Great to see the protests by Newcastle fans are now going to target the heart of Mike Ashley’s retail empire, with action against Sports Direct.

On Wednesday night the Ashley Out campaign group announced the follow up to last weekend’s boycott of the Spurs match.

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As well as a stand-up protest inside the ground on Saturday on 34 minutes, Newcastle and Rangers fans are taking joint action with protests at a number of Sports Direct stores (see list below).

I’ll be at Northumberland Street on Saturday, get along if you can, especially those of you who live around the country near some of the stores more remote from Tyneside.

It is a no-brainer that the Oxford Street store would bring massive publicity if numbers can get along there.

Here is what the announced last night:

Swansea (h) protest announcement: Stand Up to Ashley reflects on a successful start of the Ashley Out campaign.

In the two weeks since its launch, our website has attracted over 120,000 visitors and 800,000 pageviews, we have backed a match boycott heeded by many (numbers reported vary from 5,000 to 20,000 with the true number probably somewhere in between) and organised protests attended by thousands of fans outside St. James’ Park.

Most importantly though, we have seen a vast increase of awareness for Mike Ashley’s failed ownership of Newcastle United in the local and national media and amongst fans who were previously resigned to apathy.

These fans have now hopefully found a vehicle to express their profound dissatisfaction with the situation the club finds itself in, which is essentially one of a proud sporting institution transformed into a giant advertising vehicle.

With just six days in between the home games vs Spurs and Swansea, we have not had much time to prepare a new protest, but we are pleased to announce our plans today. As before, we will back any fan who continues to boycott the game to make a stand (#BoycottSwansea).

For those fans wishing to attend the Swansea game, we request them to #StandUpToAshley after 34 minutes of the game, to represent the fact that having no manager and a threadbare squad devoid of quality, yet having £34m in the bank is not an acceptable situation.

Secondly, 12:30pm on Saturday we will target Sports Direct stores within a 20 mile radius of St. James’ Park and their flagship Oxford Street store by means of a peaceful protest. Further details regarding this protest will be released shortly but we wish to emphasise that this must be a peaceful protest and is aimed at Mike Ashley and the shareholders of Sports Direct International plc.

This protest is not aimed at the innocent staff members often working with minimal employment rights on zero hours contracts and they must be respected and supported at all times.

This protest will be coordinated with supporters of Rangers Football Club who will target stores in the vicinity of Ibrox.

The boycott for the Spurs game was only the start. We would like to widen the campaign at this stage to include Mike Ashley’s main interest, which is Sports Direct and affiliated companies and will shortly be launching a new section on our website dedicated to things every fan can do to ensure that Mike Ashley’s involvement becomes an ever-less profitable one for him and his companies.

This new campaign will be known as #AshleyEmbargo

Onwards and upwards!

Target stores:

Sports Direct Oxford Street 275.1 miles

Sports Direct Northumberland Street 0.39 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Gateshead Trinity 1.13 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Gateshead 2.20 miles

Sports Direct Kingston Park 3.08 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Team Valley 3.57 miles

Sports Direct Newcastle – Silverlink 5.65 miles

Sports Direct Washington 6.29 miles

Sports Direct South Shields 7.68 miles

Sports Direct Sunderland Gateway 10.41 miles

Sports Direct Sunderland 10.59 miles

Sports Direct Durham 13.66 miles

Sports Direct Ashington 14.55 miles

Lillywhites Dalton Park LW 14.80 miles

Sports Direct Peterlee 18.86 miles


  • Paul Patterson

    Cracking idea.
    Direct Rot!!
    Ashley Out!!
    Boycott Swansea!!

  • geordieladdo

    Great idea and cracking efforts!! He’s ruined the thing a lot of us care about the most lets give him a taste of his own nasty medicine!
    Pretty sure if we keep doing this regularly the shareholders may start to question the repurcussions related to their close involvement to nufc!! Keep it up but do it in right way!

  • Morpeth mag

    Brilliant,, this is more like it,,, he also owns, Flannels, Cruise and USC. I just wish this had started 5 years ago, our squad is so weak now, if we get relagated I can’t see us coming up for a few seasons,,,,

  • dave1892

    These people have a good idea about organising this sort of action

  • DownUnderMag

    I think this is actually a good chance for some action.  I think to many fans, staying away is cutting their nose off to spite their face.  Getting action on a neutral ground so to speak may prove easier than asking fans to stay away from possibly their only venture out each week.  

    It also offers the best opportunity to hit Cashley where it hurts, his business.  He will still get Premierhsip TV money no matter if fans go to the ground or not.  Affect his high street stores and you may see a bit more notice taken!

  • kb12

    boycott swansea the spurs boycott must of heart him or he wouldnt reduce the ticket price lets keep it up and boycott swansea then who know next home game a fiver or he might have one of his famous closing down sales!!

  • wivawova

    Not before time, really.  The staying-away thing won’t have any impact at all unless the people staying away don’t have a season ticket. So there’s any two real options:-
    a) Don’t buy a season ticket. That doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from all the games, but it at least means that if you want to have a voice, it might be heard.  At present, the boycott hasn’t shown up much in number terms, but I imagine there are a lot that feel that they’ve already paid for the ticket, so they don’t want to have given Ashley etc money for something and then not take it.  I imagine that if supporters were going on a pay-by-game basis, then as well as it having an effect on income levels, it might also give the fans some clout when it comes to whacking up ticket prices for big games.  If Man U (h) has a ticket price £10 higher than Stoke (h), then we can then choose just to boycott the Man U game.
    b) Hit the guy in the pocket in other ways. I was up staying with my daughter last week, and was amazed to see the numbers of people that were walking into Sports Direct at the Metro Centre, Gateshead store and in town, some with United shirts on. WTF are they doing? I know there were signs outside advertising a warehouse closure – which I guess is a nice excuse to pretend that theer’s a genuine sale going on, but come on, JUST SHOP THERE.  You have a choice.

  • ToonMaster

    After watching the terrible game against Spurs, I’m surprised anyone would want to go and watch the team again. No skill, no pride and gutless. This has got to be the worst team ever.
    To all you supporters who want to waste money and go and watch the team, good luck…….you’ll need it.

  • pissed off mag

    we have 7 names for south shields rag shop for saturday

  • Tony79

    pissed off mag Fantastic mate.  Just amongst your mates?

  • Andy Wardle

    Anyone else bored of all this??

  • pissed off mag

    Tony79 pissed off mag  yep were talking about it now in the drinker were all staying away from the game as well saturday so a full 3 hrs outside the rag shop

  • Raymond Fairbridge

    I’m with you Andy, he will not take any notice.

  • Tony79

    pissed off mag Tony79 Class mate.  I’m going to be speaking to the lads tonight see if i can get a few off their arses for our local one.  Hope its sunny.  If not i’ll entice them with a few sly cans and aal.  :)

  • snodgrass2

    Raymond Fairbridge Andy Wardle. Good job you two weren’t around 100 years ago when the downtrodden were not just fighting against one shopkeeper but a whole establishment and government. Never will understand such negative attitudes.

  • NotFatFreddy

    If I was a kid I would vociferously protest if me mam ever even thought of taking me into a SPORTS DIRECT shop stocked with the latest 100% polyester Slazenger and Lonsdale attire and various plastic trainers, have parents no shame? Don’t even get me started on Wonga…

    We have certainly gone backwards since ‘Geordie jeans’ in the fashion stakes!  Maybe Mike could reinvent Geordie Jeans, I guarantee he would make them 100% polyester and one size fits all.

  • ilullissat

    NotFatFreddy Remember the days when Newcastle had real sports shops like Dixon Sports,Mcguirk Sports and Monument Sports selling quality goods and when you shopped there you felt special.When you walk into an SD shop you feel tacky.ADIDAS threatened to withhold stock because the way the brand was displayed in the stores was seen to devalue their brand. sound familiar?

  • NotFatFreddy

    ilullissat  NotFatFreddy 

    Yes I can even remember Stan Seymour’s shop…they even sold the NUFC subbutteo team which was more exciting than a visit to St james Park this season!

  • TheBoneYard

    Power to the People ! its the only way……………should rally every football fan in the country and target Sports Direct nationally as a – NO GO STORE -…………….support football and not billionaire sadistic parasites !

  • magpiefifer

    I will not go near an SD shop,and now that we have a DW near us I don’t have far to travel to get what I need!!!

  • ToonMaster

    Andy and Raymond, go to the game and put your hard earned wages into fatty so pockets, I’m sure he will appreciate it