter but less than an hour to defend his tacky sports shop.

  • LeazesEnder

    Shirebrook….. Bergen-Belsen more like it…..

  • PeterRobson

    LeazesEnder I´ve visited Bergen Belsen and Auschwitz mate but I sure as hit wouldn´t want to go within 50 miles of his Shirebrook slave camp !!!

  • LeazesEnder

    1957 The entrance staircase put it in mind. the signage.. ‘Hard work brings rewards’……. arbeit macht frei….


  • bill black

    Any pro Ashley supporters around. Does anyone wish to go to the next match and why !!!!  Does anyone want to buy from Sports Direct and why!!!!!.  Too the shareholders of Sports Direct why lose your money on Sports Direct!!!

  • PeterRobson

    1957 I wasn´t comparing them in terms of Tragedy or emotional impact !!

    Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen are places which should always remain in our memories whether people have ever visited them or not !!!

  • PeterRobson
  • partworntyres

    for ‘dissappointed’ read extremely p.ssed of. for ‘inaccurate’ read accurate.
    pies pies pies and more pies to follow…

  • PeterRobson

    1957 In todays enlightened times it´s offensive that a place like Shirebrook should be allowed to operate the way it does considering the sacrifices made by others in the cause of freedom !!

    Just for the record: I served in Bosnia Herzegowina during it´s darkest times of ethnic cleansing and saw things you won´t see on youtube and Sky News, so I wasn´t making a comparison between Shirebrook and Concentration camps !!

    I was suggesting Concentration camps should be mandatory visits (lest we forget) whereas places like Shirebrokk serve no purpose whatsoever, other than fuelling a greedy business and the demeaning use of cheap unprotected labour !!

  • LeazesEnder

    PeterRobson 1957 Yes, you should talk about these things…. when you stop talking that’s when people forget and sometimes it takes these comparisons, and what shocked me was the conditions people are working under for National minimum wages…. no talking… barked out orders over the tannoy…. naming and shaming….. good god almighty!

  • Ashleyout

    I really hope we are relegated… so fat man doesn’t get the TV money…It would be a small price to pay to get rid of the Greedy Bast**d…

  • LeazesEnder Shipyards at the turn of the 20th century.

  • Fozzyworld

    NUFCTheMag hwallop MikeAshleyLies TaylorandBesty What is an ex-Deputy Chief Constable doing fronting such an unscrupulous black guard?

  • Tony79

    @Fozzyworld NUFCTheMag hwallop MikeAshleyLies TaylorandBesty I think the old bill is good experience for this type of shoddy operation tbh

  • Tony79

    The most exploitative and ruthless employer in the country.

    AshleyOut.  The scurge of this country

  • Morpeth mag

    This is the perfect time to hit him, after the programme last night the press and public are really staring to take notice of his business practice, the fans need to take more action against him and his businesses, the more anti ashley propogander the better,,

  • prestondave

    Ashleyout agree mate. Its the only source of comfort I can feel and can look forward to because of the so called fans who contribute to FCB wealth every time they turn up to SJP to watch that parcel of sh*t. Condoning this method of how our club is ran means nothing will change unless his TV money disappears. Then he will be forced to make a decision one way or the other.

  • LeazesEnder

    You can see why Ashley bought the rights to well known ‘brand labels’ …. he sticks them on things and people believe they are buying ‘Slaz*nger’ or whatever…. which its is of course….

    …. until the brand becomes synonymous with the real quality of the goods he can fool some of the people a lot of the time… especially when its reduced by 70%….

    Never mind the quality….look at the label…..

  • pissed off mag

    PeterRobson  your getting good at this peter

  • EggusMaximus

    Fozzyworld NUFCTheMag hwallop MikeAshleyLies TaylorandBesty self explanatory really, nasty pig

  • LeazesEnder

    devonbay LeazesEnder Shirebrook is like something from a different age!

  • kb12

    LeazesEnder devonbay Victorian by the sounds of it

  • jimblag

    LeazesEnder If i say that the cup of coffee i’m drinking is worth a £100, but then label it up as £1 then i can say it’s got 99% off. I’m ripping people off under the guise of a bargain. I hope enough people watched this last night and it effects all areas of his business.
    The man is a criminal and needs to be reprimanded, however he probably goes to ‘Eyes wide shut’ style parties with Cameron and his banker cronies and they’ll all have a good laugh at the “plebs” trying to gain some justice.

  • jimblag


    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”
    Mike Ashl…..I mean George Orwell

  • jimblag

    1957 Ashley forces his workers to have a high “pick rate”, he’s got a high “pri*k rate” – Wise, Llambias, Kinnear, Pardew, Charney, Carver, himself.

  • PeterRobson

    jimblag LeazesEnder JC and Charley will be at the same party too !!!

    I´ve seen the film too and it had lots of tits on show too !!!

    Those three will fit right in !!!

  • PeterRobson

    pissed off mag PeterRobson I feel inspired mate thanks, if I cross the line will you visit me in prison lol ??

  • Philippines

    Actually, although I live in the Philippines, I purchased two sets of sports shorts from Sports Direct when in UK last year. They are excellent and I wish I had bought more. I didn’t see the supposed ‘expose’ but I guess its the usual one of ‘slave wages’ in Cambodia and usual garbage as I saw once before. The fact is, that the folks working in those factories are miles better off then their counterparts. Here in the Philippines, a skilled carpenter gets about 5 pounds a day and is quite happy with that. You have to remember what the COST OF LIVING is in the country where these wages are paid.

  • PeterRobson

    Philippines It´s not about where the product is made nor about the quality.
    I agree with your comment about wages in respective countries, those are actually appropriate to the economy of the country where the product is being manufactured, China for example has built a strong economy on the same principles.

    SD however has openly lied (consistently) to customers in its stores, about prices and just about everything else.

    That and using SJP as free advertising for his brand has us fans incensed !!!

    As custodian of our club he has a duty to uphold the values that made this club great !!!

    In my opinion, that´s what this is all about !!!

  • pissed off mag

    PeterRobson pissed off mag  ill cross the line with you mate

  • pissed off mag

    Philippines  i was in Cebu last month with the NATO philippine live wire project and never met anyone who was paid more than two or three peso a day,in ashlys sweat shops it was disgusting, as for your shorts you should be ashamed you bought them, thats if your not another ashley gimp on here

  • Andgeo

    4pm and still waiting for the clubs follow up statement promised in their immediate panic response last night. Apparently the claims were not true! Really??? still waiting Penfold…..

  • Andgeo

    Spot on peter, the fat man is a total disgrace. Why does any one person need all of that money?? Total greed.

  • Brown Bottle

    Thatcher would have been so proud. I’m sure Ashley would have usurped John Hall as her favourite businessman.

  • Andgeo

    It’s the perceived value that is the key to the labelling. If you are looking at two pairs of trainers, one pair is £35 and the other pair is £35 reduced from £79 which one are you going to buy. In reality both pairs probably cost fatty around the same but the consumer would perceive the greater value in the second pair and take comfort in thinking they are getting more for their money. He manipulates shoppers in exactly the sand way he manipulates 1,000s of Newcastle supporters. Check out all the recent transfer speculation no doubt initiated from the corridors of fat tat shop direct HQ. annual promises of spending money, the whole Graeme Carr thing suggesting we get bargains. How many of these signings have paid off and how many have flopped?
    Ultimately he spends nowt and the quality just isn’t there!!!!

  • Andgeo

    Just talk to some of these supporters man, they are totally thick. Had another one at the weekend telling me how fatty was gonna spend £60m next year. Totally deluded! It’s the clubs money anyway not Fatty’s, and it should have been invested 3 seasons ago!

  • amacdee

    I note with no surprise that Thomson House are spreading the word of Shlte Direct without giving supporters the option to comment on all the articles. So expect to see this comment on any NUFC article until such time …..
    “Can anyone from Thomson House explain why readers have no option to comment on any of the Shlte Direct articles ???????
    For the purpose of enlightenment…..
    “Newcastle have said publicly, for example, that Sports Direct don’t pay for any stadium advertising or perimeter advertising at St James’ Park – and there’s obviously a lot of it – and I wonder what the benefit is to you and whether you could give a rough estimate of what it’s
    worth in financial terms please.”
    “I think I summed it all up in my previous statement. Those relationships are very beneficial to Sports Direct and its shareholders. And I think that nothing else needs to be said.”
    “Can I direct a question to Mr Ashley? Sports Direct now process and
    profit from the shirt sales and merchandising through Newcastle United,
    the website and the club shop. Can you explain how much this trade is
    worth? Is it a significant part of the business to Sports Direct and do
    you, Newcastle, share in that profit?”
    Fatman : “I’ll only repeat
    the same answer that I gave before. The relationships are very
    beneficial to Sports Direct and its shareholders….”